Investing Strategies For Entrepreneurs (Part 2) The Best “Alternative” Investments

  This is the third installment of my Investing for Entrepreneurs series. As a serial entrepreneur myself [having started over 10 businesses with a few home runs and profitable exits] — I coach and consult entrepreneurs on business and financial success. And the fundamental financial mistake and that almost all of my entrepreneurs customers [unknowingly] […]

Investing Strategies For Entrepreneurs (Part 1) How To Beat Wall Street

What’s the biggest myth about money? That the answer to all your money problems is to make more money. And for those operating under this money myth, the common mindset with regards to investing is: “I’ll wait to save and invest until I make more money.” But here’s the TRUTH: You’ll make more money once […]

3 Millionaire Tips Any Entrepreneur Can Adopt Immediately

A couple of months back, I sat down with a man named Geoff Woods for coffee. I was introduced to Geoff through a long time peer, Jay Papasan (who is featured on Podcast #39). I knew very little about Geoff before meeting him. But needless to say, I was beyond impressed. Geoff is the real […]

I Thought $1,000,000 Would Make Me Happy

Millionaires think and act differently from those who are financially strapped. They possess distinct mindsets that guide their choices. And in turn, these mindsets produce income and net worth far above the average. But even if you know how to make (and keep) millions, it doesn’t mean that you know how to be happy. Believe […]