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#85 – Krisstina Wise on Healthcast Now

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Episode Summary

This episode is a replay of Krisstina’s appearance on Healthcast Now.

Notes from the episode:

Krisstina Wise is known as a real estate genius, financial coach, and podcast host. She was always a go-getter, making sure she makes use of her time and money in the most efficient ways possible to not only accomplish her goals, but also make sure her successes lead to money and lots of it. She achieved what she set out to do, but at the cost of her own health.

She has since embarked on the journey to learn more about how to keep her health in line with her goals as well, as how to be always in touch with her inner self, despite all things that may cause distractions.

Today, Krisstina talks about her health journey, her opinions on our healthcare system, and her tips on how people can invest in their health according to what they expect their body to accomplish.

“If you were a billionaire you’d give your last billion dollars to get your health back if that’s what it cost.” Krisstina Wise

You can find the original interview here:

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