Exclusive Client Coaching Call #216: To Get Good at Certain Things, We Have to Talk About Them

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Hello there!

​​This week, my special guest is one of my students! If you’re new here, I teach a Money Course over at Sovereignty Academy, and I love sharing these real-time conversations with you!

My client and I go over some numbers and breakdown the importance of them and the role they play in real estate investments. 

One of the key parts to being successful is knowing YOUR courage in all of it! 

Alright– get your pen and paper ready! We are taking notes today (and doing math) 😉

Now- in this episode, the phone call I have with my client, we start by breaking their money into two parts: the original investment amount is what we call “Start Capital”, or “Initial Investment.” 

So, what my client did was make 100% ROI. First part is to OWN THAT! … She doubled her money in 5  years! 

Let Me Ask You This:

  1. How does it feel to know you’ve completed a successful investment transaction? OWN IT!
  2. What does your monthly income look like? What does your debt look like?

Client Confessions:

My client confessed a big one- and I am loving the honesty in this– she said, “I lived so strapped, because of buying that house. I was house-poor. But, I knew it would pay off. I really had the end-goal in mind.” 

Like many of us, her investments didn’t go as planned– as the past year was mere craziness for most of the world. This stirrup caused my client to expand her credit card usage which has added up to ~$100,000 in debt. Mind you, these were not extravagant shopping sprees, this was racked up from everyday costs i.e. food, rent, furnishing her apartment, starting her business, etc.

Krisstina’s Advice:

  1. Separate your business debt from your personal debt. The goal/intention is to get a system built for yourself and your money. 
  2. The money you make FROM your business, goes into your business bank account. 
  3. Pay off the high-interest credit card debt!


“…It was such an obvious decision. I mean, the second I saw that house, I knew!” — My Client

“To get good at certain things we have to talk about them.” — Krisstina W. 

“I want YOU to be proud of you.” — Krisstina W.

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