#262 Skills for a Relational Life w/Kristy and Jerry

This week on the WW podcast I interviewed Jerry Sanders and Kristy Gainsford.   Jerry and Kristy Gainsford are both Licensed couples therapists who specialize in a distinct and effective form of couples therapy called Relational Life Therapy.      Relational Life Therapy, or RLT as it is referred to, is a form of couples counseling […]

#261 Money Wellness w/LaShawne Holland

This week on the  Wealth Wellthy Podcast, I interview “The Queen of Green,” LaShawne Holland. My good friend Monica Ledell introduced me to LaShawne. And, what a great introduction. It didn’t take us more than 5 minutes to start finishing each other’s sentences.  Having known LaShawne for years now, I have enjoyed watching her success […]

#260 Get Your Health Right w/Wendie Pett

This week on the Wealthy Wellthy podcast, I interview Wendie Pett.  Wendie was introduced to me by my good friend Mike Koenigs. Everyone who Mike introduces me to is amazing, and Wendie definitely fits the bill!  Wendie and I discuss a topic that is very important to me: wellness. Wendie is a health-industry expert with […]

#259 Civility Rules w/ Shelby Scarbrough

Let me introduce you to Shelby Scarbrough. Shelby was introduced to me from one of my favorite podcast guests, Justin Breen. Justin is a master at connecting the two people who need to know each other. He hit the nail on the head with this one – Shelby and I are cut from the same […]