3 Millionaire Tips Any Entrepreneur Can Adopt Immediately

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A couple of months back, I sat down with a man named Geoff Woods for coffee. I was introduced to Geoff through a long time peer, Jay Papasan (who is featured on Podcast #39).

I knew very little about Geoff before meeting him. But needless to say, I was beyond impressed. Geoff is the real deal. Just as he suggests to others in my podcast interview of him, he showed up to our meeting with an attitude of “how can I add value to Krisstina.”

Our 60-minute convo became 90. And in that time. He helped me rewrite my business plan! Not really. But, he did quiz me on my One Thing. And he helped me move around my “dominos” because unbeknownst to me, they were out of order. Additionally, I experienced a profound realization that I was focused on far more than just ONE THING! I came back from that meeting and made some changes that produced near immediate results.

Click here to listen to my full podcast interview with Geoff Woods…

Oh, and if you listen to the podcast… The big question for you is… “what’s your average?”

Here are 3 quick pointers extracted from my conversation with The Mentee himself: Geoff Woods…

1. Get a Mentor

In life, there’s typically an easy way to do things. Yet many times, we choose the more difficult path. Why? It’s usually a result of going at it alone. Trying to figure things out along the way.

We all wish to be successful. As quickly as possible. But what are the steps required to manifest those big ambitions? Is there a secret sauce that high performers and successful entrepreneurs know that others are oblivious to?

Probably. Because more often than not, entrepreneurs merely  guess their way forward – even after elaborate made-up plans and spreadsheets. They simply don’t have the experience. Meaning… They don’t know what they don’t know. And as a result, they make numerous, costly mistakes that otherwise could have been avoided.

What many early stage entrepreneurs undervalue is “experience.” Consequently, they stay true to trying to figure things out when they could just as easily gain the perspective of someone who has already “been there, done that” – successfully.

Mentors and advisors enable an entrepreneur to shortcut the path to success by removing much of the guessing game that naturally happens without already acquired knowledge and experience. The long road to success is to gain your own experience through trial, error and recovery. Why not cut that part out. Develop relationships with key people whose advice might be the difference between ultimate success and failure. Or, at the very least, shave years or even decades off of your rise to the top.

2. Refine Your Inner Circle

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” This popular Jim Rohn quote was the turning point in Geoff’s career. And it’s a universal truth everybody should live by.

If you’re looking for advice on your marriage, don’t turn to a single person. If you’re looking for advice on how to run a business, don’t ask the advice of your W2 friend. Take some time and really think about who your five people are that you spend the most time with. Are they where you want to be right now? If not, replace those individuals with people who are where you want to be. Their presence will get you there faster.

Easier said than done. How do you get those people in your inner circle? Usually you can’t just walk up to them and ask if you can be best friends.

The most successful people do not show up to get. They show up to give value. Once you identify somebody that you want in your circle, approach them by asking how you can provide value to them. And, then do just that. Surprise them with unbelievable value (help) that is uncommon and unexpected. This strategy is extremely effective. Logic follows that those successful people will also only want to surround themselves with those who separate themselves from the crowd and prove valuable to them.

3. Define Your One Thing

There exists a surprisingly simple solution behind extraordinary results. Focus on just one thing!

Now that’s not to say that you can’t achieve several different goals over the course of your life. But the most successful people on the planet got where they are now by knowing their ONE THING. Their personal mission and purpose. Their business mission and purpose. And, the key 1 thing that serves as the lead domino that if set up successfully, will knock the others down.

If you have 100 metaphorical dominos that you want to fall down over the course of your life, they’re not all going to fall down if you try to knock over #14, #36, and #79 all at the same time. No. The only way to get all 100 dominos to fall is by effectively knocking over that first domino. Then, the other 99 will quickly follow.

The platitude “don’t be a jack of all trades” proves true here. Master one thing before moving onto the next.

What’s your One Thing?

More on The ONE Thing here.

Click here to listen to my full podcast interview with Geoff Woods…


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