Are You Consistently Inconsistent?

Let’s be honest. We suck at focus. We live in a time of constant distractions. Ping. Ping. Ping. Emails, social media notifications, meeting reminders… It’s nearly impossible to have even 30 minutes free of interruption. Is it surprising then that the number of people diagnosed with ADHD is also rising? Doctors and psychologists today hear […]

3 Sleep Hacks You Can Start Using Tonight

You might have noticed I’ve been talking a lot about sleep lately. Because let’s face it: healthy sleep is a necessity, but in many ways, it’s still a mystery. Luckily, I’ve been talking to all of the leading experts to help break it down. So far, what I’ve learned is, first and foremost, good sleep requires […]

5 Reasons Why High Performers Need to Ditch Sleep Drugs

For high achievers such as myself, it’s easy to fall into the belief that sleep is some kind of luxury. In truth, this misconception is seriously damaging our chances at success. Your body needs healthy sleep, but for people like us, it’s the first thing to go. And if we’re the type to cut a […]

#21 – Kay Christopher: Emotions Have a Huge Impact on Your Body

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