3 Sleep Hacks You Can Start Using Tonight

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You might have noticed I’ve been talking a lot about sleep lately. Because let’s face it: healthy sleep is a necessity, but in many ways, it’s still a mystery. Luckily, I’ve been talking to all of the leading experts to help break it down.

So far, what I’ve learned is, first and foremost, good sleep requires a healthy sleep environment. It’s important to know what’s going on in the room that you spend a third of your life in.

Second, you must get into a sleep ritual. Our biology wants us to sleep. But our modern lifestyle tends to get in the way of our primal circadian rhythm. 

Third, there are supplements and resources that can be added to your sleep toolbox that enhance your ability to get good zzzzz’s – without the need for prescription sleep meds.

My friend, sleep expert Dr. Kirk Parsley, recommends 3 super easy hacks that you can start implementing as soon as tonight that are guaranteed to help you sleep better. Better yet, they won’t cost you a cent.

  1. Set Two Alarms

    Many people aren’t sleeping well simply because they aren’t setting aside time to wind down both body and mind before going to bed. So get into the practice of setting two alarms: one in the morning to wake up, and one in the evening to remind yourself to prepare for bed.
    Between the times when that evening alarm goes off and when you actually fall asleep, it is crucial that you engage in an activity that will calm you down. This has to be determined on an individual basis, and it could be anything from listening to music, reading a book, yoga, meditation, taking a bath… whatever best fits your lifestyle!
    You may be surprised by how much this simple tip can change your life.
  2. Keep a To-Do List

    Our inability to fall asleep at night often stems from the fact that we just can’t stop thinking about our seemingly endless list of tasks, responsibilities, or anything else that might present itself on a given day. Keeping a written to-do list next to your bed can go a long way toward dumping out those ruminations before bed. You can leave them alone for the night and instead tackle them first thing in the morn.

    Here’s what Doc Parsley recommends… Take a piece of paper, and draw a line down the middle of it. On one side, write your “To-Do List,” and on the other side, write your “To-Worry List.” Both sides are critical. Then, determine what time you are going to wake up, and until that alarm clock goes off, make the conscious decision not to think about anything on your list.

    If anything pops up, all you have to do is tell yourself that it’s on your list. Then, go right to sleep without any concerns.

  3. Don’t Look At the Clock

    Have you ever had trouble sleeping because you are consciously aware of how late it is? Ironically, we tend to to lose a lot of sleep by thinking about how much sleep we’re losing. Well here’s the secret to dealing with that: don’t look at your clock. No matter what!

    It doesn’t matter what time it is. If you stay up super late or wake up in the middle of the night and then look at the clock, you can’t help but start to worry about it. Then, stressing about the time keeps you up even later. Then, all of the sudden, the later time makes you even more stressed. It’s a never ending cycle. Instead, simply decide to lie back and relax.

Go ahead and try these 3 sleep hacks. And tell me if they work for you!
If you want my complete sleep protocol – my system that took me me from chronic insomnia to sleeping like a baby – you can access it here.

Sleep tight!

Listen to the full interview here.

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