#207 There’s More to Cannabis w/John Malanca

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Episode Summary

Guess what?! In this week’s episode, I shared my first EVER experience with drugs…! And let’s just say it was a funny moment I will never forget. 

My guest, John Malanca, and I talked all about Cannabis for healing and this topic really hits home for me, as I’ve dealt with cancer within my family— where I witnessed the benefits that Cannabis offered my father who was dying of cancer. This experience completely changed my point of view on plant medicines. 

There’s a whole new world out there! 

John went through a family hardship in 2011, and he and his wife, Corinne, founded United Patients Group (UPG), a trusted resource and leader in medical cannabis information and education for patients, physicians, pharmacists, governments, and organizations, both domestically and internationally. John’s Cannabis company was the first to be invited to the United States Government in the U.S. Capital!

“I never want to give anyone false hope but I want to give people hope and options.”

— John Malanca

Topics Mentioned in Episode: 

  1. Health and Wellness (food, exercise, sleep, etc…)
  2. Benefits of medical cannabis
  3. Cannabis – not a one size fits all type of medicine
  4. Cannabis – medical professionals should be involved
  5. Grief – losing his wife to pancreatic cancer…his personal story of surviving (exercise, wellness, mindfulness, support…)


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“Go low [dosages], go slow.” — John Malanca.; [14:45]

“Movement is so important. And I share this with everyone I talk to: can you move? Are you in bed? Move your feet! If you’re in a wheelchair, and if you’re able to, move your shoulders. It’s amazing, how that can change your mood and your mindset as well.”— John Malanca; 21;58

“You do not have to be high to get the benefits.” — John Malanca; [26:07]

“THCA is raw…It’s non-psychoactive and it’s great for inflammation.” — John Malanca.; [1:01]

“[Cannabis] is a very beneficial plant.” — John Malanca.; [1:04]

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