#21 – Kay Christopher: Emotions Have a Huge Impact on Your Body

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The WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy Life

Episode Summary

Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy Life with Krisstina Wise. Today’s guest, Kay Christopher, has been a professional in the healing arts and an expert in stress management for over 25 years. She has been practicing Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and leading EFT workshops, since 2006. Krisstina used Kay’s service in the past when she was desperate for help with her illness and was blown away by the results. Listen in for more to learn about EFT and how it can help serve you in your life.

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What We Covered

  • [02:15] – Kay is part of Krisstina’s life-saving team.
  • [06:00] – What is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)?
  • [08:25] – Why does EFT work?
  • [09:45] – What kind of clients does Kay tend to see?
  • [12:20] – EFT can be used for some serious issues like depression and PTSD or even if we’re feeling resentful and don’t know why.
  • [13:10] – If you have an emotional issue and let it sit for too long, it can begin to manifest itself physically.
  • [13:25] – We’ve never really had a tool to this degree before.
  • [14:35] – Krisstina explains what it felt like to have EFT performed on her.
  • [15:30] – EFT is another form of self-care.
  • [18:35] – Life suddenly becomes easier when we get into the flow of life.
  • [20:00] – Krisstina was very desperate to find healing when she came to Kay’s doorstep.
  • [21:25] – How did Kay get into EFT?
  • [23:00] – Kay practiced EFT for two months without telling anybody about it. She was fascinated by it.
  • [27:00] – Krisstina went to so many health practitioners, hoping and believing that they’d fix her.
  • [27:35] – The reality is, we heal ourselves with the help of experts. It’s from the inside out.
  • [31:25] – Krisstina loves that it is very quick. Within 3 minutes, she can calm her nervous system.
  • [32:05] – This isn’t a placebo effect, research has shown that it’s really doing something to you and your body.
  • [33:45] – How do people get started?
  • [35:30] – Kay recommends to use the Gold Standard EFT.
  • [36:30] – How do you combine EFT with meditation? What are the differences between the two practices?
  • [39:25] – It’s important to use these additional healing practices to combat stress.
  • [41:35] – Final piece of advice – You do have time. You can make time.


[Tweet “When we’re not feeling good emotionally, then our days are not as fun. Emotional health is really central.”]
[Tweet “Emotions are connected to your physical health.”]
[Tweet “When we get into the flow of life, life becomes easy. Things come more naturally to us.”]

Links Mentioned

EFT-Austin Website
Emofree Website

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The WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy Life

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