#280 The Health-Wealth Connection w/ Dr. Robert Whitfield

I’m excited to share this week’s episode of the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast with you. It underscores the core philosophy of Wealthy Wellthy: the direct link between health and financial well-being.  In this episode, Dr. Rob Whitfield and I explore the relationship between money and personal health. He was introduced to me by Dr. Anna Cabecca, […]

#279 The Happy Money Principle with Ken Honda

​​Since you know me well, you already know that money has energy. To make money, you must keep your money in flow. What you might know is that money has a mood, too, and  that your money mood goes a long way in determining how much money you have.   Well, if this is new to […]

#278 Proactive Healthcare w/Steve Marler and Dr. Anthony Sparks

​​This week’s Wealthy Wellthy Podcast could actually save your life. I mean it.  Today’s guests have a transformative approach to proactive healthcare. That’s right, proactive healthcare. For too long, our healthcare industry has only responded to illness and disease after it’s already present.  Well, Steven Marler and Dr. Anthony Sparks of Advanced Longevity are committed […]

#277 New Year, Bold Goals A Journey w/ Ron Macklin

I’m excited to give you this special New Year’s episode of the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast. My dear friend, colleague, successful entrepreneur and coach Ron Macklin, joins me for a deep conversation about setting and fulfilling meaningful goals for the new year.  Ron and I met years ago as we journeyed through the Aji Network under […]