REplugging is the New UNplugging: Here’s Why.

I recently returned from a trip to Sedona. Originally, I had no intentions of writing about my trip. But while I was there, I reached a monumental epiphany. I wanted to share it with you because I think it could bring meaning to your life, too. The trip was meant to be a Mom/Daughter trip […]

The Money-Wise Guide to a Memorable Vacation

This week I am on a girl’s getaway trip to Sedona, Arizona with my business partner, Tamara, and my daughter, Macy. We are using this time to recuperate after a busy June and recharge for the months ahead (we are preparing to launch the second iteration of my Mindful Money course on August 1st!). Because […]

Four Tools for Impactful Change

The world is forever changing. Everything from scientific theory to etiquette, from language to constitutional laws, the way that we dress, the way we connect, the things that we do, and the people we celebrate are constantly being challenged and reformed to reflect modern understanding. Change is an inevitable part of life, and those who […]

4 Truths About Food (That Can Make You Rich)

I can guess what you’re thinking. “Why is Krisstina writing (again) on health?! Isn’t she the Falling for Money girl?” I am totally about money. It funds everything I care about. Including helping and inspiring you. But my biggest lesson about life was nearly losing it. That 2×4 to the head taught me something. Without […]