#38 – JingSlingers: Superfoods Can Change Your Life

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The WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy Life

Episode Summary

Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy Life with Krisstina Wise. Joy Coelho and Jay Denman are the owners of the JingSlinger website, which offers helpful tips on how you can make energic and anti-aging meals that help nourish the body and the mind. Their recipes combine extraordinary superfoods and herbs that make you never want to look at processed and heavily preserved food again. Listen in to find out how superfoods can change your life.

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What We Covered

  • [02:35] – Who is Joy?
  • [06:35] – Joy attributes about 85-90% of her past illnesses to her diet and lifestyle.
  • [09:05] – You don’t need to have a science background like Joy does in order to honor your body.
  • [11:20] – Who is Jay?
  • [15:50] – How did Joy and Jay meet each other?
  • [20:00] – How do Joy and Jay bring superfoods and herbs together to create some delicious combinations?
  • [23:55] – We have sacrificed our health for convenience.
  • [26:15] – What are some of Joy and Jay’s top favorite superfoods?
  • [29:55] – Dairy is very misunderstood. All food has its benefits!
  • [33:30] – Let’s talk supplements.
  • [41:25] – What would Joy and Jay recommend to someone who is just starting out?
  • [47:55] – How much does good food contribute to health, wellness, and anti-aging?
  • [49:35] – Jay discusses the benefits of certain Chinese herbs.
  • [56:05] – How do Joy and Jay keep a healthy lifestyle while traveling?
  • [59:50] – When you get to the hotel, let them know you need a fridge for your medication. Hotel staff will have to give this to you.
  • [01:06:55] – What’s a big no in Joy and Jay’s food list?
  • [01:11:30] – What’s Joy and Jay’s secret to working and living together?
  • [01:16:15] – Dessert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
  • [01:21:15] – What myth would Joy and Jay like to bust?


[Tweet “Integrity is an easy thing to lose and a hard thing to regain.”]
[Tweet “I didn’t smoke, I didn’t drink, so what the heck was I doing with cancer?”]
[Tweet “As a nation, we have sacrificed our health for convenience.”]

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The Blaylock Wellness Report

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The WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy Life

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You are at the intersection of wealth, health, and happiness. Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy Life.

Today, I tackle health wealth with Joy Coelho and Jay Denman, or as you might know them, the Jingslingers. Joy and Jay have an amazing story. They are life and business partners, and are a true power couple. Joy is a certified green consultant, eco-stylist, superfood specialist, tonic herbalist, and culinary artisan. Jay is into the science of nutrition, tonic herbalism, and human physiology. Jay has created over 50,000 custom elixirs and has clients all over the world. Together they founded Jingslingers where they teach health and nutrition, combining cutting-edge science with ancient wisdom of superfoods and superherbs. Their unique superfoods, anti-aging, and natural approach to optimal health has them working with a number of red carpet celebrity clients all over the world in both film and music. They co-author the amazing cookbook, Food with Benefits which I use on a very regular basis. This is such a fun episode. I know you’ll love it. Enjoy.

I am so excited to be here with you both today, and you may not know this, number one:  you’re both just such beautiful people and I know that there’s a good reason for that. It’s not by accident that I followed you for years and so I am so excited to be talking to you, and I’ve been mesmerized by your work. Of course, I saw you go to a lot of the conferences, you guys do live demos, and in fact I just saw you at the Bulletproof conference this past weekend. Anyway, I’ve just been so fascinated by you because there are a lot of cooks and chefs and nutritionists, and things that those of us that are really on this, working on the wellness side of the equation. But you guys are different, you’ve got your whole unique way of doing things that is pretty remarkable, so I’d love to share with the audience who you guys are and what the hell are you doing that is so awesome? Even doing some new things that we’ll talk about a little bit later. So if you don’t mind sharing your story, just to give everyone some background, who is Joy and Jay?

I guess I’ll start.

Go for it.

I’m a 20-year veteran police officer. From the time I was a little kid I grew up, literally, my mom was a professional baker so being in the kitchen is in my DNA. But the police officer part of me made me really discern about the difference between what’s real and what’s not real, and to look at the tally of a circumstance. So when people come up and cherry-pick information something about nutrition or health or modalities, we dig way in, we go to the source, we make sure that there’s integrity in what they’re saying, as integrity is the easy thing to lose and the hard thing to regain so we start right at that point. It doesn’t matter again if it’s a supplement, if it’s an herb, and what the herb can actually do, and even how it works on different people who some we call are reactors, and some people who aren’t so reactive to certain responders, actually responders and non-responders. So we give you the broad spectrum, you use what resonates with you, and the best part of that is that we learned that everyone’s welcome at our table. As far as me, I learned how to do this because I got hit with a medical 2 by 4.  They said I have a 3 pound tumor in my left ovary, so I had to go see the oncologist. I refused chemo, I refused radiation, I didn’t have the tumor removed, and the rest of the healing all went through what we’re going to talk about today which is superfoods, superherbs, and these amazing modalities that Mother Earth gives us all the time. We just have to recognize it and integrate it into our everyday.

So sounds like you — what was life before getting sick and how is it different than today?

I’m in my 59th rotation around the sun. We’re talking about from the time I was 22 until I was 50, that law enforcement was my life, right alongside my culinary career because I was also a caterer and chef and that sort of thing during the same time. The thing that changed me and the thing made me realize it was something that I really had to look at is that I realize and knew more about my phone and my car than I did about my own meat soup. I was a science major in college, so being able to jump right into the science part of this, and understand how you’re only as good as your cells are came second nature and that was the key, cellular attunement, and that’s what we sling, even though it’s in a donut hole, is what you need to pay attention to do.

You weren’t this far when it comes to nutrition and eating and lifestyle.

Like everyone else. Shut the front door. I was totally — I literally, in the beginning of our book, you’ll see that I’d switched out. I thought I was doing better by switching out regular milk and regular cheese and regular whatever for soy products, that was the beginning of the perfect storm. I switched out regular sweeteners, I’m talking about sugar and honey for aspartame and things like that because I thought that was better because that’s what we’re told on TV. Again, all of these things, it was never just one thing, it was all these things and shapes, including our environmental toxins because girls like to do the jellies and jams and we whiten our teeth and color our hair, and the toxins that we’re exposed to change our trajectory. Once I was able to clean all that up, change it all out, put the stuff into a clean up and green up, that’s when everything changed. I had more energy and better libido, and better everything in cognitive, just everything, at 59 than I did at 29.

You don’t look a day like over 39. Whatever you’re doing, send it my way.

No hall of magic here. This is all originally off the factory floor.

That’s awesome. How much do you attribute your illness with the diet and lifestyle?

About 85 to 90%. Everything from the environment that I was living in using things that were hijacking my hormones unbeknownst to me, and those are the silent saboteurs towards as we talked about in our book because it’s more than just a cookbook. It’s a lifestyle book as well, as well as– I’m talking about like the things that make my hair smell better, that sit on those receptors in your body to all the foods that I was eating, the drive-thru food, it didn’t matter what it was. I thought I was doing pretty well with myself. I didn’t smoke. I didn’t drink. And what the heck was I doing with the C-word? So it was a huge blessing and curse all at the same time, and I just chose to go at the blessing part of it, and it has changed everything. Everything.

How did you refuse sort of the traditional treatments, the chemo, the radiation? How did you know to maybe look alternatively because that’s unusual. The doctors, I mean this is conventional. They almost don’t give people a choice, like there might be an alternative, so how do you have that knowledge?

A lot of it with be me because I am older and I grew up — My mom and my dad, and my grandparents, we grew up eating food from the farm, food from the farmer’s market, so it made sense to me that things that are microwaved in a plastic pot or pouch may not be the best thing for me. Then when I look at the science because I’ve already kind of had that background, that everything was just clicking, just going crazy. I’m like, “Okay. I need to really, really dip it, dive in, find the people who are the best,” and all of these different genres for living long these blue zone secrets and find out why that is, and then be able to replicate that in our contemporary lives. I literally went to Patagonia, Arizona, to work with and to be a client of Dr. Gabriel Cousens. There’s just so many different people that were part of this– Daniel Vitalis, Charlotte Gerson, in that information. It’s all out there, you just have to look for it. The answer to the question specifically, it really was more of innate thing because I got to see a lot of things when I was cop that made me realize that there’s much much more than the story in front of you.

Interesting, but it was really just an intuition basically that this doesn’t feel right, doesn’t seem right, let me see if there’s something else and that really sent you into this journey with your science background and discovery like holy cow! There’s a whole other world over here.

It’s important to know that you don’t have to have a science background, you really have to learn how to just plug in and really honor your primal code. You start working with your cells in your body in the seasons, as tonic Chinese herbalist, as superfoods specialist. If the seasons and the planet– Mother Earth gives us everything that we need, all of it, all we have to do is know how to plug into it and honor it and then life changes for the better.

And so you’re cured?

Yes. I’m completely and absolutely healthy. I take zero medications. I’ve been healthy ever since that day I came out of that surgical suite and I can’t complain about anything, really. It’s interesting because we see a lot of our clients that are 30s and younger, and then we have some that are older as well– a lot– they’re older, our red carpet clients. Some of the 20 and 30 something who grew up with food in the microwave and grew up with soy milks and grew up with things that has started to be somewhat deleterious to their health, is giving them the symptoms of the 50, 60, 70 year olds of yesteryear. So be able to see, look across in the broadview, and see how people who are in their 50, 60, 70s seem to have a better constitution, it’s because we didn’t start out with the plastic pot and pouch.

Right. When this happened to you and you started studying and having these realizations, is that what sent you on this new path to where you are today?

Absolutely. When you seek out the people who have the best results, across the board, it doesn’t matter if they’re clients or patients are babies, teenagers, or the elderly. When you see that across the board that things are working, then there’s more than just a grain of truth in that. There’s some serious science you have to pay attention to. When you consider that six septillion processes had to happen in your body, before I finish that sentence, you have to understand that it’s not just about the myths that you can see, it’s a lot more about what you can’t see, and that’s what you have to be able to pay attention to.

Yes, absolutely. Jay what about you? What’s your background? Have you always been on this kind of healthy wellness side?

No. Definitely not. I grew up kind of conventional. My parents had I’ll say an inkling of an idea, as far as health goes but I grew up with regular food, although it was mostly homemade because both my parents are very ordinarily inclined. My dad is actually a chef and there’s several chefs on his side of the family. When I was 19 I started getting into yoga and reading about spiritual things. When I was in my early 20s, my dad actually had a prostate cancer and so that was kind of an inciting incident for me which planted a seed for later on. He had on operation, had it taken out, and he was fine from that point. But then when I was going to college in Boston, I started developing heart palpitations, and this was again about 20 years old. I was referred to a very top cardiologist in the whole city who is the cardiologist for one of Boston’s major sports teams. I went to him and he checked me out and everything. Basically he said, “Well it’s probably hereditary and if you want I can start you on some medications, see if that helps.” Not knowing anything, not knowing the slightest thing about the human body or about health or anything, I was just like — Well first of all, I was kind of pissed because I was like, “This guy is at the top of his profession and he can’t tell me anything.” It was really one of those moments where it was kind of an epiphany and a paradigm shifter really for me because I’ve grown up thinking, “Oh doctors know everything. So you go to a doctor and a specialist and they’ll be able to help you and fix you and everything else.” He was just clueless. He didn’t have any answers for me whatsoever, so that planted another seed for me and then…

Did he ever asked about your diet because not one doctor that I saw — of which there were dozens never asked me what I ate. In fact, one of them zapped down two pain pills with the diet Coke when I was at his desk. I’m like, “I’m out.”

Probably another couple of years after that, I was up in Canada and I was doing a work-study program at a yoga center out there, and there was another man who is from Germany who was doing work-study up there. He was really into cleansing, body cleansing, the raw food diet, he was into doing liver flushes and bowel flushes and all those stuff. It was one of those things that it was the right place at the right time and within just a couple of conversations with him it struck me as like, “Oh my god! Not only are there answers, but they’ve been answers for thousands of years.” People have already figured all of the stuff out and how the human body works, and what you need to eat and all of that stuff, so it was one of those light donning moments where I just wanted to know. I wanted to figure all these out, so I really plugged myself in that point, I became really passionate immediately. When I moved out to Los Angeles about ten years ago, I got plugged into the elixir bars seen out here, and so I ended up — I worked with the Erewhon Tonic Bar for a long time where I’d be working with people, just coming of the street everyday, full-time, so tens of thousands of people over the course of ten years that walked up to the bar to tell me how they’re feeling, tell me what they’re going to be doing the rest of the day, and I would do superfood smoothie, hot tonic elixir with Chinese tonic herbs, or superfood ice cream with herbs and superfoods, and supplements and all of those stuff.

There was a lot of alchemy and concocting going on over these ten years. It was a dramatic learning curve for me to really have all that experience packed into ten years. Then I worked on some other projects I designed in and around the tonic bars for the Longevity conferences, for People’s Conferences, Windows started up, and I’ve done consulting. I went to Japan to do consulting with elixir bars.

We actually spoke on their stage too.

Then Joy and I met five years ago.

Yeah. I came out here to further my studies in tonic Chinese herbalism and that’s where I met Jay.

I was going to ask how your two worlds collide.

I came out here just looking to get more education. I wanted to know the intricacies of how the herbs interact especially when you’re talking about tonic herbs, tonic when you go and take them everyday as opposed to medicinal herbs that you’d take when it’s focused towards a particular cure for say like a cold or a sore throat which I’ve lost my voice from speaking all weekend but it’s still there. It’s still there, maybe it’ll work.

Just knowing that this is where it was, I was watching, actually, which is going on this weekend, The Longevity Now Conference, Jay was on-stage with Truth Calkins. I watched them speak and I was keying it on Truth, not so much to Jay, and I came out and said, “I need to mentor with that guy.” A few emails later, I was on a plane in just a couple of weeks and then spent a month and a half out here 24/7, 365, that whole time with Truth and actually with Ron Teeguarden, as well as George Lamoureux of Jing Herbs, to really get an immersed sense of how these herbs work and when to sling them most importantly the culinary part. That was the part where I really started to pick up from Jay and from Truth. Then I don’t know, I guess he is a cutie pie.

He is pretty cute.

For the brilliance, and actually– his brilliance and his integrity is probably what shines through most, and his ability, his innate ability to be able to blend flavors, works synergistically with minds, so you could put anything in front of us, we can tell you exactly what’s in it.

Okay, I have to add here because Joy is being more than modest. She grew up in the kitchen with her mom from the time she couldn’t walk because her mom was a baker, and she already had all the culinary stuff dialed in long long ago and I had nothing to do with that. But what happen was, when she started studying health, she applied all of her knowledge of culinary brilliance to changing up all the ingredients and making what was once unhealthy, extremely healthy and fortifying for the body.

It was really important for me to make the traditional foods, the comfort foods, which is really about our book. You want those flavors and people have to walk away from it. Most people are living on grilled chicken and broccoli, and so when they taste our food and there’s so many levels of flavors they are like they lose their mind. They’re like, “How do I do this?” and we show them it’s like a one bowl, one spoon, maybe a blender which I love that we were dubbed BadAss Blender BioHackers by our Bulletproof friends. It allows you to do it in a jiffy and it doesn’t matter if you’re a busy soccer mom or a single parent, or someone who has all the time in the world, you can literally sit down in one day, make all of your food for the week and be good to go, and that’s it.

I just have to attest that your food is amazing. I can sit at your bars, and can I take another bite, can I take another bite? It’s magical what you do. What’s unique and different is– that I’ve, again, I’m just so enamored by your special gift and your knowledge as opposed to there’s lots of good food, nutrition, there’s the Paleo movement, we’re all getting more educated on food and nutrition, and the importance of food and the nutrients in food. So, we can talk macros and micros now and there’s different cooking and recipes and people that are really living in those spaces, but you guys are more than that, like it’s more than just your food and the quality of the food like grass-fed beef or meats, and organic fruits and vegetables, that sort of thing. You guys are blending that with superfoods, and these super tonics and herbs, these elixirs like you call them that are fascinating to me. Oh my god, yes! Oh can I have one?

Oh my god, I had one of those at the Bulletproof, they were to die for.

Although these are the chocolate ones.

Oh man, you’re teasing me. Tell us about that. You’re the only ones really doing this, and so what are superfoods maybe, and what are these herbs and how do you bring these two things together?

We’ll talk about very quickly since you actually had these. Because this is functional food without the funk, you get to have the things that you’d love and now those foods love you back. When you’re having a chocolate donut hole, Hello, and it’s sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, now these actually had caramel on the outside because some people consider that grain but you could 86 that and do coconut.

It’s a gluten-free grain.

This one is focused for energy. This is one is focused for hair, skin, nails and just being very calm and zen. That one was Paleo. This one is vegan but I can swap the recipe and that’s how we also do it in the book. Each recipe shows you how to do it for whoever is there because everyone is welcome at our table. That was a learning curve that we had to be able to manage as we had all these red carpet people because they wanted their cake and eat it too, and still fit in there, into their size whatevers without so much snacks. We’re being able to make foods that people love, especially we talked about what is a superfood, and there’s lots of different superfoods. Some people have them in their cabinet right this red hot minute like turmeric or garlic, or even black pepper, ginger. But the ones that we like to dig into are the ones that show efficacy for a lot of longevity. Chocolate is one of them, chocolate is one of them, there’s your magnesium, there’s a lot of other components in there.

Basically, when we’re talking about the term superfoods, we’re basically looking at nutrient density, and so you’re looking at fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, but you’re also looking at functionality. When you look around the world and you look at all the different cultures, in every culture there are going to be foods and herbs that are really at the top of the pantheon, the best of the best, and the ones that are most revered and have been revered for hundreds and typically thousands of years and really been used traditionally. Yeah, so those foods are going to have higher mineral content, they’re going to work on the organ systems of the body in different ways, and really have all kinds of– as Joy was saying, functionality. Superfoods are more nutrient-dense with macro minerals, macronutrients, and then when you’re looking at super herbs or tonic herbs, when we talk about tonic herbs, those are herbs that you can take on a regular basis and they build and build and build your body in some kind of specific way, as opposed to like a medicinal herb that you’d take when you’re sick, or for some very acute condition. The tonic herbs are designed to be taken everyday and fortify you, enhance your longevity. When you’re looking at tonic herbs, you’re looking at things that you’re not really taking for the macronutrients, you’re taking them more for different chemical constituents which you’re going to be enhancing or balancing your immune system or your vascular system or something like that.

Antioxidants, the antioxidants, just as these little guys, like the thing that makes them pink is actually — a dragon fruit, there’s no colors, there’s no artificial lighting in here, and prickly pear that we forge these free superfoods out there, especially living in California, and then the coconut of course on the outside.

There’s no pink dye number 23 in that.

Absolutely not.

That’s what so incredible about mother nature is that there’s so much beauty in the unadulterated foods, and just the prickly pear, the pink or the greens, or the chocolates or whatever, why are we adding all these crap to the food?

Because we thought it was a good idea. It’s that plastic pot and pouch thing. We have sacrificed, I’m going to say this twice, we have sacrificed our health for convenience. We have as a nation, sacrificed our health and the health of our children for convenience. Even now, when we were at the convention this last weekend, people got to taste all the different things. We did savory and sweet, it’s like it have a little bit of everything, and they’ll say, “Well, how long has it taken to make by the box of this, or the can of this, or the pouch of this?” We’re like, “This are simple one bowl, one spoon things.” We literally made ice cream and if you were there for the ice cream making, in front of people and what was it? 20 minutes we fed 60 people JingLato, gelato out of a blender, and of course if you don’t have a blender we even show you how to do it and make ice cream four different ways where you don’t even need an appliance.

So much of it too I guess is thinking that we have to give up so many foods and even like what you’re saying these comfort foods and we have to sacrifice and have to just like you said, eat chicken and some broccoli in order to be healthy.

And although did you feel like that, did you have marshmallows?

Oh my god! I love your marshmallows.

So we’ll bring something to the table like marshmallows which means you can actually make those into Peeps at Easter, so you aren’t missing anything. So you have the chocolate bunnies, maybe your superfood chocolate, you’ve got Peeps. The components in that Peep now, not only is brain boosting, beautifying for the skin, also it bolsters because of the grass-fed colostrum or collagen in it. They’re super healthy and they’ve got some antimicrobial and antifungal properties because of the Xylitol sweetener that we used and Stevia, and you can also use Lakanto as well. Now you got these wonderful things but we added one more thing because when you can get it in there, get it in there. Instead of using just water, we took the water, we made Gynostemma tea, and that breaks down all of the biofilm, all the nasties laid out in your body so that your own immune system can get rid of those things we just talked about, those viruses and different microbes that are making your life other than wonderful. When the magic’s in the marshmallow, go for that.

No kidding. What are some superfoods you’ve all use often that most of us are probably missing out because we don’t even really know about them. Maybe there’s more obvious ones like a turmeric, or a ginger, or even chocolate for that matter, but what are others?

The really game-changers, you want to know my two favorite and you do your two favorite?


My two favorite are blue-green algae from E3Live as the dry powder blend, not the liquid one. The liquid one is good too and it is the AFA, that is how you’ll see it, the acronym for it is Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, and we love it in the form called Brain-On. This is a pro-mortal food, people would eat it for thousands of years and it turns your brain on, especially when you mix with the Brain Octane oil, like nothing else. In our book we have something called placidity that we show you how to make it. Again, one bowl, one spoon, two minutes done, and you’ve got that and you’re on your way. A lot of the people who have to be on set and have to remember their lines, it give gives you that cognitive sharpness. First one is the blue-green algae, it also helps to balance hormones and lift serotonin in the body so you get that oxytocin happiness.

My other one is Acai. I am just in love with Acai. It was one of the very first superfoods that changed my life and turned my wagon around. We love to use both the frozen Acai that’s sugar-free and grain-free. We also love to use it in the powdered form, you get that for the Chivas and what’s the other company we really love besides Chivas?

Amazon Planet?

Amazon Planet. We love those Acai roots. When you concentrate Acai, by getting it frozen is wonderful, that’s the pericarp on the outside, it is frozen and it’s wonderful, that’s how we make the JingLato I’d bet you had. We can, but we fortified it even more, we give it another– we want to stack the deck in our favor. So these antioxidants, just one tablespoon of that or actually one little cup of that Acai JingLato you had is equal to about 35 glasses of red wine for the resveratrol alone. When you’re having a gelato that taste like blueberries and flowers, and wonderful things then that’s the difference between having a superfood and having a superfood concentrated into something wonderful that makes as a game changer. I’m going to say Acai and they’re both As and AFA.

Okay, for me my first choice I’m going to actually put a whole category into my first choice so I’m going to say clean dairy products and in that I’m going to put grass-fed ghee which I absolutely love, and that’s clarified butter, Ancient Organics and Bulletproof are the two brands that we use the most. That is really fortifying Jing in ojas boosting thing and we can talk about that in a little bit. In Ayurveda they use it for cleansing of all kinds, but it’s also very building and fortifying. It’s great for hormones, great for cooking and stir fries. Then there’s a certain juice to it, actually, where I’m in, here in California you can actually buy raw milk off the shelves so I have these little kefir grains that I’ve been doing, a double fermentation stage of milk kefir or ke-fi-er, as it’s properly pronounced, and that’s just amazing. It’s low on sugar, the probiotic content is super high, and even for people who are lactose intolerant, unless some people are super sensitive like anaphylactic to dairy and that can happen really with any food. But most people, even if they’re lactic sensitive can do something like that because of the probiotics and because raw milk naturally has lactase that breaks down the lactose. Dairy is one, dairy is very misunderstood, and really all foods are misunderstood because we’ve had these decades of marketing that have said fat’s bad or carbohydrates are bad or eggs are bad, and cholesterol is bad, everything is bad to sell you on something else.

All food has its benefits and that’s why our book is called Food with Benefits. It’s really just getting back to the traditional uses of the foods and looking how they’re done even wheat as they say as it is and how little we use it. When you look how it’s originally grown and fermented and eaten fresh is much different than the way it’s siloed and sprayed and everything else today. Getting back to the traditional uses is always important. That was a bit of a side tension.

Second one, there’s so many– I’ll actually say I love maca, which is a traditional Amazonian herb, great for the adrenals, great for hormones, it boosts testosterone, through the amino acid content actually it boost hormones to the amino acid content and really through its energetics as well. There’s so many. I love grass-fed gelatin as well, it’s a great food for our hair, skin, and nails. It’s really one of the ultimate beauty foods, grass-fed gelatins, so there’s so many. We really love just to show people how to incorporate them seamlessly because these foods have been used throughout time and when you talk about comfort foods, comfort foods are traditional foods and traditional foods are made clean ingredients. Really, we’re just going back to the way that it used to be and there was a long period of time when we swapped out the good ingredients for the cheap profitable ingredients so we’re just really going back now to hand-select those clean ingredients and remake all those yummy comfort foods and make them healthy again.

And different things that people swap things out and I was one of those people when you swap out grass-fed awesome butter for something that is a conventionally-grown, full of glyphosate margarine. It’s literally one molecule away from plastic. They have to put the yellow into it. They originally were going to make it pink, so you do see the difference between that and butter, but they chose to know color it to make it yellow so people will go, “Oh butter, butter!” What the truth of the matter is, actually was on the front of Time Magazine this time last year I believe, I had a curl of butter, look it up and Google that, and it says that we were wrong, butter is awesome, right on the front of Time Magazine. I was doing the happy dance, the kids should go and look, they’re finally getting it, they’re finally getting it.

What I’m listening too is that even in sort of a lot of the movement that’s happening which is greatest, the realization is that we’ve thought so many of these things were healthy, aren’t, and we are going back to some of the more primal, Paleo primal foods and realizing the importance of quality food and in that though. There are a lot of nutritional deficiencies but I think there’s also this real push and I’m certainly one that takes a lot of supplementation to make up for a lot of these deficiencies. But what I’m listening is that actually there’s so many of these superfoods for example that we can include into some of our recipes that actually do offer those same supplemental benefits that we might supplement for, and I’ve never even thought of that, that wow, I could get some of these hormonal things and these cognitive enhancements and all sorts of things that I’m taking supplements for. Why not just get it in the food?

Yes, and taking handfuls of pills actually turns people off and then when you think about how many of those cellulose capsules, or whatever they’re made out of, that we’re concentrating in our bodies as we take them because that becomes part of you too. You are what you eat literally. When you’re able to take the Acai and the different superfoods and put that into you, and it doesn’t just have to be smoothies. We do it in everything and you’ll see they’re also in the book. We’re talking about every opportunity to get it in there. So we’re talking– amazing dressings. If you just want a salad and all you want is a bunch of fresh filled greens and maybe some veggies, then throw on a ranch dressing that’s an actual ranch dressing that build as something for you. It still has all the flavors that you’re looking for, or Goji balsamic, or all these different things that you can throw this into.

If you don’t want to have the meat but you want to have the protein, because some people just have a thing about meat, they’re not necessarily a vegan or a vegetarian, they just want to have the good proteins that those things offer, and that’s when you do like the protein powders or the collagen powders or the colla-gelatin, you mix that right into your salad dressing, you mix it right into the sauce, you put it right on your egg’s benefit, that Hollandaise it goes on the top, and so you’re getting the protein and everything else right there and then some. We’re all running in a big deficit, just the air we breathe, and the water that comes out of that faucet, that tap liquid makes a difference in our health. We consider we’re 70 to 80% water, that’s a huge thing. Even with our clients with the elements, what is their home like, what is their air like, whether they’re consuming water wise, are they getting enough of the fire element, the sun element, that will be the vitamin D3 and K2. We show them how to fill in the gaps, where to fill in those gaps and all of the sudden they’re like, “Get the text,” you’re like, “I will go. I slept all night. I feel really good.”

When you realize how to do that and we show you– in fact the very first chapter or second chapter in our book is a glossary so you can see these. I want you to know what these things look like. It’s not just a bunch of text, we show you the pictures of each one of these elements that we’d use in the book. Everything from colostrum to Ashva Ganda, and a strugglist, so you know what they kind of look like and you get to be more familiar. It shouldn’t be any more distant or strange to you, the salt and pepper. Salt is an important one, that’s part of the earth. You want that good heavenly salt or even better all that Celtic sea salt.

Supplementation can be a double-edged sword, it all depends. Most supplements are cheaply made, it’s a funny thing because we certainly use high quality supplements as well for certain strategic purposes. Humans are funny because we think we’re so smart and we think that the second that we find out that one component in a food does something, we think, “Oh, we’re so smart. We’ll just take that one chemical out and that will just give people that one chemical to have a drug-like effect. What do you kind of miss with that mindset, that instantaneous, “I want an effect right now. Just give me a pill,” kind of mindset is that in nature there are hundreds and even thousands of chemical cofactors and constituents that balance out that one thing that we have determined who does this other one thing in the human body. You really miss out on the intelligence of nature and you can lead to having many side effects from taking just one chemical out of something, and then making that one chemical synthetic as they typically do. Getting things naturally in food is really of the safest and best way because then you’re getting all that other stuff. We don’t know what we don’t know, part of it, which is the vast majority of knowledge, you get all that stuff.

Or even like I’ve seen, let’s even say high quality supplements. There’s all these turmeric capsules coming out because now we realize turmeric is a spice that’s really healthy, but why not just have the spice in our food versus taking the pill for? Again it just goes back to– we really do just want things to be convenient versus why cook it if I can just pop the pill?

That stains so that’s one benefit of taking the capsule, but when you look at turmeric, taking turmeric straight, turmeric actually doesn’t– the curcumin doesn’t absorb very well. But if you take it with fat because it’s fat-soluble, so you cook it with Ghee and you take it with a little bit of black pepper which is what is in a curry formula, they have both turmeric and black pepper in there. Black pepper enhances the absorption, I believe it’s like 700%, so you can take supplements and supplements idealize that by adding black pepper extract or something like that. But when you look at the traditional way that turmeric has been used, the absorption is enhanced.

That’s what you find in these blue zones. In fact, National Geographic, I think it was last month or this month, just came out with a special edition called The Blue Zones or We’re Searching the Blue Zones, and that’s really a great one to pick, I’ve actually they have in whole foods. Grabbed that from National Geographic. It takes you around the world to all these long living people who have that get up and go at a hundred plus. When you’re talking about– and that’s just one person that you’re talking about. That’s basically– they even consider that to be pretty normal, and  you look and you tease out like what are the things, and then there’s a comment thread, one that it basically is organic, two, they’re not living for convenience, but there that they have these really happy lives, like their content it’s about what they get to do not what they got to do. In the U.S. our mindset because our body goes where our brain starts, is those thoughts you have to, so you’re going to feed all parts of you including how you think, so make those thoughts that come into you good. Make the music that you listen to to be something that lifts you, like raise your vibration. Let the people that you listen to for education be of that higher vibration and great content or great content and great intention, and all of a sudden, there’s a change. The things that don’t serve you so well will start to fall away, and that could mean not just the foods that you kind of stepped away from because you realize they’re really deleterious to your body. We still get that overall cleansing of not only your environment, your circle of friends as well too.

There’s so much more here than it meets the eye, but you can start it all off with a great– It doesn’t matter if it’s a milkshake or a shake of some kind, or a green drink, or donut hole, start with that and start with something simple. Start with something that you’re comfortable with and then kind of work with that, and you’re able to see the difference. Then we encourage you to play with your food. It is because of the recipes that are in our book. I want you to sling them how you want to. Take that vanilla ice cream, coconut ice cream recipe and make it– lavender, ginger, make it whatever you want that makes you happy and it becomes your signature thing. Most of this is about the education part.

Absolutely. If somebody, let’s say, they’re like, “Okay, I’m going to clean out my fridge, my pantry, and I want to start incorporating some of these spices and superfoods,” what would be a good start off package? What would you recommend to somebody that’s just starting this, this journey into some of the superfoods and spices?

As you say, I think it depends on if they’re a vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, that sort of thing because then the packages will be a little bit different. But across the board, organic. Across the board organic and then you’re– I missed– I talked through to you over there, I’m sorry.

I was going to say just– shamelessly I would say actually our book is really a good resource.

It is. It is a good source, it’s right here. I’m going to make sure– Your book is amazing.

Oh, thank you.

I’ve got my favorite recipes all dog-eared. The thing is too even– we’ll talk about this later but I’m terrible in the kitchen and I’ve never been attracted to a cookbook in my life because I just don’t have a passion for cooking, but I love experimenting with these because they’re fun, they’re different, I’m learning. Like I said, everything is just incredible and it’s so different than the normal recipes. So anyway, absolutely.

Because the way we designed it and if people are new to superfoods and tonic herbs and things like that, it can be a little bit intimidating sometimes so we really structured the book so that we have for every recipe, we have the base recipe and then we have the Jing It Up, kind of the options for superfoods and tonic herbs. Most of the base recipes are using ingredients that people are going to be well familiar with. For like the flour bases they’re just using gluten-free flour bases rather than wheat flours. But the base recipes are really anybody can make and then as they want to…

If I can make them anybody can. That’s my point exactly.

You’ve heard it here.

That’s why we did the Jing It Up Most people go when you pick up a recipe book, I know I’m guilty of this too. I go right to the recipe I’m kind of hunting for and that’s what I look for, but when you read to the front of our book, it explains that you’ll see it says, “Gather up,” and that’s all the ingredients so you can be in some place and have everything that you need. Sling it up, that’s how you make it but Jing It Up is optional. The Jing it up, those things aren’t required to make that recipe run but if you want to really turn up the volume in your health that you get to choose one, two, or all of the Jing It Up options. Then of course, the option of making it, again, for people who are vegetarian or vegan, or for Paleo or happy omnivores who don’t mind to have some animal products in there. But the bottom line is everyone get to sit in the table and have the same food with the holidays coming up especially, you don’t have to do like a bowl of sticks and weeds over there for the vegan and you’ve got a chunk of meat for the Paleo, everyone gets to have the same thing. That could drive down to stuffing and those marshmallows, they melt beautifully on top of organic yams, so now you can have that old traditional thing that people have at all Thanksgiving and Christmas really, and not know the difference and not feel bad about having it.

I love that you guys aren’t religious with some dogma. This is the absolute right diet and everything else says the wrong one. It’s like no, it’s all about healthy food, organic food, real food, whole food, ancient spices and herbs that have been proven for healing, health, longevity, anti-aging effects have for however many thousands of years, and otherwise we don’t care.  Find however it works for you.

It has to resonate with you, when you say that we’re really very serious about that everyone’s welcome at our table because even in our private cheffing business with all of our carpet clients. Everyone’s got a different– they come to the table literally with different needs, wants, and the different seasons in our life. There were seasons in my life when I was healing myself that being vegan was an important part. I needed to do that to get my body to go into that cleanse, to really like burn, but you don’t have to be cleansing 24/7 365. You incorporate different things that you find at your constitution, so we give people resources to be able to find out what the constitution is, how to make that work for you, and then also to be able to understand a lot of other things beyond the plate. We call it beyond the plate, they’re in the book, that allow you to identify and know how to really to play your body like a beautiful instrument, so that you’re tuned up and have that cellular attunement that makes you just shine. You get this glow, this luminescence that people are like, “What’s that?”

Normally we think of health is cellular, like we’re not connecting with ourselves and happy cells mean happy bodies but we’re not thinking at that level and ultimately that’s what we’re feeding, right? Is creating and feeding these healthy cells, helping these cells to detoxify appropriately because we have so many toxins in our environment, even if we are pretty careful and cautious, it’s just the world we live in right now.

That new cell creates the tissue that you see, that new cell creates a tissue that makes your heart beat, that new cell creates that muscle fiber. The skin, the elastin, the collagen, and if they’re getting all the support they need because they’re getting vitamin C, vitamin C is one of my number one things for women to have amazing skin no matter what your age. Pure Radiance is one of my favorites. Vitamin C, the D3, K2, being able to have the elastin and collagen supported with pearl powder is this something that again, women in the Orient have been using for thousands of years when they have these beautiful flawless wrinkle-less faces. Is that a word, wrinkle-less? Wrinkle-free?

It works for me.

But now here’s the flipside of that, because it makes that part of the skin beautiful, it also is when your endophilia, which is the lining inside our veins and vessels, is where the science geekery comes in, and allows you to have better flow, less blockages, and even some of the things that we talked about allow you to mitigate, stop, and reverse, different issues, everything from blocked veins and vessels and arteries to different things like that, and allow you to come back. In fact my mom is the middle of doing that right now, my 82 year old mom, by doing a vitamin and supplement protocol and superfood protocol to get rid of blockage in her carotid. At 82, we’ll know shortly after they do the doppler again, there’s not going to be any surgery necessary because that’s going to be empty. But we can’t cure anything, all we can do is make you well.

Of course, right. How much in your opinion is overall health, wellness, anti-aging, longevity maybe is a better word for that is attributed to food?


A good majority.


Does environmental things have to make a big difference in how you think?

It does. It’s a major piece. It would be hard to say percentage-wise how much because as Joy was talking about the elements, there are so many different factors. If you’re living in a polluted city with polluted air, that’s a big factor. Where we are is actually was just outside of the evacuation zone of the major gas leak that was here in Southern California. That was going on for months, that’s a big factor. If people are drinking water out of their taps, city water, you’re talking about chlorine which is an antibiotic and fluoride which is a thyroid depressing medication, consuming that every day. It really depends on a lot of environmental factors. Of course, what you put in your mouth, impacts that greatly. The cleanliness of that and the functionality of the foods is going to go a long way, whether those foods are breaking your body down or if they’re building your body up.

They’re building it up.

Right. Then if you’re eating bad food on top of a fairly toxic environment, it’s going to be that much worse than if you’re eating good quality food in getting the nutrition in a somewhat same environment. So that’s superfoods. Now, for me where I get confuse is on all the herbal side, like your Chinese herbs, your Jing herbs, is there a little, just a little education you can give there as far as on that side?

Sure. When we talk about Jing because our brand is Jingslingers, so it’s like, “Well what’s Jing? What are they slinging? What is this?” Jing is a term from Chinese medicine and from Daoism, and it’s an energetic quality. It’s the energetic, basically the energetic foundation of your being. It’s the energy that is at the base of physical things like hormones and neurotransmitters and your kidneys and adrenals. It’s really that base energy, longevity, energy, creative sexual energy, it’s behind all of that. A metaphor I like to use just to kind of put into modern terms for people is Wolverine, the comic book character.

Or Hugh Jackman whichever. We’ll know. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, just keep that in your brain.

There you go, exactly.

Wolverine, his superpower is called healing factor, and basically it means that he has this unlimited, anabolic response in his body. He gets maimed and hurt, his body immediately heals and rebuilds itself. He has infinite longevity, he doesn’t age. Basically, if you’re looking at somebody and they had unlimited Jing, just an unsurpassed amount of Jing, it would kind of look like that, it would be this longevity and this massive anabolic response, and to be ageless pretty much. That’s like the Jing force and so certain foods and herbs have been found to have more of this Jing energy than others so the Chinese tonic herbs, when you look at the Jing herbs from that system and you look at things such as Ho Shou Wu or eucommia bark, or a deer antler extracts, they have these kind of energy in them. Then there are different energetic forces, so there’s Qi energy which I think most people have heard of and that’s kind of day-to-day energy that you’re taking in and that’s running through your body all the time as kind of that active energy. Then there’s the Shen energy which is the mental and emotional balance and kind of the wisdom energy. You can see it in people as they age and they get wiser, and they’re calm and balanced and centered, that’s the Shen energy. Different foods and plants have these different kinds of energies and when we look at that end in a modern sense, even like Western foods and things like that, there will be certain foods that boost libido for instance, well those are going to be at the Jing Foods. There are certain foods that are in herbs that are calming like valerian, people know valerian, or holy basil, or pearl, or rishi in the Chinese system. Those are the herbs that boost the Shen or the foods in herbs that are energizing like ginseng, those boost the Qi energy,

Ginger actually.

Some of these foods and herbs people are familiar with like you talked about ginger and turmeric are great ones. They’ve been all used throughout history. In the different systems it’s just– In the west, we’re not familiar usually with the ones from the Chinese, or Ayurvedic, or Amazonian system per se, but now with global transportation we have access to all of it. You can put it all in your blender all at once if you want.

I’m curious, how do you incorporate these into your cooking?

You lean into the flavor and the function. For example, and I know some of you or probably a lot of people are familiar with, especially the guys who follow sports, they have recently, just in the last, I think two years, or a year and a half maybe, correct me if I’m a little off, have banned the use of deer antler because it gives you an unfair advantages as an athlete. That’s how powerful deer antler is. If you want that anti-aging testosterone boosting hormone modulating herb, and you all think of it as an herb because it’s an animal product but deer antlers is amazing. Now, that’s not just for men, for women as well, that means that gives us our young Jing actually, and allows us within the energetic Jing. Being able to put it into the, if it’s bitter, it works good depending on if it’s more– how could I say this, or it’s better with fruit, or use Chaga as an example. Chaga mushroom, a lot of people have heard of it as good for the immune system and a ton of other things. It’s one of the top two herbs in the world. So you’ve take the Chaga powder and you put it in your chocolate smoothie, you weren’t even going to know it’s there but your body is going to know it’s there, so you get this cellular attunement.

Rishi is bitter. Rishi does work in chocolate, so you have to be able to balance that, but that also works really great– I like to put Rishi in balsamic vinegar with the Goji because the Goji sweetens it up to make that amazing salad dressing and you want, there’s a little bit of edge there but it’s cool because it kind of works with the vinegar. You get all these different things that you can put into. It doesn’t matter if it’s a salad dressing, or a dessert, or even the pearl powder, you put the pearl powder, coconut, just regulate the fat from the top of a coconut can. The full fat coconut milk that comes $1.99 Whole Foods, and you can go ahead and take that sugar-free, take the fat off the top, put that in a bowl with a hand mixer, or you can do it old school, one of those whipped cream guys. A little bit of vanilla Stevia, a little bit of vanilla bean powder, put your pearl in there, shake it up, and now your whipped cream, it gives you better skin.

That’s amazing. Your whipped cream is amazing by the way. Oh my gosh. I could just live on that.

Did you have the seven layered cookies?


That was the first day.

Oh my gosh.

Those went fast.

My mouth is watering just you talking about it. I know how good your stuff us.

We say that out foods are usually gone in 60 seconds because as soon as the food is released.

Yeah, people hover around it and yeah.

We went through 4,000 samples of six different foods in three days.

That’s incredible. I can’t imagine. What does life look like at home for you guys? You’re on the road a lot, you’re teaching a lot, you’re making huge impact, who’s cooking at home?

Both of us really.

Both of you, yeah?

Our blender goes everywhere. The blender goes everywhere. The Vitamix goes in the thing that goes with us, that it just does.

Yeah, we bring our Vitamix everywhere.

We bring our Vitamix everywhere. We blend like in tailgates at the back of the car. We have an inverter in our car so we can use it in the car for that. I know it’s a little bit ridiculous but it works for us. You don’t want to be dragging your blender with you but you can blend your stuff, like I said, make all of your food on a food batch day, and let it be something wonderful. Actually this does really answer you questions specifically is that a lot of times like we’re getting ready to go the Longevity conference. We just finished Bulletproof conference, so we made a lot of things ahead, we put a lot of thing in the freezer, we put them in our glass-locked boxes as glass boxes have silicon tops, we throw them down into a cooler they go with this and we don’t have to worry about what we’re going to have and what we’re going to eat. We add some fresh greens to it, you can always find some organic greens somewhere and you’re ready to rock, you’re good to go.

That’s really helpful because I think that a lot of people have good intentions but life is really busy and we do, can we sacrifice health for convenience like you said and so it’s like how do you move away from convenience and actually cook at home, and traveling, we’re all traveling so much, so on the road it’s really difficult for me like how to take care of my health when I’m on the road and it’s bad food and airplane, and trying to find stuff and eating out or whatever, so I guess you’re right. It’s just prepare these stuff and you’re not going to date– I guess also if you’re flying, you’re not taking your bag carry-on, you are going to have to probably–

You have to check the Vitamix.

Right. Exactly.

But I will say this, when we know we’re flying, especially if you’re going for a long period of time, even for our clients who fly all over the place all the time will make for that ahead of time. They’d take it, they can walk right down the plane with it. They’re eating it that on the plane while everyone else is eating those little bag of chips or whatever, then the whole plane fills this, they’re going, “So what do you got?”

Then really it’s as simple as getting a couple of wheat, and we don’t have our food literally sit and touch plastic or aluminum so we have to get those old school wax bags. You can get them at Walmart, Target, you can get them at Whole Foods. It’s literally wax food bags, you get those wax bags and you make your stuff whatever that is a salad, a sandwich or you can just stick in there just a piece of grass-fed meat  that’s already been cooked, put it in there and drop to a plastic bag so now it’s sealed. Pick a handful of greens in another one, you put in another wax bag, throw it in there. Now you’ve got a salad and a piece of steak or you can have salmon or whatever it is, you don’t have to worry about it being on a cold packs you’re going from, basically from your car to through TSA which they’ll just look at the food and they’ll let you right through. You can have liquids, but can’t have the little 3 ounces of liquids so do yourself a little shot. I bought myself a little glass of 3 ounce bottle so I could do a placidity in that. And now, I’ve got my placidity, I’ve got my protein, I’ve got my greens and when I get on the other side of this before we — get to the other side of TSA, we stop and get a couple of bottles of water.

The best water we can find in the airport, it’s not tap water, some kind of spring water. You can usually find it, then get two of those because you’ll lose so much when you’re on the plane. You get to dehydrated at hyper speed. So when you get off the plane it’s why you’re so tired. We make sure we have our grounding, our little grounding guys, so we’re on the plane and also when we’re off the plane. You get to where you’re going refreshed, and it’s like one little bag this big, like a little brown bag lunch that you bring when you were a kid and you’re good to go. If you know you’re going to be traveling throughout that whole time, we’ll make a whole bunch of them,  freeze them, and put them in our suitcase that goes on in the belly of the plane, so that then we can just throw them in a refrigerator — and here, you need know this, when you go to a hotel you let them know that you’ll need a refrigerator for medication, they’re pretty much going to give it to you. The American Medical Act food is our medicine, you are not fibbing, it is the truth, so you ask for that refrigerator and if they do give you a surcharge, go look for a medication, really? They’ll say, “Oh that’s right,” because of you’re carrying diabetic medication, medication for other things required for health, they’re not supposed to charge you for that. That means now you’ve got a refrigerator. Now you can– even when you get to where you’re going, we always map out where the closest whole food or crops are or just places that do organic foods. Get a whole bunch of the cardboard containers that are non toxic, fill them all up, and stick them in our refrigerator and were good to go. So in that way you are not at the mercy of, when you do go out to eat dinner and you say, “You know what? I brought my thing, can I get a plate?” And they’ll bring you a plate and you do your thing. A lot of people, that’s where the flies and the ointment you’re like, ” Oh, I don’t want to have pull my food out my purse and…” okay, so what does that means? So you’re going to eat what? Because of what? So, this is where it comes down to what you’re willing to do.

Now I’ll just say with travelling that the superfood powders and bars travel really well, so if you do have your blender and you just bring a couple of key things, chia seed is really a good one for travelling because it’s bulking and filling and you can really go a long time on something like that. You can bring– we like chloroxygen which is a concentrated chlorophyll supplements if we’re doing something green or you can just put that in your water, that’s energize and in blood fuse and—

Tiny little bottle.

Tiny little bottle. Bring some of the others super food and tonic herbs so that you’re fortifying your immunity whether it’s  rishi, or chagra, something like that. Immunity is really important when you travel, and I like to eat lighter when I travel personally. I just feel better when I do that, so bringing a blender and some key of superfoods means that you can have a light meal that’s going to be fortifying, really nutrient dense, and can take you a long way and it’s going to really just help you out with all of the stress and all the things you get expose to as far as my curbs go when you travel.

Right. A few more questions here. You guys have been amazing I could ask you a bazillion questions. At Bulletproof, it seems like mushrooms are the new fad, so what are your thoughts about like all these mushroom booths? They’re all copying up.

Yeah, these are Reishi and this is the number one, well I bet pretty much the number one tonic herb in the Chinese tradition, and Reishi is amazing and mushrooms and the betaglucones that are in mushrooms are remarkable. The other thing we love about mushrooms if they haven’t been hybridized or screwed with so they are primal. They come with the innate intelligence that the planet wanted to impart upon us.  Their properties are eye opening. Everything from being preventative, for everything from cancer to high blood pressure to being able to boost your immune system pretty much like nothing else.

They grow around the world too so Reishi is famous in the Chinese system. Chaga, it comes from Siberia been used in that system, but they both grow here in North America, and so a lot of people can find them here in the US or in Canada. I know people in Kansas who have found Reishi mushrooms hunting out there. I guess the newest thing in that that have been used for thousands of years but in kind of the health pop culture now, they’re really burgeoning and it’s really been increasing and increasing in the last ten years.

It’s in powdered formula so you can put in water and all sorts of things. So how do you recommend?

You got to find out if they’re well-crafted if they were actually forged. That’s always important. Two, is it a fruiting body or is it the mycelium r myslim. There’s a couple of brands that we really love. Of course, all the ones from Jing herbs, jingherbs.com. We know they’re wonderful because they’re super clean. We also love Paul Stamets’ things and his company, Host Defense. The turkey tail is one of the things that actually helped save me when I was back dealing with my C-ward. Turkey tail is an amazing thing and there’s a lot of good things we had talked about off-screen about what makes that possible.

We like to use the rule of that, compliancy is the first rule of herbalism that’s something that run to your gardens, so however you’re going to get it into your system like use that so– Some people aren’t great with turn things to a smoothie, some people can’t be bothered with a smoothie, they’ll take a handful of pills. Whichever is right for that person we always recommend just go with what you’re comfortable with, it also depends on the flavor profile so Rishi is a little bit more difficult to work with culinary because it’s so bitter, so that’s something that people are probably going to be more prone to use in capsule form, although again it depends. I’ll say also with the form, and this is something I think that needs to be setted a little bit more to that, the source really does matter and people need to just take kind of the extra step of finding out if the herbs are coming from China, which is pretty heavily polluted or where they’re coming from, and if a company does heavy metal testing in testing on their products. We mentioned Jing herbs a little while ago, I know they test all their products for heavy metals and they also get them from pristine farms in China. It’s such a big business these days now, health and supplements and stuff that a lot of people are just using the cheapest form that they can get. There’s been a lot of new stores on the internet lately about that, about how supplements are being found with being contaminated.

Even with heavy metals.

Taking that extra step and investigating the source and seeing what they’re publishing. Any company that does testing on their products would be more than happy to tell you about it, and the companies that don’t are going to be tied-lip about it

Yeah, you are going to want to see if they have it on their website. Most that are really reputable ones that take the time and the money and the effort because they’re mindful about what you’re putting in your pie hole, will be on the website.

Alright. My goodness, we’ve talked about a wealth of information. What is the absolute no-list? Like what do you say, like these foods or types of foods are dangerous, or will produce the opposite of optimal health?


Do you want to do top three?

I’ll do top three?


Aspartame, number one. Neurotoxin, check out Don’t Take My Word For It, check out the work from a neurosurgeon and researcher Dr. Russell Blaylock, wealth of information, all of it is substantiated and you will step away from the aspartame is number one. Number two are the GMO, pretty much almost GMO foods.

Anything GMO.

Especially the oils like canola oils and things like that. We actually do a little thing with whole foods, when new things come out, and I’ll grab a bag, I’ll be reading it and Jay would have already read it and walk by me. I’m like, “Alright. This got aspartame,” and put it back. Canola, aspartame for me, and really all those foods who have the glyphosates. Those glyphosates which are the heavily sprayed crops that are non-organic, that’s problematic. That there are the research and science is going into how, what that does once you get it the human body is still kind of, I call it under wraps, but we’re talking everything from leaky gut to dystonia and different kinds of Parkinsonian sort of issues. You could see a little bit of that, that was not food related but it was element related, and 911. These buildings came down because of the toxic metals that were in the air, those firefighters a lot of them got all of a sudden, a young healthy guys, were getting almost a Parkinsonian who resist to raise with their hands, were doing this, and they weren’t well, and they couldn’t figure it out, and so there was a couple of doctors that are kind of like part of our tribe who said, “Let’s do science. Let’s do decumulation. Let’s do this,” and I actually have a patient we showed last night in our presentation of a firefighter that had sat in a sauna after doing of these herbs. The towel he sat on was bright blue with different heavy metals and different colors that came through his integumentary system and skin. Just know that you have to be careful of things especially into heavy metals.

I’ll add hydrogenated fats to that. Hydrogenated oils partially had hydrogens. Soybean oil, any of– rancid fats are just horrible. I’ll put soybean oil, corn oil in those categories, but definitely anything that’s hydrogenated, and then hype of this corn syrup as well, corn syrup. Then any of the artificial dyes and colors, and artificial flavorings, all that stuff just makes you toxic.

They actually have a resource for that, it’s EWG.org, EnvironmentalWorkingGroup.org, they have no stake in any kind of products. They are a watchdog force. Their laboratories exhaustively look through foods and give you the download on them including beauty products. All of the jellies and jams of shampoos and stuff to those women use, go there and put in, type in what you use and you’ll be shock to see what comes up and what’s in those products.

It is shocking, and I think another thing too is there’s labeling, to be cautious of labeling because it might say Paleo or gluten-free but when you read the packaging and if you read the ingredients, canola oil, or whatever, and so if we’re looking for some convenience, even in whole foods we still have to read the label.

Find for it. That’s why we do both gluten-free and sugar-free because usually if you find something gluten-free, it’s jugful of sugar or it got all sorts of different sweeteners in it that you don’t necessarily want. If it’s sugar-free, then it’s got the gluten. By giving people the option, I dare you to go into whole foods and find some of these both sugar-free and gluten-free and organic, because the animal doesn’t exist. Another reason why our book went to number one is Amazon in both Paleo, organic, and vegan when it came out in a– because that was in April.

Wow. Alright, few more questions. You guys live together, work together, travel together, speak together, did all together, how is that? I have a lot of power couples, what I call power couples on my show and my husband and I, we work together, we do our different parts in the business. We have the same ambition, we do this together, we love life because we’re inventing, co-doing so much. It’s a very fulfilling life but not everybody can do it, what’s your secret to working? I mean to doing what you’re doing together, like 24/7 most of the time?

You answered some of it. As what you get to do, not you got to do. We wake up excited about knowing that what we’re doing, even when we spoke last night to– it was a private event, sort of, to a handful of people, we’re able to change the trajectory of their lives because of what we said and what resonated with them. We’re talking about the difference between getting at Texas this morning, going– I did the whole grounding and I slept for the first time last night. It’s that immediate. Sometimes it’s later on, sometimes it’s long-term, and when people come to us, and they tell us that– they are told to go home with their families. We gave them protocol, we gave them resources, and they text us pictures that they’re out with their kids and they’re playing, and they’re out of bed and they’re back, and their doctor stumped, that’s what powers us. As far as being together, I’m completely and absolutely, ridiculously smitten.

That always helps.

Sounds he’s basking, and when he’s speaking, I’m looking over at him from a– this does on [01:12:38] for stage or are we’re being filmed, and there’s an integrity in this wonderful man that just really– the universe brought the across the country, from the other side of the continent to cross paths and that was no accident. It’s been how long? Five years?

Five years.

Five years. It feels like yesterday. It probably has a lot to do with some of the Jing herbs too, keep your serotonin up, it keeps you happy and we always look for in every single situation, even if the stuff is other than wonderful, to look for the things that we’re grateful for because there’s always, always cup of glass half-full if you look hard enough. So when you come from that perspective, it doesn’t matter how challenging things can be, when things get pretty frustrating, especially for things that you don’t have any control over. I used to know that even the things that are happening that are in your schedule or not in your line of thought, in the long run may end up being better than what you had planned. It helps keep us on an even basis, plus he’s just calm in the storm and I’m the one will– I go right into cop mode for– we need to triage this and fix it.

As you all know, it certainly intensifies the relationship across the board when you’re doing that much with your partner all the time and you have all that much to figure out and triage and work on together and everything. I think partners who are working together as well, they’ll find out pretty quickly if they are not right for each other because it takes a lot of communication and a lot of love to always be working together, not only intimately but physically and with all the finances and just all the work stuff that pops us. There’s a lot of external stressors as well and so you just communicate and work together, and you will be able to handle anything that comes your way.

At the end of the day, everything’s going to be alright. Even the stuff that happens that really disappoints you initially, somehow, somehow, much like when you’re catering a wedding, everything turns out okay.

Right. You two are beautiful. Alright. This is a question of two more things. Here’s again, the book and we’re going to– I really share the book and keep links and make yay! Yeah, because there’s so much goodness in there. You guys, just you tell your story, you describe what all these superfoods are and you make it really easy to put these recipes together even for someone like me, that’s really a challenge in the kitchen. Like I said, my mouth waters just thinking, I mean the Qi of puddings is one of my favorite things. But I’m pretty health-conscious, I’ve had a health care in 2013, it’s been a journey to get my health back, and that sent me on my path, I think so many of us sort of come to this side have had in your death experience that woke us up basically, Then it sort of turns into a passion, and once we start learning these things, we want to tell everybody else about them so they can get healthy, and better, and if everybody is healthier and happier, the world is going to be a better place. But anyway, pretty health-conscious, learning, trying to apply the different things I learn, my nemesis is dessert. I have to have a dessert everyday, it’s just that it’s like my little mini reward for all my hard work, and maybe, I’m sure it’s psychological but what I love is you guys make, really what used to be a dessert it’s just food that I think however you put it, foods you love and food that loves you back, so what is your secret to creating all of these sort of throw foods we’d throw in the dessert category that really are no longer a dessert, they’re just superfoods.

It’s what the first chapter of our workbook is desserts. Even when we we’re talking to different publishers like, oh no, and puts desserts in the front, they got it in the back, but no, you don’t understand it’s different, because you’re going to have our desserts, all of them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It doesn’t matter because the nutrient density, it’s all there. The protein is there, the amino acids are there. Probably much more than when people are just running out and just grabbing something or driving thru and getting something. It doesn’t matter if it’s the coconut creme brulee or the one that we’re most proud of it is that we biohack chocolate eclairs and profiteroles and cream puffs to be not only healthy but they’re sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free. You can build them up with a lot of protein too and I’m going to have that for breakfast, and depending on what kind of a drink smoothie or a jacked-up chocolate, you can have our latte, or you can have our greenest drink and then you are on your way and you’d feel like you weren’t giving up anything. It’s no longer just a little dry something and a little bar of something. You actually are feeding yourself and feeling your senses.

The ice creams of course too. We do it the superfood blender ice creams which you can make in just a couple of minutes in your blender. Again, it’s just taking the concept of ice cream and you have your fat component, either with raw cream or with coconut, you add your protein, some kind of protein powder, and then you have either your sugar-free sweetener or a natural sweetener, whatever you prefer.


Then you can just load it up with whatever superfoods or herbs that you want as well, and now you’re eating ice cream as just a meal and it’s super nutrient-dense, and it’s really easy on digestion. It’s cold but it’s digested just amazingly simple. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can have superfood ice cream. It’s tough to find somebody who’s not looking for that.

Yeah exactly. Go ahead.

I’ll just say with the holidays coming up so now we’ll take that one step further, so now you’ve made your superfood ice cream, and you take a little ice cream scoop and you put it very quickly onto a cold, it could be a small cookie sheet that has parchment on it to get in the freezer. Freeze them hard, dip them in chocolate, now you’ve got Bon Bons that you can serve during the holidays with some of different sauces, we have a whole section on just different sauces. Everything from a lemon curd to chocolate sauces and raspberry framboise, and things like that. You have these beautiful five-star dessert that everyone can have. Even if you use of the coconut-based it doesn’t matter again. Paleo or vegan, or a happy carnivore, everyone’s eating the same food and they’re all getting healthy while they’re eating it. Being able to take that mindfulness and that’s the common thread that runs through all our food but especially our desserts is what makes the difference. You get to have all of these things.

It’s also the bridge. We focus on comfort foods with this first book because we really wanted to be the bridge to the person who’s doesn’t want to give up their whatever, their favorite thing, and we’re also more known for our desserts although we have some both savory and sweet in our book. But people really moves their stuff over our desserts so it’s really that great bridge were– and we meet a lot of people who– one person in the couple would be into health and the other person just couldn’t care less and they just want to eat what they want to eat and what taste good. Now, the person who is into the health and living can make the food that their partner is going to enjoy and make it healthy. They’re not going to miss anything because the flavor is still there.

There’s something last Sunday morning it just calls out pancakes or waffles.

Oh, your pancakes are so good. Oh my gosh, well just so that you know, I’ve never picked up but– I mean, I of course have picked them up, but I’ve just never been inclined to pick up a cookbook, open it up and cook. Yours is the first one ever. I love it, seriously. I’m not very good at this yet but I will be because I really want to get the hang of this and in fact, because of my love of sweets and desserts and health food, and all these together, it’s like the perfect mix. Anyway, thank you.

One final and fun final question that I ask all of my guests. There’s a lot of myths out there that I think are– conventional myths, beliefs, people think these ideas are true, especially now, we’re learning a lot of these previous beliefs are not true. In fact there’s sort of keeping us sick and then healthy, and maybe not happy and all of different things. In your line of work, or in your life that doesn’t even have to be directly attach to your work, what’s a myth out there that you notice all the time that you come across, and you’re like, “Oh that one drives me crazy!” and just do a little myth busting for me.

Probably that they can’t do it. They don’t think– they think they’re so deep into where they are or that this is just a Jing that they can’t turn their ship around. The truth is you can. It doesn’t matter if you’re 82 like my mom, or if you are 22. No matter what it is, and no matter what you’ve been told, you can heal far and a way better that you’ve ever been led to believe, and that’s the truth. Even if you just mitigate it by a percentage, that’s life better, another percentage, life back. Being able to know that you have the ability to change these things and turn them around, I don’t care if it’s tonight it is, or what your situation is, it could be something that’s just a little annoying. When you understand again how to be able to tweak that and get that cellular attunement, because that’s where the mastery in the magic lies. You’re able to feel better pretty much all the time. They originally– our book was going to be the art in alchemy of everyday bliss, so probably it will be the follow-up book, but it allows you have that. It allows you to have that. Thinking that you have to take a sleeping pill, or that you have to have certain medications we will get from point A to point B, depending of course– it depends on what your challenge is, but the over-the-counter stuff, not so much. When people start to walk away from that and do these superfoods to support them, instead of to camouflage, as that nurturing with nature, so it camouflage in the chemicals. Those were the taglines That allows you to change everything. Then when you’re sleeping better, you feel better, you’re happier, your gut is working better, so that’s probably the main thing for me. We like to share them things instantly. Even last night, we had our group grounding, [01:23:10] we’re all in there, and I stood on it and I touched the one person in front of me and I asked everyone– and I’ve done this with 2,000 people in the room, just take your finger, just touch the person next to you and the person at the end has a little thing that when they’re grounded the light goes off and then milliseconds everyone touch each other and that light goes off, because that’s how fast earth is feeding us those good things. When they see that, they understand that even you’re disconnected, you can reconnect, and unplug and recharge your body. That’s actually kind of like what we’re doing with our intensive resort or retreat that we’re getting ready to open in spring.

Right. I’m probably going to be one of your first customers at that, so just beware.

For me, I would say the biggest myth is that we we’re born and we’re in kids and we have these perception of magic in the world, creativity and magic and all. Then somewhere along the line that’s kind of a drum beat out of us. There’s the whole Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, kind of conspiracy, and then kind of the rug’s pulled out at some point and we’re kind of taught to be in this mindset of there is no intelligence if there is no magic. Everything sprung out of nothingness or no reason, we’re all in accident, et cetera, et cetera. I think that’s a major myth and when people start to get back into the wonder of life, they’ll see that there’s vast intelligence going on and there’s vast patterns that you usually can’t even detect until you’re far removed from [01:24:56] a nearest down the road and then you see kind of all of the things that have lined up in your favor for certain reasons, to learn certain lessons, going on throughout life. I think when people are able to really get out of the tunnel vision that we’re kind of programmed to our society, in the news and everything else, and look at what’s possible that they end up being much more in that magic, in that magical mindset and more magical things that will happen in your life all the time.

I love that. Thank you. Thank you both so much for being so generous with your time, your energy, your love, you’re both just speak directly from your heart and you make the world a much better place. Thank you for what you do and keep doing it.

Thanks Krisstina.

I thank you for you to bring this information, taking the time to get up and get the podcast ready and do all that. This is an important thing, this is part of the lightworker network that we love being part of, and we’re locked elbows so everyone knows that they have someone standing in the gap for them. All they have to do is just want to come play.

That’s awesome.

It is a great surprise to be able to actually meet at the Bulletproof conference.

Yes, that was awesome. Well thank you, it was, so thank you. I don’t even know, and obviously you’re doing something right because you guys never stopped smiling, you’re standing constantly, you’re working, you’re feeding thousands of people and it’s like you never get tired. I’m like– talking about Wolverine, you guys are both Wolverines. My goodness, anyway, well thank you so much. Thank you again for your time today.

Thank you and the blessings, and thank you everyone who took the time to listen to this and if you have any questions, our website is Jingslingers.com, and you can contact us through that. We have tons of stuff that are going on so just pay attention and throw your name in there and we’ll send you information, and we don’t overwhelm your email boxes.

You don’t at all.

Just look in Instagram if people want to keep in touch also.

Oh great.

We Instagram more than anything else.

I’m not following you on Instagram so I’m going to have to do that also, do that right afterwards.

There’s so many pictures, you’re going to get hungry.

Alright. Thanks so much. We’ll talk to you soon.

Thanks Krisstina.

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