Mind Control: How to Master Your Own Thoughts

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Mind control? Not in the scary sci fi way you might be thinking. But in the way that you have more control over your thoughts than you might realize.


If you feel out of control and a slave to your thoughts and emotions, the new technology that’s as close as your cell phone might be just what you need to help you feel calm, focused, and healthy.


It’s not that far fetched – and in fact being able to control your mind is a cornerstone of overall health and wellbeing.


When it comes to good health, few people factor anything “above the neck” into the equation.


Mental health, emotional health, and physical health have all been kept separate.


And yet the reality is that everything is connected.


Your physical health without a healthy mind isn’t true health.


Both are connected and impact the other in continuous feedback loops of communication.


Your mind has a powerful impact on your body and your physical health.


So mastering your thoughts and “mind control” is an important factor in your overall health and wellbeing that you can’t ignore.


Taking care of your mind.


Your brain depends on the physical nutrition of your body to function optimally.


Specific nutrients fuel and support brain health, just like they do your body.


Balanced hormones, exercise, and healthy lifestyle practices like meditation, and keeping your mind active and sharp (by using it, stretching it, and learning new things, are all elements of mind mastery that you should know.


When your brain is healthy, and you body follows suit, you’re able to reduce your stress levels, energy, and improve your focus.


Your physical health sets an important foundation for your brain health which ripples out into the rest of your life.


Psychologically, having a healthy mind means you aren’t at the mercy of every thought or emotion – but that you have more control over your mind than you might realize.


It used to be thought that your brain – and certain traits, patterns, and behaviors were fixed.


Once you finished growing, so did your brain and that was it.


But advances in neuroscience have proven otherwise.


It’s called neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to grow, and change and it happens over the course of our lives.


And there are ways we can influence that growth and create new pathways in the brain – effectively working to help rewire it in a desired direction.


For those suffering from anxiety, depression, or other psychological issues, this is good news.


It means that you can be a part of your own healing, because your brain, and therefore your symptoms, can change.. Improve…and in some cases disappear with the right guidance.


You can decrease your response to stress, navigate negative feelings, work through painful events, and experience deeper self awareness, personal growth, love and happiness.


Using Technology To Improve Mind Health


Technology is both a blessing and a curse.


On one hand, it goes a long way toward making life easier.


It increases efficiency, keeps us connected, even keeps us safe.


But these staples of our day-to-day life can also cause problems.


For young people, access to technology and social media has been linked to increased rates of depression and anxiety.


Developmentally, their minds and the access they have through social media, is a bad mix.


It does seem like the technology is a mind control device at times for them!


For adults, you’re more likely to have your handheld technology be more of an issue in the distractions and drain on your time and finances.


The byproduct of social media is a hyper-connectedness but a lack of real connectedness.


And an eroding of social skills.


Too much screen time and tech use interferes with sleep, and can cause other health concerns.


But with the bad, there is the good.


And we live in a time when emerging technologies are uncovering more ways for us to optimize our health – mind and body.

Mind control help at your fingertips.

New neuro-biotech discoveries have been created to help you increase your focus, and improve your overall mind health.


Because not every imbalance in our psychology warrants a psychoactive prescription and many conditions are misdiagnosed because of the archaic separation of mind and body, theses new technologies offer hope while giving you a sense of control.


Creating a healthy mind is a daily discipline like creating a healthy body.


Neuro-wellness products can give you the tools to do this and can tell you more about yourself than even a doctor, while making your mind control goals personal and consistent.


Meditation apps are one example of how technology can provide access to an important daily practice that helps you to cope with stress, balance your moods, and improve your focus.


Brain games can help target cognitive health to help keep the brain sharp and help prevent degenerative conditions.


Sleep programs delivered through your phone to help not just track, but coach you into a better sleep environment and pattern.


Many of these on the high end provide you with biofeedback to track and enhance improvements.


You don’t have to be wired up in a lab any more to benefit from the technology.


These discoveries represent a new wave of “digital medicine.” Tailored medicine that tells you exactly what’s going on with your physiology. Information that can be shared with your doctor for more informed care. But these apps also allow you to take your own health – mind and body – out of a doctor’s office. Customized to your personal goals and allowing you to be in the driver’s seat for taking control of your own mind.


Ultimately you have more power and influence over the health of your mind and body than you might realize. Instead of letting technology be a distraction or a negative influence, start choosing to use it to your advantage.


Neuroscientist, Dr. Ashley Stewart, offers more recommendations in our interview here.


(My favorite neuro-wellness product is Muse. It’s an affordable headband that actually senses the signals in your brain – and then it synchronizes with an app on your phone where you can track your results, gain an insight into your own mind, and understand how to improve.)

For my full interview with Dr. Ashley Stewart, click here.


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