#260 Get Your Health Right w/Wendie Pett

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This week on the Wealthy Wellthy podcast, I interview Wendie Pett. 

Wendie was introduced to me by my good friend Mike Koenigs. Everyone who Mike introduces me to is amazing, and Wendie definitely fits the bill! 

Wendie and I discuss a topic that is very important to me: wellness. Wendie is a health-industry expert with an emphasis on naturopathic medicine, who has dedicated many years to helping people become their best self. She approaches wellness from a mind-body-spirit perspective, which shines through in our conversation. Coincidentally, Wendie and I both came to understand and appreciate this holistic approach to wellness due to our own experiences with injury and illness.

With a weekly fitness television show, a popular health and nutrition program, and her own health and fitness coaching business, Wendie brings a ton of experience and knowledge to our inspiring conversation about wellness.  

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • Chronic inflammation, caused by processed foods, disrupts the endocrine system and causes foggy brain, which can be treated with whole food based lifestyle and exercise.
  • Forgiveness is essential for releasing unhealthy emotions attached to unhealthy weight, which can lead to weight loss.
  • Emotions and physical body are interconnected, and reprogramming your body’s habits can be emotionally painful but rewarding.
  • Operating in a higher vibrational frequency of emotions can improve one’s health, and it is necessary to address emotional health to achieve physical health.

Here are some of my favorite Wendie quotes:

How does your approach to health and wellness differ from traditional medicine?

“In the medical field, surgeons are taught to prescribe, which means we’ve been taught to look for the purple pill, the quick fix solution. But God made us to be healthy, whole and complete.”

What do you say to entrepreneurs who try to compartmentalize physical fitness? 

“You can’t compartmentalize just your physical body, you have to work it all together as one, and I think that’s how most people live (compartmentalizing).”

What advice do you give to someone who has had negative experiences that seem to be holding them back? 

“Health and wellness begins with the F word…and the F word is forgiveness.” 

How does emotional health influence physical health? 

“When your emotions are unhealthy, your body is listening to what you say and what you think, and it will react at the cellular level…As we get out of the lower vibrational frequency emotions, we operate in a different capacity as far as our emotions are concerned, and our health reflects that.”

We wrap up with the question I ask all of my guests: What is a myth you’d like to bust in your industry?

“There’s the ‘Eat less…Move more.’ kind of message. I say ‘Eat more… Move less.’ If you are eating more of the right foods for your body you can move less! And, moving less, in many cases, is going to accelerate your strength, your healing, and you don’t have to stay on the treadmill for an hour.” 

Connect with Wendie:

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