289 Mastering Relationship Dynamics w/ Kristy Gaisford

Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast, where we explore the intersection of wealth, health, and relationships. I’m your host, Krisstina Wise, and in today’s episode, I have an incredibly insightful conversation with Kristy Gaisford, a certified relationship therapist and expert in a specific type of marriage and relationship counseling called, Relational Life Therapy.  Kristy and […]

#288 How to Let Go Without Giving Up w/ Krisstina Wise

Because of you, The Wealthy Wellthy Podcast ranks in the top 5% of all Podcasts in downloads per episode and the top 1% in the number of releases. It has been a pleasure and an honor to learn from my accomplished guests and share their genius with you.  I’ve been told by many loyal listeners […]

#287 Transforming Pivotal Moments into Profits w/ Cindy Ertman

A full 60% of Americans say their career is unsatisfying, and a whopping 19% say they are “miserable” in their job.  If that’s you, this episode of the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast is just what you need!  Today, I sit down with Cindy Ertman, a renowned coach and former mortgage executive whose personal journey is a […]

#286 Creating a Wealthy Life w/ Krisstina Wise

Today, I introduce a new format to the Wealthy Wellthy podcast.  I’ve been told by many loyal listeners that they love learning from my guests, but they would also like to hear more from me. Since I take feedback to heart, future episodes will be a mix of guest content as well as my own.  […]