#41 – Ian Clark: The Best Nutrient Is In the Sea

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The WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy Life

Episode Summary

Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy Life with Krisstina Wise. Ian Clark has been sick since the day he was born, but conventional wisdom prevented him from seeking out more knowledge until he hit a wall at the age of 40. Everything on the inside was giving up on him and he knew that this was somehow his fault. He couldn’t blame genetics and he didn’t like what statistics were showing him. Doctors expected him to follow blindly, but he knew in his gut there was something else out there that would heal him.

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What We Covered

  • [03:15] – Who is Ian? His body gave up on him after the age of 40.
  • [09:30] – Ian’s brother, who is a medical doctor, told him to follow through what the doctors were telling Ian to do, but Ian knew it wasn’t just ‘genetics’ making him sick.
  • [10:50] – Ian had a gut feeling that he was doing this to himself, but he didn’t know how and he didn’t know where to find the right answers.
  • [13:55] – What made Ian take the unconventional path?
  • [20:35] – Ian knew he had to solve this problem, not the doctors.
  • [23:25] – When Ian went to a dermatologist for a leg problem, she assumed Ian was a homosexual just by looking at his conditions. (He isn’t).
  • [25:40] – It took Ian two years to figure out what was the cause of his leg problem. It was lead poisoning!
  • [29:35] – Ian admits his mindset was horrible. He called someone an idiot for eating organic.
  • [30:05] – People love to complain. Change your environment if it’s hurting you!
  • [35:55] – When it comes to healing, it starts with a mindset shift.
  • [36:30] – Accomplishments don’t matter if you don’t have your health!
  • [45:30] – Each person is different when it comes to food and their health. Some people are just more sensitive than others.
  • [55:35] – Nothing feels as good as feeling good!
  • [57:55] – Let’s talk about cellular health.
  • [01:04:40] – Ian talks about his brother, who suffered from a stroke.
  • [01:13:15] – The cure is a magic bullet. Here’s the thing – there’s no such thing as a magic bullet.
  • [01:16:00] – Ian talks about epigenetics.
  • [01:28:55] – Why is magnesium so important for our bodies?
  • [01:40:00] – Ian busts some health myths!


[Tweet “It’s me causing the problem. It’s me that needs to solve this problem.”]
[Tweet “Everything I knew, everything I was thinking, my thought patterns, were killing”]
[Tweet “My health is the only thing that truly matters.”]

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The WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy Life

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You are at the intersection of wealth, health, and happiness. Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy Life.

Hello, and welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy Life, the show about becoming wealthy without sacrificing your healthy. Each week, I interview a countercultural thought leader to bring you a unique millionaire mindset. I’m Krisstina Wise, bestselling author, millionaire coach, and your personal guide to money, health, and happiness.

Today, I tackle health wealth with Ian Clark. Ian is the founder of Activation Products, a groundbreaking health product manufacturing firm. After saving his own life by seeking alternative methods for healing, he created their flagship product, Oceans Alive, a super food supplement made from marine phytoplankton.

Ian’s mission is to help people live a long, active, and high-quality lifestyle. His line of supplements enable him to do so by providing micronutrients that support the body’s ability to fight illness, get healthier, and achieve a state of peak performance. Ian is full of eye-opening insights about overall health and the human body. If you want to learn about millionaire health secrets, then listen closely. Enjoy my talk with Ian.

Well, it’s so much fun to be here with you, and thank you for your time today.

Yeah, thanks for having me on, Krisstina. This is a really fun time in our life when we get to have these conversations.

Well, I’m really, really excited about this conversation. You and I, we’ve met once or twice. I don’t know, even, if you remember that. But, we have met, but we really don’t know each other, as opposed to meeting my other guests that I’ve had some sort of relationship there one way or another. But, I met you, I learned about you, through a mutual friend of ours, Jim Quick, and I’ve been following Jim for a while. In fact, I interviewed him for a podcast just last week, and he really helped me get my mind and my memory back after I had mercury poisoning. So, I think you’re familiar with the damage that mercury does, especially to the brain and the overall body.

So, I met Jim and started following him and his work as a result of me wanting to get my mind back, if you will. Then, through following him, he had mentioned you and some of your products, and I hold his recommendations in high regards, so I started doing research and finding out who is this guy and what is this. So, anyway, that’s brought me to you, and I’ve actually used quite a few of your products. So, we’ll talk about that later in the conversation. But, anyway, I’m a follower of you and your work, unbeknownst to you. So, thanks again for being here today.

Well, thank you for having me on and also for your enthusiasm to pursue high-level wellness for yourself. This is really good.

Well, great. You have a story, so I’d really love for you to start the conversation today sharing a little bit about you, your background, your story. You’ve been on your deathbed before, got really sick, didn’t know what was wrong, and then have been on your own journey to figure out some of those answers. But, starting now, certainly, I don’t think you started in the health business, or the supplement business, by any means. So, tell me a little bit about you.

Well, thankfully, today, I’m able to be here to tell you the story, because my health is at a really high level at this point in every way. But, when I hit the wall, I was 46 years old, and I’d basically had a regular lifestyle leading up to that time. I did, really, what everybody else in society did. I wasn’t a big drinker, smoker, or anything like that. I stopped that when I was 21. But, I was working a lot, not watching my stress levels, not making sure I was hydrated, I was eating whatever food came my way, and I just felt I was somewhat invincible somehow, because you’ve got a lot of energy, and I had had a lifetime of different issues.

I started out with rheumatic fever when I was 1 years old, which had an effect on me, and I would get strep throats, and every time I would get a sore throat, which would be about once every two to three months, I would get penicillin. Of course, we knew what that does to the human body. I had a very problem with candida, which blew out into severe cystic acne when I was a teenager. I went through tetracycline, so I was just continuously hammered with antibiotics.

I had a really unpleasant experience in the dental chair where a demolition dentist basically destroyed my teeth. I lost all of them except for eight of them — oh, no. I lost all the top when I was 21, and by the time I was 38 years old, I fought to keep my lower teeth. No luck. I ended up with only eight left at 38 years old. So, all these mercury fillings, you talked about mercury fillings, everything was mercury back then. It was mercury in, mercury out, how many times over and over again.

Ultra poisoned with heavy metals. I worked in the oil field for 17 years from the time I was 18 until I was 35. And in that environment, I worked in the service sector and I loved working there because it’s so much fun for a young guy, but then you realize as time went by, it’s nothing but lead poisoning, heavy duty lead poisoning, chemicals, solvents, gasses, other heavy metals, just an ongoing stream of acid that built up.

I got out of that when I was 35 and then I ended up having my own business. I ran a couple of businesses as an entrepreneur to build staircases for high-end homes, and we did a really high-level of that, but again, that’s our artisan stuff. Again, you’re subjected to a tremendous amount of contamination through sawdust, and glues, and other stuff, and varnishes or whatever you’re doing in the construction industry.

Then, I sold that. I actually shut the stair company down and sold a small elevator company that we had built simultaneously towards the end of that phase to a company in California who had a division in Toronto, Canada, and they moved me, my family and my business partner and his family down there, and we worked for them after they bought us over, which is really not a great idea, and we working on a royalty. They subsequently went broke two years into that deal, bailed on their royalty payments to us, put us into bankruptcy. Well, put me, not my business partner, because I was the one that had financed everything, and other people that were involved, and he didn’t have to worry about that, so he didn’t have any obligations.

Anyway, I went down the tubes in 2004 in every way that you possibly could and ended up in a situation where my health had given out on me as well. And when my health gave out, I was in a world of trouble because I had nowhere to go but the doctor. In Canada, they have free healthcare, so it’s free but you go to the doctor. There’s no naturopathic remedies and things that they’ll pay for.

So, I went through the doctor route, and my family is very allopathic-leaning. So, my oldest brother, medical doctor for 37 years, my older sister is married to a heart surgeon, and then I have a brother who is type-1 diabetic, and then I have a sister who really has been healthy all of her life. She’s a school teacher. So, she never really had any issues, but you know, everybody has these things that creep up.

Anyway, I hit the wall with everything, like at 100 miles an hour. I was 90 pounds too much garbage on my body, so I was way overweight. I had a heart disease, I had liver malfunction that was considered to be cancer, which it wasn’t. I would not allow any biopsies. I just felt, somehow, very quickly, that I didn’t want anyone to invade my body with knives or chemicals.

The reason for that is when I was 20 years old in 1978, so I was born in 1958, 1978, I have two uncles on my mum’s side who are 51 and 54. I looked very much like them, so I’ve definitely got a genetic meaning there. They died two days apart, one of thyroid cancer, one of liver cancer. One fought for a year doing all the surgery, and the chemo, and the radiation. The other one was so sick so quickly, they said, “There’s nothing we can do. You’re just going to die.”

So, both of my uncles signed up for that. They were like, “Okay.” Now, they have a mentor, an advisor, a teacher, and someone treating them called the doctor, the oncologist, and the deal is, “If you do this, this, this, this, and this, you will have a funeral guaranteed.” And I see people signing up for that, and I thought, “That’s okay. That’s just the way it is, right?” That’s what you accept. That’s just the way it is.

They accepted that, but when it was my turn, I’m like, “I’m not signing up for that. Not a chance.” I am so messed up, and I phoned up my brother and I talked to him because he was a medical doctor and a good one, and he told me, “You’ve got to follow through with everything the doctors are telling you to do,” and I kept asking everyone, “What has caused my problems? Why is this happening to me? Is it something that I’m doing?” “Oh no, it’s nothing you’re doing. It’s just genetic predisposition. There are certain statistical numbers. Guys in their 40s, they die, and guys in their 50s, they die, and then 60. You know, it just depends.” And I went, “Hmm, okay. So, I’m supposed to put myself down to a statistic and just accept all these things that are happening to me. Do nothing other than what I’m told to do?” Now, that’s pretty messed up, right?

Anyway, that decision was not allowed to stick. So, I simply told myself and everyone else to just please back off on that idea. I need to find out where the people are in this world, because it was like when you get a revelation of something where you just know that you know that you know deep in your gut and your heart that there’s something true?

And the truth I knew was that there were definitely people somewhere in this Earth who knew exactly what to do from a natural perspective. But, I don’t know them and I don’t know how to find them. I don’t know anything about this. In fact, everything I know is killing me. But, I know for sure that it’s me causing the problems. Somehow, it’s me doing it. I don’t know how, but I know it’s definitely got to be me. And everybody’s trying to tell me, “Oh, no, no, no, that’s not the problem.”

So, as it turns out, it was everything that I was doing. I desperately prayed for guidance, and the prayer was something like, “If I’m allowed to find the people who actually know, I will listen carefully, I will not discriminate. I don’t care what their race, religion, all that is irrelevant. If they know how to get my body healthy, I’m very interested and I will do whatever it takes. I will suffer at whatever level it takes. That’s fine. I will have as much fun as required. I will spend as much money, and time, and energy. I will go anywhere in the world where it was required. Because if I don’t, I’m going to not make it.”

I’m good with going through all this, but I had no idea how much I was going to suffer. Had I known at that time what I was really going to go through, I might have opted out really. Because it takes a lot of courage, once you commit to something, and my courage did run out a couple of times, but not totally run out.

So, it was five years. I went through all these incredible protocols and things, and money started to come towards me, and I was able to use that. I never took it. We just used it for research, and I was kind of like the test case, being the person who was going to see if it worked or not, and we discovered the very best top-level ways of resetting your entire health from a foundational perspective. Because, if you’re chasing symptoms up in the areas where you’re dealing with these things that are flared up, you’re not going to be successful, ultimately, because the root cause is still way deep, deep down. And you think, “Oh, I’ve got to the root cause of this.” Nope. It’s about 10 layers deeper than this, buddy, and you’re going to have to keep going down. You’re going to have to really learn and be open. Don’t suddenly decide, “Oh, this is it.” It’s like be open. This is the best today, that’s good. Let’s see how deep it can go.

So, it was just a matter of going through that incredible process of getting definitive information, but believing the whole time that it’s available. There is reality out there.

Well, you it sounds what I find very interesting about your story is that myself and many like me, we did go the conventional, traditional means first and just it did not work, and going to the next doctor, the next doctor, the next doctor getting the next pill, the next pill, the next pill, and in some cases, for some, it might be surgery or whatever. But, you had some intuition or belief that that’s, “No, I don’t think that’s the right way,” and then went to look for a different way right off the bat as opposed to bumping up against all these future walls beyond just the wall you just smashed up against.

So, what was that? Do you think just because you did see these examples of your uncles that you’re like, “That doesn’t work. There’s got to be something else.” So, you just went on your own voyage to try to figure out what that might be?

Yeah, it was very much that way, and that was a — because I remembered it vividly like it was just the day before that my uncles passed, and it was a super shock to our family, of course, when that happened, because, you know, you reflect on that for a long time. But, that didn’t help me because they followed their doctor’s instructions to their death. I knew I wasn’t going to do that.

But, the problem was is that I was reaping a harvest of everything I’d sown for for years. That’s messed up, right? Because, I’ve got all this fire burning that’s burning me and I have to stop whatever was causing that. Like, I don’t want to continue to do those things that cause more problems in the future. Because, everything you and I are doing right now is going to be realized over the next 10 years, right? So, everything we have done 10 years ago, we’re realizing now. So, if we start to do cool things now, versus uncool things like I was doing, then we have to wait. We also have to reap everything that we’ve sown for along the way. And I didn’t like that. I was like, “No, I got to fix this now. Sorry, buddy, you’re not in this right now.”

So, the things that really got me was the location of the problem. So, I had a fistula cyst, which is a horrific thing that turns into a tumor and goes cancerous, traditionally, if you don’t deal with it. And this fistula cyst was at the bottom of my abdomen, right between my legs, pushing up against my prostate, about the size of a golf ball. You could feel it with every heartbeat. It was attached to my large intestine, and it was filled with infection.

So, they said, “Well, you absolutely have to have that cut out. You can’t play with that one at all. Don’t fool with it.” And when I told my brother about that, he goes, “Absolutely, that will go cancerous. I’ve seen people not deal with those things. That is really, really dangerous. So, just get it out, it’s a routine operation. It happens all year long. There’s thousands and thousands of these. Nothing new.” But, I said, “Yeah, but it’s right around the area where all my plumbing is, and I don’t like the idea of a nick here or an oops there,” and I was not happy with that. Really unhappy.

So, I actually opted out of that operation 100%, and that made everybody angry, because the doctor, of course, feels that they’re going to become liable because I didn’t follow through with their instructions. My brother told my mom I was committing suicide by not doing that, and I’m like, “Okay, alright. I need to take responsibility for myself. I don’t want you guys, anymore, to take responsibility for my health. You didn’t cause my problems. The doctor didn’t cause it, my brother didn’t cause it, my mum didn’t cause it, my family did not cause it. Nobody caused it but me, so I need to take responsibility for what I have created and find a way, and if I die at my own hands, I die at my own hands. At least, I’m not going to be able to blame anybody else for my death if I don’t make it,” right?

I’m also not going to be able to try to make a point. I wasn’t out to prove a point. You know how a lot of people want to do something to say, “I told you so.” Well, forget that. I was like, “I just want to survive.” If I’m allowed to survive and if I actually find out how a person can avoid this kind of thing to start with, that’s really cool, and once I get healthy, I want to see how healthy I can really get, if I’m allowed that, and that’s exactly how it went. So, it was about two years of really intense stuff. Then, by the end of 2009, because this started in 2004, by the end of 2009, all my numbers were perfectly right within the medical range, which was miraculous.

That fistula cyst, it did exactly what they said. It grew into a tumor. It grew about, maybe, double the size in the root place where it was originally. It had a satellite that went out to the scrotum and went out to the rectum, and they were pulsing. They went hard as a rock. It was horrific. That took a long time. And slowly, but surely, that all went away and it became scar tissue. So, then the scar tissue was there and you could feel the scar tissue. When I have a shower, you could see. It was always there.

Then it filled up and gone away, it filled up and gone away over the time. Then, I ran into this thing called “silver dihydrogen citrate”. This is a hard surface cleaner. It is not intended for internal consumption at all. In fact, the company who makes this says, “Do not, under any circumstances, consume this.” But, the product is perfectly pure. 100% pure. There are no contaminants, no poisons, no nothing. It is completely consumable, and the guy that had this stuff, he said, “Look, forget all that stuff. Don’t worry about it. Just spray seven sprays into your mouth every day and watch what happens.” He didn’t tell me what’s going to happen. I didn’t assume anything. He just said that it goes through your whole system and deletes a lot of stuff that shouldn’t be in your body, infection-wise.

So, I sprayed seven sprays into my mouth that night before I went to bed, woke up the next morning having a shower, and the scar tissue was somewhat filled up, but it was soft. I noticed, “Oh, that’s strange.” Every single day, for two weeks, I kept spraying it and waking up in the morning until it was so full with whatever. I don’t know what was in there, but it was full so much that I couldn’t even bend over and pick something up with loose jeans on without having pain. I was fine with that, because I’d been through a lot by then.

This is getting into the spring of 2010 at this point when I was spraying the stuff, and then I woke up one morning having a shower. It was completely empty and it never filled up again. I kept spraying, and then within one year of that – so, it would be like the spring of 2011 – I noticed all the scar tissue was gone. So, it showed up, it did its job, and it left, and there was no surgery required. My body completely eliminated that, and that was probably there to save my life, you know, for a place, a channel to get really nasty stuff out of me.

Well, there’s so much that you’ve said there. Number one, I love what you said that it’s me causing the problem, and it’s me that needs to solve this problem, and that’s so counter-cultural and uncommon that I think there is this belief system that we’ve adopted somewhere. But, it’s that the doctors, I go to the doctor to solve my problem, and then we do listen to the doctor’s’ advice. Like, you know, it comes from God or something. But, even then, this took a journey. It’s not like you found the magic pill right away. At some point, did you think, “I’m just going to get this thing cut out, like it’s several years later now?” But, you just really kept searching and kept asking questions, and kept believing that your body, if you found like the true source of this and the right solution that the body could heal itself. What caused you to continue in that search?

I would say that I was extremely inspired. There was an external energy that came to me that inspired me for sure, because if I were to try to drum up my own willpower or courage, I don’t believe that I had it in me. There was something inspiring me very strongly, and when you see success, or when you go through incredible trouble and you get through it — like when you’re going through it, it’s a nightmare. I was like, “Oh, I can’t even possibly believe this.”

But, when you get through it, you’re so thankful that you’ve gone through it. So, the more you go through, the more you look back and go, “I am so glad that I chose that harder way because it was only temporary, and the other ways could have been a dead end literally. Something kept telling me that doctors are great, they save people’s lives all day long by the millions. They also cost people’s lives because they don’t really know certain other things. They don’t know anything about nutrition or remediating the things that I had, but they’re certainly wonderful and I would never tell somebody not to go to a doctor, right?

But, for me, that didn’t work, because I was in a situation that was way too acute. I didn’t want anybody coming at me with a knife, literally, because you’re literally submitting and saying, “I want you to take that knife and cut me open and deal with this, and I consider that as a shortcut.” Now, if you’re going to die and you need triage or you need something like super acute stuff is happening, I’m totally for that.

But, that wasn’t the case with me. I had life-threatening dangerous heart disease, liver disease. I had kidney problems, I had a stupid fistula cysts, I had blowouts in my shins, these things that were blowing out of my shins. So, I got to tell you, this is kind of ridiculous, but this was the straw that broke the camel’s back when it came to my confidence and doctors for me under those circumstances.

So, I’m in the middle of this whole nightmare, right? And I’m sick, and I’ve got these sores blowing out of my shins for no reason. I didn’t bang my legs, nothing. I finally get an appointment with a dermatologist. It took six weeks to get into see her. She’s around my age, and I go in to sit down and she goes, “So, what’s happening?” and I told her. I said, “I’ve got these problems with my legs and I don’t know what’s going on.” So, she looked at that and she goes, “Oh, you know what that is?” I said, “No, I don’t. I wouldn’t be here if I knew.” She goes, “Well, it’s pretty obvious.” I said, “Nope, nothing obvious about it.” She goes, “Well, you’re a homosexual.” And I looked at her and I thought, “That’s kind of weird.” She was like, “What?” I said, “Actually, no I’m not.” She goes, “Oh, you can admit it. I see this all the time in homosexuals, and that’s something that happens with you guys, and some kind of an infection thing, right?” And I said, “Okay, but I can tell you right now that if I was a homosexual, I’d tell you, but I’m actually not. I’m a heterosexual and I don’t care. Things are what they are, but I’m not.

So, that’s not the answer to my problem. It’s got to be something else. She goes, “No, no, it’s the same thing. I’ve seen it every time. You have confidence. I’m your doctor. I’m a specialist and you can tell me whatever. Just tell me.” I was like, “I’m going to tell you one more time. I am not a homosexual, this has nothing to do with sexually-related things. I don’t mess around with my wife. I’ve been married for her that time it was 2004, so what would that be? I was married for 21 years, right? So, 1983 until then.” Anyway, I’m like, “We have seven children and I live a really normal lifestyle.” So, I was like, “There’s no other way with this,” then I realized I didn’t even — I kind of got angry at her but not really. I just sort of thought, “Wow, she’s guessing. She doesn’t even know.”

It took two years to find out what that was, by the way. Anyway, I walked out of her office, she gave me some little prescription and I just threw it in the garbage. That was it. I never went back to a doctor from then on. That confirmed to me that they’re guessing. I ran into this herbalist in Ohio two years later, and those had calmed down somewhat, but they were still there, and I showed him. “Oh, man,” he says, “I had that for several years until I figured out what it was.” “What is it?” He goes, “Well, it’s lead. It’s lead poisoning.” He said he did lower engines for General Motors where they have these big batteries made of lead.

So, he was always exposed to lead. Whether you were breathing it in or touching it, it goes through your skin or whatever, he said, “What happens when you’re standing up a lot,” and the work I did was always standing up, “gravitational force pulls it down your body and it’s trying to get out. Your body is trying to push it out. It literally goes into your bones and your shinbones are right behind the skin like nowhere else in your body. Well, what happens is it just blows out,” he said, “You just got to get into a serious lead detox, like detox lead,” and he gave me some different things. So, I did that and they all went away.

It’s amazing. So, did you just wake up one day and realize you were really sick? Were these things coming on for a while and you ignored them? How’d all this come at once where you’re finally like, “Holy cow, I’m sick and I’ve got to do something about this.”? Like, for me, I felt fine, then one day, out of the blue, I couldn’t get out of bed. It was that sudden. Clearly, there were some yellow flags and some really red flags, but it wasn’t obvious to me that something was really going wrong. Was that the same for you or did you just ignore these things?

No, it was a build-up of a lot of stuff. I noticed that my heart would — like, I would see stars if I bent down and picked something up and sit up. I knew I have some weird stuff going on with circulation. I knew my liver was malfunctioning because I had a lot of skin issues as well. On the face, I would always be detoxing to my face, which was actually an ongoing problem because I had so much liver damage at that time which I wasn’t aware of until I had some testing.

So, I just knew that I was in a world of trouble, and I think the main alarm was that fistula cysts that I had to have it operated on, because that really upset me, because it’s just there 24 hours a day. The only time I didn’t notice it is if I’m sleeping. Otherwise, it’s there, and it grew. It did exactly what they said. So, that really upset me, and that was where I wanted to get everything — I thought if I wanted to get healthy, I want to get super healthy. I want to deal with everything all at once. How do I do this?

So, we went radical. I mean, the first two years were crazy. Went raw food vegan, juicing wheatgrass, eating huge sunflower sprout salads, and it was a lot of fun. But, there were times through there where there were some major detox suffering points that were not required. If I would go back today with what I know now, it would be a six-month time frame to get most of the stuff done and cleared up. I think the fistula cyst would have been a little bit more challenging, but all of those things would be fast-tracked now that I know what I know without all of those healing crisises, Herxheimer Effects, and things that really bother people and throw them off.

Yeah, because I think so many things that it’s like what your brother was telling you that it’s genetic, you’re getting older, these things happen. It’s a statistic. So, I think, in the back of our mind, a lot of people believe that in North America or sort of our Western medicine is, “As I age, I get some of these problems, and if I drink a little too much when I was a kid, I have these liver problems.” So, were you in that same mindset and then it was the cysts that you were like, “Okay, something’s seriously wrong.”? It’s just sort of this background belief and then finally this was like, “Okay, no, it’s something more than this and I need to get to the bottom of it.”?

Yeah, my mindset was horrific. I just loved to be able to find something I could blame. That because of this, with my genetics, and those, and really have something to blame so I didn’t have to take responsibility. That was really the — and also, know-it-all. Like, I remember somebody talking to me once about organic, and I would look at the organic stuff in the store and go, “What organic? Everything grows out of the ground, idiot.” That’s the type of person I was. That’s messed up. So, like I still do, everything I knew, everything I was thinking, my thought patterns, my attitudes were killing me. And I was wrong across the board, and like you pointed out, people are very happy to find something they can blame. Maybe they can blame their doctor making a mistake, or a misdiagnosis, or it’s your family genetics, or environmental circumstances. Well, change your environment.

You are reaping what you sow. People might want to call that karma, whatever. I don’t care what they call it, per se. All I know is that if I go in my yard and I plant beautiful organic seeds in good soil, I get amazing plants every harvest, right? But, if I don’t watch the weeds, the weeds come up. Or, if I don’t plant good, quality seeds, it might not grow so well and not be a healthy plant. So, everything is reaping what we’ve sown.

So, I had to stop sowing bad, nasty stuff, and the body doesn’t like that. My body would freak out completely if I didn’t go get some fast food, maybe a Wendy’s #4 at noon with super fries and a pop, then all these anxieties would go away when I would do that, then I would feel like terrible the rest of the afternoon. But, if I didn’t do that, my gut was chewing me up from the inside-out, like a wolf inside, pretty much. Pounding headache, just pounding headache. So, I was under control. Everything was a disaster. I just couldn’t think of any example that was worse than what I was manifesting at that particular time. And I was unpleasant to be around, my moods were — I was not kind with people. Just all of the above, messed up.

Another thing I listened is that you were living this lifestyle as far as, really, exposed to a lot of toxins, maybe more so than the average person, but many of our environments are pretty toxic one way or another. But, through your work, you were exposed to a lot of environmental toxins and lifestyle and this bad attitude, and like you said, that there’s consequences of all of that that shows up many times a decade or so later. But, our body gives us these signs that I think we just don’t pay attention to until it turns into disease, or a cyst, or something. But, it sounds like your body was trying to give you all these signals, like, “Hello, something’s really wrong here. We’ve got some things to pay attention to.”

Right. I was getting the divine tap on the shoulder, right? Like, you are going to wake up now, and that’s going to be a pretty unpleasant wake-up, but let’s see how you handle this. Let’s watch this one. This is going to be an interesting ride, because are you really willing to suffer at any level? Because, that’s what I prayed about. I’m willing to suffer at any level. Okay, well we’ll see about that.

Well, you really are amazing to have that amount of, really, trust, and enlightenment, and intuition to be able to go against not only sort of the traditional conventional wisdom out there and protocol, but your own family that is telling you otherwise. So, I’m fascinated by your ability to go your own way and do your own discovery, and be willing to suffer, and even die in this belief that there’s got to be a different way and a better way, and I’m willing to go through the suffering and/or potentially dying that way if it doesn’t work. But, I really believe this other one is not the solution, so I’m not going to do that.

Right. Well, I like what you said right off the start is you talked about the importance of investing in your physical health, and make sure you’re watching that, because when you’re going to lose that, you realize, really you realize, this is your interface. My only interface to this dimension to the land of the living is this body. If I lose it, everything shuts down. I don’t get to see my wife and family, I don’t get to do anything in this realm.

One of the great revelations that came at one point, and I always talk about revelation, because it’s like it’s revealed. It’s not just like I know. It’s like I know that I know that I know that I know that I know. You realize certain things deeper is that there’s not a single person on this Earth who is rich. Not one. It doesn’t matter how much money they have, how many material assets, or businesses, they are not rich in any way, shape, or form, because they don’t even own their body. They don’t own it. If they were rich, they would own their body. They could never be taken away. You know, like if you had ownership of something, I can’t just walk in and take your house and you walk to the front and I say, “You have to sign this document that says that I now own your house.” You’re like, “Why would I do that? I own the house.”

So, with the body, that was totally different, because we could lose our body at any time. We see people taken out like that. But, then you realize, “Okay, well actually, I’m here for a higher purpose.” I don’t think I’m picking up on that clearly right now because I’m not watching even my physical health.” Where am I at? I mean, that’s like Life 101: make sure you have a healthy body, and I was completely missing that one. So, really out of sync, just out of it. It’s like, “Hello, buddy.”

It doesn’t matter — hey, what if I could find a whole bunch of things to blame. Is that going to help me? Not going to help me. How about if I just take responsibility. No matter who did what to me, I need to fix that problem.

Well, I think that’s a big takeaway that you’re saying so well. It’s me that caused the problem, and it’s me that needs to fix it, and that there is not this magic pill, or this Band-Aid to these list of symptoms that I’m experiencing that there is something at the root level that we need to try to get to the bottom of. And it sounds like in your experience and mine too, mine was a two to three-year journey of continuing to peel back the layers of the onion is that, one, a few things would expose themselves and I’d work on those, but then it’s like, “Oh no, there’s something under that, and oh wow, there’s something under that.” It really is a journey to healing, and first it’s a mindset shift that you’re talking about that, “I’m responsible for my own health,” and I think you experienced this, and what I experienced on my deathbed was like, “Oh my god, all those things that I own, I don’t care about. All I want is my health back.”

And until it was taken away from me, I didn’t realize like, “Oh my gosh, my health is the only thing that truly matters because no matter my material wealth, which I teach money, so I teach money and wealth and those pieces, and I was good at that piece, but I sacrificed my body for my wealth, and then I was paying the consequences of this with this realization of like, “Oh my god, all that pursuit of the money, the success, the achievement, the awards, the accomplishments, the atta-girls, none of that matters if I don’t have my health to be able to experience the joy of living, the joy of giving, the joy of making impact, the joy of spending time with my friends and family, the joy of making a difference, and all of that was completely, number one, irrelevant, being stripped away because my body couldn’t participate and was slowly dwindling.

So, I think part of what you’re saying from your experience is very similar, like, “Holy cow, it wasn’t until I reached this final point of realizing none of this matters if I don’t have my health, and I’d have to truly understand what is health and get ownership of that in whatever way possible so that I can have a healthy vessel to do what I am now called to do.

Right, and it’s also to be there for the people who are counting on you to be there. You place a value on that, it’s priceless. For your children, for your grandchildren, for your friends. For the people in your family, they count on you to be there, and if you are getting taken up because you’re messed up, that is totally — what’s the word? There’s like a bunch of words that would be there. It’s like humiliating, I’ll tell you. And especially when you know that it’s prevalent.

Yeah, and you can even see you’re hurting your family in many different ways. I mean, financially, emotionally, spiritually, fearfully, all these different levels, and there’s a cascade of negative impact of those that disease suffering and when you’re on your deathbed how it impacts, like you said, everyone around you.

So, a little Segway is now you’ve been in this journey, you’ve gone through your suffering, but you’re very curious. You’re willing to travel to any part of the world and almost experiment or look into anything, and now you’ve really — several years later, you’ve come up with, I think your own insight, your own — not protocol, but your own perspective or view on what is health and healing.

My first question with that is how much is nutrition now a part of overall health? Like, did you have to change your diet, or do you look at nutrition differently? How much do you factor true nutrition into it? And I like the way you even describe nutrition. I think I saw it somewhere. You say that good nutrition is like a symphony and all elements need to work in harmony with one another. So, maybe just talk about that a bit.

Well, I believe that nutrition is a great, huge part of it, just like fitness is a part. Nutrition is where people either win or fail, because there’s so much coming at us right now probably food world through agribusinesses and so on with the GMO’s hybridization, and the monocropping, the depleted soils. All of that stuff is like that’s in a world that we don’t even live in anymore. So, we actually live in a farm now. That’s how important I believe nutrition is.

The key is to have an undamaged nutrient. So, with nutrients that are stable, even like, say, fresh harvested or you have a way of stabilizing them so they don’t lose their nutritive value, and you’re also not altering them from their original state. You want to keep them, as much as possible, in the original state. Now, there are certain TCM and Ayurvedic medicines that are doing extracts from herbs and combinations which are great. But, that’s more on the medicine world. When we’re talking about nutrition, I think that people should have food sensitivity tests, and then they can do that occasionally as their body fixes itself instead of those things anymore.

But, having the broadest spectrum of nutrients you can get from as original as possible, and the thing that really kick started this into gear was sprouting wheatgrass and sunflower sprouts, and we did that for about a year. We don’t do that anymore because it’s extremely time-consuming and difficult. But, what that did is it opened up my eyes to the fresh harvested, immediately consumed energy that comes from food, and those are micronutrients, and they’re quite a broad spectrum.

Then, the marine phytoplankton showed up at the end of 2006, and by the middle of 2007, it was kicked into gear where we had just a series of things happen quickly where we learned how to stabilize fresh harvested marine phytoplankton. All I knew at that time was that marine phytoplankton was this cool new thing, and that people loved it, and made them feel great. It would take another six years from then before we would know why, which is the research done in the University of Greece and third-party companies that were funded by a multi-billion dollar company have now shown that the marine phytoplankton that we have acquired has every single nutritional molecule known to man, plus about 85 more that were never discovered before, all naturally happening, in a functional foundational food that is what we call nano nutrients.

So, every amino acid, essential fatty acid, enzyme, mineral, pigment, so on. All of these things are contained in there, in their original state, in their original amounts. So, our brains are programmed, divinely programmed to register everything that we put into our bodies. But, if we’re getting something weird, or something that’s extracted that’s maybe synthetic, our brain is trying to read that and it’s like, “Okay, I kind of get that one, but that’s not that easy.” It’s kind of weird, actually. Then it has to deal with that.

So, instead of taking that route, what I believe is that instead of going to a naturopath, or a doctor, or somebody with a measuring device and looking at all these different things that could potentially be wrong with you, I like to see people reset their foundation nutritionally for about six months. They feel better every day going forward, and then — and you can take it before tests if you want, but just don’t read them. Then, you can go get it and then retest it, and compare where you’re at. Pretty much, all the symptoms will have disappeared at that time, and then you’re not chasing each thing that everybody’s trying to get you to focus on. That’s the approach that I have learned to take, not the approach that I started with.

But, that’s definitely what I’ve learned over the years as the most effective way is spend the least amount of time, energy, and money on getting yourself reset in the functional, foundational level. So, if you give yourself two legs to stand on, a foundation that’s solid, now you can build strong health on top of that. Whereas if people don’t realize, “Hey, you’ve got to go really deep there,” they’re trying to fix all the stuff up here. They’re still building on a weak foundation and then things collapse again. Like trying to deal with candida. “Okay, I’m going to stop eating things with sugar and my candida’s going to go away.” No, that just makes it go dormant to wait for the chance it has to regrow instead of simply getting out of your system. You know exactly how to do it. It’s just a matter of days. So, that’s the difference.

So, it sounds like the first place to start for almost everyone is we need to fix this nutritional foundation, which has been compromised through our GMO foods, processed foods, chemically laden everything that’s non-organic food, basically. So, the first place to go is to start resetting our health by focusing on the nutrients and to make sure that we’re getting the right nutrient profile or however you may describe it. So, what is nutrition? Like, how do you define it? I mean, it’s a term we use all the time, nutrition, but what does it mean? How do we know if we’re getting a nutritious diet or if we’re nutritious?

Well, I think you’re really going to be measuring everything on how you appear, how you feel, your energy levels, because nutrition is really energy in the form of glucose, and your body is converting everything over to be used in an appropriate way so that it can energize you. It doesn’t tear you down, you don’t crash. So, the foods, and I think everyone is so amazingly unique. You know, there’s different blood types. There’s all kinds of different factors: history, genetics, for sure, play into it. People are going to resonate with certain foods.

So, it’s like an adventure. It’s a fun thing. It’s not like, “Oh, I got to figure out what I don’t –” No, no, no, you got to figure out what really makes you feel amazing and flood your life with some very cool ways of making food enjoyable. I have a great relationship with food. Don’t create a bad one, because I find that the stress — man, people that have a bad relationship with food, “Oh, I can’t have that. Don’t eat that,” this is so stressful. The stress is way worse than eating the junk, and I don’t believe in eating junk.

But, what happens is people play Russian Roulette. They’re hoping that it should be okay, because why? We see certain individuals that have different types of metabolisms. The people that never get fat, they always have perfect skin, they never ever concern themselves over what they eat, they have endless amounts of energy, there’s always happy. You know there’s people like that in the world, right? And when you see them, you go, “Wow, that’s amazing,” and they don’t even think about anything. They never take a supplement. They’re just active, and I’ve met a few of them along the way, and I admire them tremendously, but they are gifted. They were given that gift. They have super bodies. Bodies that can just process that garbage and get it out of there. And they’re in their 70s and 80s still like that, right?

So, if I’m going to assume that I’m like them and I can then be like them, I’m not. I have a very sensitive system. So, each person is so uniquely individual, and it’s their joy of finding out what makes them tick at the highest levels. It is not my job to come and tell them, or I don’t like, ever, getting people to believe what I believe. I’d like them to discover it on their own. If I happen to know a resource I can point them to, they get to discover it.

There’s one statement I actually remind myself quite often, maybe even almost every day. Maybe not every day, but the statement goes like this: a man or a woman convinced against their will is of the same opinion still. And I didn’t come up with this statement. This is a friend of mine that used to say this, and I remember hearing him say that. It took me a while to get that into my system. I have to remember how that went. But, a man or woman convinced against their will is of the same opinion still. They’re being convinced though. They are convinced, they are changing the thing because they’re convinced. But, deep down in their heart, in their deep heart of their being, they actually are of the same opinion.

So, they will go back to that, they really don’t believe. They only are pretending to believe because they’re convinced, whereas the far superior way is to let them be on their own adventure and discover for themselves, just like I did. Because, no one was twisting my arm, nobody forced me or came down to me and said, “You better do this and this.” Never did they do that. They just pointed out and gave me options. I know we’ve tried this and that. Did that work? Oh, that didn’t work. And nobody was on my case.

Well, that’s a beautiful thing, and I believe that everybody — that’s where the joy of life comes in, your satisfaction of life, right? You’re going through and you’re getting the longevity, you’re getting the things done in your life that you believe your mission is to do. But, you’re fulfilling those things that you’re called to do.

Absolutely. I think that there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to nutrition. Even traditional medicine, if you go to your doctor, a friend of mine recently — she’s diagnosed with cancer and she goes to the oncologist and she called me first, and we had some conversations, and I was talking to her about nutrition, and diet, and just some of these elements, and she said, “But, I asked my doctor about the oncologist about nutrition, and he said nutrition doesn’t matter.” So, you know, that’s still such the common belief out there, I think, just layman and even on the allopathic medicine side is changing a little bit.

But, I think what I hear you saying in the realization is like, no, nutrition really is the first step is looking at food differently. I think so much, especially our Western culture, since food is just available, it’s easy. I mean, we can pick it up at a convenience store, we can eat at a restaurant, wherever. I mean, food is abundant, but we just think of food as eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I don’t see that we’re necessarily breaking that down to what food is underneath that, and food really —

The purpose of food, outside of the very basics of survival, but it’s the vitamins and minerals, the aminos and fatty acids we need for our body to process to, even on a cellular level, to be healthy. So, when you try to help people understand sort of the foundational elements of nutrition, especially from your level of expertise, how do you explain it? What do you want people to look for or think about when it comes to nutrition?

You know, if a person is at a level of accepting a doctor or saying to them what was told to me, “Nutrition doesn’t matter.” You can eat cardboard, I guess, that there’s no bearing on that, that it’s genetic predisposition or it’s an environmental contamination of whatever it might have been that caused it, that is a completely irresponsible thing to say, and it goes back to being convinced against your will, because deep in your heart, you know that’s not true. Even when you’re saying, “Oh, but the doctor told me. I’m pregnant and I smoke cigarettes. The doctor said it doesn’t really have any bearing, and I could drink alcohol with a baby in my tummy too, and they said it doesn’t really matter. So, I’m going to keep smoking and drinking.” It’s the same thing.

I’ve seen doctors do that with women who were pregnant. So, you’re thinking, “Well, the person number one is at a level where there are self-deceit. So, I would recommend that people be open to the idea that they might be deceived, right? Because deception is tricky. You can’t know you’re deceived, because when you’re deceived, you can’t know it. How are you going to know it? You’re deceived, you’re tricked. And the only time you find out you’ve been deceived is when you come out of the deception, you find out that that was a lie.

Now, we know that the oncologist has lied to your friend. We know the passive total. 100% is not, in any way, shape, or form true, but if we go and say, “Oh, you’re believing a lie,” well that’s not going to help them, because they’re convincing themselves. They’re deceiving themselves deeper and they’re like, “Phew, I was sure worried I was going to have to change my diet because I sure don’t want to do that.” So, it’s like, “Wow, they’re really asleep and they’re really messed up. They’re hurting very badly. What do we do with folks who do that?” That’s a great question. The people that we deal with primarily, and I’ll tell you about what we plan to do in that regard, but the people we deal with primarily are people who have gone through and they realized that they could really feel better.

So, the measurement is nothing feels as good as feeling good, which is a funny statement in itself, because it’s redundant, but it’s true. Nothing feels as good as feeling good. So, how good do you feel? Not feeling good? Are you feeling good? What makes you feel better? Because you can always feel better tomorrow than you did today, actually. But, in society, of course, as you age, you also feel worse, and you’re supposed to have these things that come up, and, “Oh my goodness, Betty has cancer.” It’s like the next step is that’s sort of like the goal. I think the matter of saying it to the individual is really the correct mode of thinking that you feel is real or not.

Like, what if I took my thumb and got a five-pound sledgehammer and anvil and I start smashing my thumb really hard. But, I don’t believe that anything’s going to happen to my thumb. No, my thumb is going to be fine, and I continue to smash it. I can tell you all I want – and this is an example – I can tell you all I want how I theorize that there’s no problem, that nothing’s going to happen to my thumb, but the fact is my thumb is going to be smashed irregardless. It’s not going to be okay in any way, right?

So, it’s just the same with everything we’re doing. It’s not like — people want to kind of focus on it as their sacred cow, right? We’re an amazing holistic being, and just you and me having this conversation right now, in both of our bodies, there are literally trillions of functions every millisecond just keeping our bodies going just to be able to have all the things working.

And what, in your life, brought you to this same thing is an endless infinite number of events, and little things that are all tracked. People that did things in your city that affected, people that are closer to you affected you, things you’ve done. Everything that you are right now is the manifestation of an infinite number of different variations that are all tracked.

So, if we could find a way to tap into that system and get ourselves lined up with actual reality, not my reality, not your reality, but actual reality into the end of that, then we can get real about ourselves, and then people aren’t able to come and say, “Oh yeah, well don’t worry about that.” You’ll get discernment. You discern, “Is that true or is that false?”

That’s the thing. It’s a binary system. Zero or a one, which is it? Then, you can get them to make intelligent decisions based upon accurate, and that’s all I try to do with people, just say, “Okay, I’m not going to tell you what to do. I could read maybe test it at most, but I wanted to show you some of the things I’ve learned and you find it yourself how you discern or how you’re going to take responsibility for yourself, or if you feel you both have the qualification to be responsible and go to the doctor and give him your responsibility and put it into his hands. The doctors did everything they could and then I died.

Well, I love the nothing feels as good as feeling good. I mean, it does. It sounds so simple that, wow, it’s right on. Even for me, when I think there’s so much knowledge that is power and what you’re doing such a great job of, and why I really admire your work, and even your blogs, and the information you’re putting out there. I think it’s teaching, and it’s so much easier now to get the word out, but it’s people like yourself that are really sharing information and knowledge that equips people to be able to discern for themselves and make decisions as opposed to before. You went to your doctor because that’s the only place to get, maybe, good information, whether it was right or wrong. Who knew?

But, now, once I even learned that food isn’t just food. It’s comprised of key things, elements that my body needs at a cellular level, processed to be healthy for energy, for just overall cellular health, and you teach a lot, you share a lot about cellular health and how your own journey of when you look under the microscope metaphorically, it’s like, how healthy are your cells? And so much of that is a result of the vitamins, minerals, the quality of those that does come from the food and supplements that we are putting to our body that allows our cells to be able to use what it needs is part one.

Part two then is the detoxification part of this is that how do we get rid of all the toxins that are external that we consume or breathe, and/or just the oxidation that happens naturally inside our bodies. So, in these two sides, for me, once I’ve learned, as a layman, a little bit more about these, then it piques my curiosity to want to learn more and realizing that I actually do have maybe more control, for lack of better words, than I thought just because I know I understand more. So, can you share anything? Like, when we talk about cellular health, what does that look like to you?

Well, I liked what you just talked about where you have this whole spectrum of nutrition it’s not just food. It’s color, everything has a signature, there’s frequencies, there’s bio-photons, there’s how much light that plant absorbed from the sun. It’s like chlorophyll comes mostly in chlorella. Well, why is that? Because chlorella has this ability to get more chlorophyll than anything else from photosynthesis.

So, the way it looks like is when you put these different broad spectrum frequencies and colors and nutritional materials in your body, your body’s going to begin to glow with that energy and that light going forward, and having that is the most important thing. What makes you tick at your highest level? What makes you glow and look youthful? Because, we’re really aging 25-year-olds when you think about it. We don’t really age after 25. But, our bodies are trying to get older healthfully as possible.

The food people eat, and they got to enjoy the food. If you don’t have a great relationship with food where you really love the food, and it really loves you — that you eat stuff is so enjoyable, and that’s why even a meal preparation is so — people love great meal prep. They love a colorful dish. Everybody has their smartphones now. They take pictures of this because it’s so beautiful. That array and that layout is a big part of it, and your relationship from your fingers all the way through your entire digestive tract to use the nutrients and then discard the waste, and if there was any toxins in there, your body deals with it.

You also mentioned detoxification, which is a great part of that whole process. Detoxification is infinitely easier than people realize. It is not difficult, and it’s done on a daily basis, and you should never have to have some huge Herxheimer Reaction because you detoxed wrong.

If you think about your body’s make-up, 80% of your body is electrolytic fluid. People call it water, but it’s not water. You don’t walk around with water sloshing around your system. It’s electrolytic fluid. It’s a very sophisticated system. Whether it’s your blood circulation or lymph, which is more than even blood, or your interstitial fluid, or the mucus, or whatever, tears, all these different things that make up our electrolytic system, that’s where many of the contaminants are sitting. And if you don’t know how to eliminate those out of your body efficiently every day a little bit, then you’re going to end up with a build-up like I did where it built up to a crescendo of ridiculousness, and then I had to be radical because I was going to die from all this stuff.

But people, being aware of where to avoid the toxins coming in, like mold in their houses is a huge one. I don’t know of any, and people talk about molds, but molds is, most of the time, completely invisible. You can’t even smell it. If you can see it and smell it, you’ve got a problem, and you can get populated internally at a certain level where you’re infested. When they’re going to go in there and establish a colony, you’re going to be colonized. So, all these things, you have to make sure you’re mitigating. And again, those are easy to fix, but you need to know how to do that.

People always, unfortunately, our society is based upon problems. Companies make money if you have problems. The more problems they can point out where you’re dealing with a symptom but not getting rid of the problem, the more money that can be made, right? If I can just hold back just enough information because I don’t want you to solve your problems completely, because then I can’t sell you anything, right?

That’s why you have hundreds of thousands of skews now of companies that try to find all these things. “Oh, this is trending. I better make this and sell that,” rather than thinking about the end user only. What if that was you? How would you like to be treated if you were them? So, one of the biggest lessons I learned about how I treat myself is I need to identify the fact that I need to love myself a lot more, and if I’m looking at you and you’re asking me for information about how you can fix certain problems, I don’t look at you like me. Most people go, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Okay, so if I looked at you as if you’re me, and these things don’t bother me, so they shouldn’t bother you, I’m not positioning it right. I should look at myself as if I were you as you, and then what would I do? How would I like to be treated? It’s like a billionaire looking at a millionaire going, “If I lost a million dollars, big deal. I lost a million dollars. Whatever. Next.” Meanwhile, if the millionaire loses a million dollars, they lost their entire estate permanently, right? So, that’s all messed up.

But, if the billionaire looked at the millionaire as a millionaire, himself being that millionaire, “How would I like to be treated if I only had a million dollars to work with? I would not want somebody to cost me the loss of that, and then not think anything of it.”  So, it’s a really different way of positioning yourself, and then you can see yourself in a different light.

Then, you get to respect yourself in a different way where people do not value their bodies blows my mind. You tell them, “Okay, you’re going to have to spend about $4,000 a month right now on yourself. You’re going to have to invest 4 grand a month on yourself and you’re going to have to do all these things because you have terminal cancer, and you come and talk to me, you have terminal cancer, I don’t deal with terminal cancer. You deal with terminal cancer. You’re the one that has it. I’m not here to fix you or cure you. I don’t have the cure for cancer, but I know how you can push that out of your system. It’s going to cost you about 4 grand a month. “Oh, I can’t afford that.” I go, “Really, you can’t afford that? Hmm, how’s that work? So, do you own your house?” “Yeah.” “Do you have like big car payments?” “No.” “Okay, so just mortgage your house.” “Well, no I’m not going to do that. I was told that I could do it for like 4 or $500 a month.” I go, “Yeah, okay great.

So, you won’t have to worry about that in about two months because you won’t be able to get in your car. Your body will stop working, and your eyes, your brain shuts down, all your organs stop, you leave your body, your body’s lying there decaying, so you won’t be able to get to the bank. You won’t need to worry about anything because you’ll be dead. And the reason that I took that attitude, I got very frustrated was people who didn’t take themselves seriously enough.

My oldest brother, who is a medical doctor, 61 years old, the one that I called that told me I had to follow the protocols. I get this terrifying call on the morning of November the 4th, 2010, and it’s my sister. She goes, “Doug is in big trouble. He just got diagnosed with a stroke. He was on the boat this morning.” He actually worked five years in the — we got time to tell this whole story?


Okay, so he had worked for five years getting a sailboat ready to sail around the world, and that’s quite a bit of work. He should have just gone and bought a brand new one, but he’s pretty frugal, so he spends the low dollars, and he spends $150 thousand fixing an old boat. And it’s all ready to go, and he’s on the buoy at the bottom of the Panama Canal on the Pacific side ready to go that morning, and he wakes up and he can’t understand anything his girlfriend is saying to him and he can’t speak at all.

So, she’s like freaking out. They’re two miles off the coast on this buoy. So, she rings the alarm, they get him to the hospital as quick as they could. They diagnose him that he was having a bleed, not a clot. They gave him the meds. That was a total misdiagnosis in a non-English speaking hospital in Panama City. They got him the next day to a Johns Hopkins hospital, they diagnosed him with the herpes simplex 1 virus that would traditionally show up as a cold sore had got to his blood brain barrier and had totally seized his communication center on the left side of his brain.

By that time, he was in a total coma, 100% out. So, he’s in intensive care for three weeks. Fortunately, they had the meds that deal with that, but traditionally, people are dead — 90% of people are dead in 48 hours if that happens to you. So, he got all through that. Three weeks later, he’s being released from the hospital. He comes back to Ontario, the trip was cancelled. They put the boat back on the hard in Shelter Bay down in Panama, and his girlfriend flew home and that was it. He’s back in Canada.

So, he was admitted to a hospital there just for a few days’ observation. I go down to see him. He’s as feisty as ever, and I have a chat with him, and I brought some of this silver dihydrogen citrate. So, silver dihydrogen citrate completely annihilates that virus. It just goes right after. It takes about three minutes. It will go everywhere in your body. It will search and destroy, because it’s a pico-sized silver. I am combined with it, a citric acid molecule, viruses, microbes, bacteria, they love citric acid. They look at it as candy. They consume it. The silver ion goes inside, tears apart the DNA and they can’t survive. So, that’s why that did that amazing work with my body where it dumped all that stuff to the last stages of that fistula cyst.

Anyway, so I take it down to him and this stuff is free. There’s no cost to him, and he comes up with the statement, again, because, you know, I had had conversations with him between 2004 and 2010 as I went through all this, and he saw a major change in my health. You can’t hide that. And he says, “Well, where’s the double blind placebo controlled randomized studies on that? I said there are none. There never will be. This stuff works. If I would have waited around all these years for double blind placebo controlled randomized, that means I’d only be taking drugs, because they’re the only people that do that, and you know that, and you know that I’m — and I was very, very upset, because he almost died, and I have given him this stuff to put on the boat. I’d given him several different things to take with him on this world tour, because my plan was to show up during that a couple of times and be on the boat sailing with him, because I wanted to spend the time with him. This was finally a time in our life we were going to get to spend time.

So, anyway, he just goes, “No, no, no, take it.” I said, “You just spray it in your mouth. It’s simple. It can’t hurt you.” It’s like, “You have nothing to lose, please.” “No.” So, the conversation did not go well. That was the beginning of December now, okay? Early December 2010, and months later because he went through all that graph in Panama, now I’m talking in Canada. So, he goes in, he stays with my sister because he’s having seizures for about maybe 30 seconds a day. Just maybe two or three, nothing serious, but it’s still there. There’s still something wrong. That’s why I was like adamant you got to take this stuff.

He then goes through the month of December, and as he’s going through there, I talked to my sister a couple times, I was going to talk to him for whatever reason. I was busy. And she goes, “Oh, you know, he’s having this taking two to three minutes now. It went from 30 seconds up to two to three minutes, but the doctor said that that’s normal. It’s been really traumatic for him, and he’s just going to –” I said, “Janice, not a chance. He’s getting worse. Don’t tell me because some doctor said, “It’s getting normal process. It’s getting worse. Could you please beg him to take this stuff?” Absolutely would not do it.

January the 2nd, 2011, he wakes up with a headache that doesn’t go away. Goes back to bed, gets up at noon, same headache. They take him to the hospital, they do a CT scan, they go, “Oh my god,” then they do an MRI, they go, “You have got a major glioblastoma multiforme level 4, you’re a dead man. You’re going to die,. It’s irreparable. We’re going to go ahead and take as much as we can. Let’s see if you can survive a few months, they went in and dug out as much as they could. After giving him steroids to drop the swelling, they put him through six weeks of radiation.

When I got to see him the next time from that conversation in Hamilton where he’s talking about double blind until I get to see him again in February of 2011. He was reduced to an interface of an 11-year-old at the best. And he was still an adult inside. He still had memory, he still had all the stuff, but his interface was so messed up. And his head had healed up from the scar and his hair was starting to grow back. But, it was a nightmare. He died March 28th. That was the end of it, and there was no way out because he was a doctor who always told people to follow the doctor, and now he had to follow the doctor.

I said, “Doug, why would you take treatment and advice from somebody that guarantees you a funeral? Why would you do that? You’re not even going to search for anything? You’re just going to go that way?” He wouldn’t take the chemo. He would have lived probably an extra three months if he would have done the chemo, but he was so sick from taking all the chemo. After the second time, you go in, they’ll retouch it again. So, that’s what took him a little bit quicker, but at any rate, it’s like that really upset me to make me angry about that kind of thing.

I thought, “I didn’t take it seriously. If I didn’t do my job clearly enough to compel him to just drop it. My approach was wrong. I didn’t collect the right information at the right time, and I offended him and put him on defense, and he wouldn’t do it. I took responsibility for that because I knew I had what he needed to fix that problem. But, that infection, see that’s where it goes back to infections, I believe that all cancers are infections of some sort, either viral, or mold, or heavy metals, or something. Because, it’s growing, it’s got a life, it’s alive in there, and it grows. What’s that? Infection, right? What else? Let’s go back to mathematics. That’s what it got. That’s not a fun story.

No, and thank you for sharing that. I’m sorry. Well, I’m guessing it’s just made you that much more passionate about what you do.

Oh yeah, that amped it up like four times at that point. But, again, that made me back off the whole cancer thing. I’m like, “No, we’re not in the cancer business. Cancer has to be pushed out by the person doing things. There’s no cure. It has to leave. Cancer doesn’t like to be cured.” It’s like, “No, I don’t like to be — done. Don’t try to cure me. I’m here to kill you, so don’t try to cure me.”

It’s like if somebody breaks into your house and they’re going to steal stuff from your house, and if you resist then they’ll kill you. “Oh gee, I wonder were you abused as a child? Maybe we should sit down and talk about why you’re in my house stealing my stuff and thinking to kill me.” It’s like, No, no, no. You will do whatever it takes to get that person, number 1, out of your house, and if it takes eliminating them before they get you, so be it. Why do people want to have sit down and conversations with cancer? It’s just like no, no.

Well, I really like that though. I like that there is not a cure, but we can cause it to leave. But, that’s a different way to think about it versus looking for the cure and being desperate for the cure.

Right, the cure is a magic bullet. There’s no magic bullet. Sorry. No magic bullet. It has to leave, and it doesn’t want to leave either, right?

Right, it’s got to get hissed.

You got to get stronger than it, and you can. You can, but you have to know what you’re doing, and you got to take it super seriously, super seriously. I’ve seen people take it like, “Oh, I’ll beat this thing,” and they go after it. Naturally, they don’t beat it. No way. They do not beat it. It’s very, very rare when you hear of a person that actually beat their cancer and got it out of their body. Because just beating it is not curing. It’s beating the thing.

That’s good. I’m glad you shared that. I think that can be very helpful. It’s don’t cure. We’re going to beat this son of a gun.

To death.

Yeah, just totally different mindset makes all the difference. Alright, so shifting gears a little bit. So, part of what I’ve realized, even, some of my biological limitations. So, some of this is biology and what I discovered part of the reason — I mean, my illness came from many lifestyle factors, environmental factors, stress. I mean, a whole array of different things that eventually was a perfect storm that all those at once sort of took me out.

But, what I have discovered after the fact is I do have a lot of biological limitations. I have an impaired methylation system, many snips that genetic mutations, that really my body just doesn’t produce glutathione. My super oxide dismutates. Just, my body isn’t good at detoxifying, and creating the antioxidants really necessary to balance out my system. So, that’s one thing where I really became interested in your phytoplankton because it was something different. Really learning more about SOD and the importance of it and so much about glutathione and vitamin C and these other antioxidants, but really delving deeper into the SODs, and the bodies, very powerful antioxidants.

So, would you talk a little bit about that? I mean, that’s really, like I said, what introduced me to your Oceans Alive, and why I take that several times a day, actually, is to help my body assist in some of that process that it’s limited, impaired on its own.

Right. So, the reality is currently from testing, you’re seeing the methylation pathway is impaired and you’re seeing all these different — like, you talked about the snips on the DNA strands or whatever it is that’s causing these different genetic things. You know about epigenetics of course, so the epigenetics kicks into gear when you are providing your body the materials it needs to work with to restimulate, or reactivate those systems, or do DNA repair, and then you have material to work with to produce glutathione. The SOD that’s contained within the phytoplankton provides a great amount of that for you, and the belief is that your body will definitely reengage and eliminate those problems, the methylation.

We’ve all heard of body talk, so if I go to the doctor and they go, “Oh my god, you’ve got terminal cancer,” and then I go home and I say to my family, “Oh, I’ve got terminal cancer. Buh-bye,” and I start talking, my body listens to that, right? Hard time. It’s like, “Whoa!” and the whole autonomic nervous system is all messed up. Whereas if I say, “Well, I went to the doctor and his interpretation of my cellular malfunction is I’ve got this thing he calls terminal cancer. There is no chance of that. That’s a misdiagnosis, but he’s doing the very best he can with the given data of his historical, you know, this happened with that person, he’s kind of trying to diagnose me. But, the fact is I’ve only got cellular malfunction at this time. So, I need to find out what on Earth is causing that.

One of the huge breakthroughs that happened just recently, and this is over the last four years only, so this is really new, is I ran into this group, which I’m now in business partners with under North Carolina, and they had discovered this way to extract plant sterols in a medicinal fashion like no one else. It’s not distilled, it’s not hexane, it’s not CO2, there’s no alcohol involved. This is really unique, and I don’t even know how they do it. It’s that level of proprietary process.

So, I’m partnering with them on the marketing side, but what they have done, and they put this in with medical doctors and naturopaths, and when you go into that realm to start with, that’s where the testing ground proves itself out. Because, doctors, they don’t care about a product or a company. They only care about one thing, that when they sold that to their client, that it worked, and they see the results, and they know that nothing else was doing that up to this point, and then when they did this, “Wow!” right?

So, there’s been four years running on the ground where these people have had endless streams of results of tens of thousands now, and it’s in that environment where there’s nowhere to hide. And all it is is like clove, a rosemary thyme, a bunch of plant esters like the eugenol from the clove the way that it’s extracted, and you take it in water.

What it does, it goes right into your system, goes through the cell membrane, checks for low salt markers, because that’s the indication of the health of the cell, fixes and immediately balances that up with the material in this product, and it also has the ability to eliminate those things that are causing the cell to be not healthy, which is mold, heavy metals, viral load, parasites, microbes, unfriendlies, right? And then it eliminates them very, very quickly, but it takes a while to go through your whole body. It doesn’t happen overnight, but you notice things the first day, and then all these different side effects that it causes, like candy that leaves your body right away, the heavy metals are dropped down very quickly.

Those are all the side effects you want. In the meantime, every cell is starting to live longer. So, the longer you have your cells living, the better they operate. That’s where your methylation pathways start to improve. But you’re starting to methylate better, and all of a sudden, everything starts to change because you’re dealing with the root cause, which is a cell. It is not functioning in its top level and it’s not living long enough.

So, if your body’s having to replace cells all the time, then you’re dealing with a shorter telomeres, because every time the cell replaces, the telomere is shortened. When people talked about lengthening telomeres. Well, reality is let’s get the cells living a lot longer to extend your life out, and you don’t have your telomeres shortening it. It’s not about lengthening them. It’s making sure they don’t shorten too fast. That’s the deal. So, how do you view it? Can we lengthen telomeres? Well, only in the respect that you’re not letting them shorten so quick. That’s all.

You can also eliminate the stressors that are in your system. So, in your current situation, the first thing I would do, now that we have access to this, this is all brand-new and it’s just rolling up right now, actually, is everyone needs to get on that immediately simultaneous to everything else we do, because this is a deep-level core issue fixing it. Now, when you take your phytoplankton, and the seed oils, and the magnesium, and the other products that you favor from other companies, you’re going to get a far greater benefit from them, because now your cells are able to utilize and process.

They don’t have so many things in the way. Receptor sites are cleaned up, blockages, congestion, because infection is really just congestion when you think about it. And inflammation is really congestion. Your body is congested. It’s not flowing right. You’ve got blockage either nervous system, or circulatory, or lymphatic, or cellular communication, or however you want to look at it, there’s all these different types of blockages, and that’s what you’re talking about.

So, our whole thing is, “Hey, let’s just back and get things running at the deepest level possible as clean as possible and as efficiently as possible?” Then, everything else starts to fix itself all the way up, because you can absolutely have a body that can methylate beautifully that can produce lots of glutathione, that can produce more SOD. They can do human growth hormone production, do DNA repair, and stay living as long as possible at the highest quality of life. That’s what this is all about, right?

You don’t have to be OCD about being a health nut and freaking out about every little thing and then focusing all day long to being healthy. Now, you get to live your life. You just go, “Hey, I’m healthy, and not only am I healthy, I’m becoming even healthier.” Your body loves to hear that. And then you just keep getting better and better, and every day that you’re alive, you get wiser, smarter, better, faster, feeling better, and the longer you live, the longer you’re going to live. That’s the actual reality.

Because, if you’re told, “Oh, you’ve got six months to live,” well that doesn’t mean you’re going to die in six months. That means you’ve got six months to live. Take advantage of that. Use the six months to extend that to a year. Now, you’ve got a year to work with, and use the year to extend that to five years. Now, you’ve got five years to work with. Now, use that five years to get 10 years. Use the 10 years to get 50 years. Keep rolling, because as long as you’re here alive, you can — you’re getting smarter, wiser, provided that you believe that you can, and sure you can.

Then, when the day comes, when you’re done with your mission, when you’re going to be taken out of here, it’s a square curve. It’s just like you die in your sleep and go, and having lived a very amazing satisfied life. And the smarter you are, the more you can see stuff coming so you avoid accidents. Because, any of us could die in an accident in two seconds, right? In a millisecond. I’m not saying I’m invincible in that regard at all, nor am I saying, “Oh, I’ll live until I’m 175. I know it.” No, I don’t know that. But, I want to support that, right?

Absolutely. So, you, on the nutrition level and the detoxification, we have, on cellular health, our cells need good nutrition, and it needs to be able to detoxify properly. I mean, that’s very simple, simplifying things, but with the phytoplankton, I mean, the nano nutrients. So, can you talk about that on a nutrient level and even how it works for cellular health?

For sure, yes. So, as I mentioned earlier, the brain is programmed to register — you’re basically coming into the system, so the moment someone puts the Oceans Live into their body, that’s the first time ever in their life that they had every single note of the orchestra playing at once, every single nutritional molecule known to man. That food is actually the functional foundational food of the entire ocean. There’s eight times more life in the ocean than there is in land. There are hundreds, billions of things living on the Earth, on the land. If you look at all the creatures, the humans, everything living on land is in the hundreds of billions. if you’re going to the ocean, there’s eight times more life.

So, this is literally the bottom of the food chain. There’s 40 some thousand strains of phytoplankton, but only two that we know of that perfectly match the human nutritional profile after decades of study. Now, there may be more but they have not been disclosed, because it takes a significant amount of time to understand that. Also, it has to be digestible in the human body. Also, these strains are instantly digestible in stomach acid.

So, when you consume them, you’re instantly releasing all these nano and micro nutrients to your system, and your brain goes, “Yes!” because it’s sensing it on the way through your mouth. You’re drinking it in juice or in water, or some people put it straight on their tongue, which I don’t really like because it’s too strong. But, they’re getting it in their system, and the brain is like, “Okay, incoming,” and then down there, then it releases, and the brain just go, “Whoosh.” Just get all these things and it can send.

It’s going to send those materials to the exact place that is of most need to start with. If it’s brain, it’s going to go to your brain. And most people talk about greater mental energy, better cognitive processing to receive information in the process to retransmit it at a much higher level within three months of taking phytoplankton. And it’s not a hack. That’s the key. We’re not hacking. We’re not doing nootropics, you’re not needing to, because you’re giving that everything all at once.

Instead of trying to jack up this part of the brain, well there might be a price to pay for that because that’s abnormal. If I’ve suddenly got a 12-cylinder engine revving at 9,000 in my head, well there’s probably a price down the road for that, and we don’t need that. I just want my brain to function at its best capability given my genetics, given my gifts in my life. So, that’s the way that I look at that, and it’s just flood your body.

Then, of course, you want to eat clean. You’re not going to go and purposely go and eat all the garbage. If you happen to be invited to a nice restaurant with your friends, yeah, you’re going to go and have it there. You’re going to detox it out anyways. But, that’s not your day in, day out thing. But, if you’re always making sure that when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is drink proper hydrating water and flush your system with one quart, or one liter in Canada, right? That’s the first thing you do, then all your stuff you built up during the sleep is now flushed out.

That’s the first thing. You’ve hydrated right after a night of dehydration, and then you don’t eat food right away, and you just have your little thing that you do. You make sure you watch your stress levels, keep a happy mood, right? And if people get stressed out, one secret, and this is a really important secret in business. When you get stressed out and things don’t go well that particular day or you’ve got a week where there’s a lot of trouble that happens, you have to flip yourself into a mindset of an uninformed enthusiast throughout the day.

It doesn’t mean you’re going to constantly be an uninformed enthusiast, but you’ve got to remember that, in reality, the big picture is everything’s amazing. Things are going, really, actually great, and these things that are happening right now are just momentary. When you’re going to do a video or an interview for a podcast, you must put yourself into a mindset by telling yourself, “I am an uninformed enthusiast. It’s like I have never been in such a good mood. This is so cool. Everything is done so well, and it’s only going to get way, way better.”

Now, you’re in a really great mindset. And if you’re not in the uninformed enthusiast mindset, and this actually came from Cameron Herold. I remember he said this at a Mastermind Talks I was at a few years ago, and you know you get these takeaways. That was a major takeaway from Cameron because I just went, “Yeah, man, that is so true. I am going to use that every time.” I noticed that when I was doing that already without even realizing it, then I could purposely do it, right?

I love that. So, on the phytoplankton, really a nano-nutrient level that just can flush our body, our cells with just perfect nutrition, harmony of nutrition, as you said, and then another place. So, many people are lacking nutrition. Another thing that I see a huge deficiency is that it produces a lot of symptoms and consequences, or magnesium deficiencies, and I think it’s another lack of awareness is the importance of magnesium. And I love your magnesium. I’ve tried many different magnesium products, and I use your spray every morning and night and I love it. It’s just clean, it doesn’t sting like some of the other magnesium oils I’ve used. I can just feel my body absorbing it.

So, I don’t know what you do with that, but it’s just an exceptional product, as is your phytoplankton that I use on a daily basis, your Oceans Alive. So, can you talk a little bit about magnesium, why it’s so important, how our body uses it, and why you offer a magnesium product, basically?

Right, well it was the identification. Again, I didn’t come up with this, but it was identified by researchers that the master mineral, the fuel that your body needs as a catalyst for enzymatic function and biochemical reactions in the hundreds is magnesium. And because magnesium was depleted in the food that is grown, because the soils got depleted from monocropping, and a whole bunch of reasons why we don’t get enough magnesium, plus our stress levels have gone up quite a bit. We do get stressed from invisible forces, whether it’s the grid that we’re in the middle of, or cell towers, or cell phones, or whatever, those are also harmful to us because if you have any radiation in your body, you don’t absorb minerals properly. That’s a really important thing. So, people are not getting enough of the crucial things, and magnesium is the biggest one in the whole category. There’s nothing that is super important as magnesium.

So, the moment that I began to use that, I noticed quite a difference, and it got better, and better, and better, and then I got to a place where I was just maintaining the right levels of magnesium and feeling fabulous. So, I went, “Okay, so the world definitely needs to find out about this,” but the cool thing was it had to be ultra-pure because we saw everybody else going and melting magnesium, pouring it into water, and selling it, and it costs nothing to them, and it has almost nothing for people. It’s better than nothing. You’re going to like having a magnesium sulphate bath is good, but that goes in and out of your system right away, whereas the structured magnesium and the way that we produce it allows it to build up in your tissues as a reserve, which is what you — it’s not just flowing out of your bloodstream. It gets into the tissue, and it needs to stay there so you have a constant resource to pull from.

You don’t need a lot of magnesium, but any amount of depletion of magnesium, you’re going to have stage 1, 2, 3, or 4. Stage 1 and 2, you won’t even notice, that it’s not even hitting your symptom screen yet. But, stage 3, muscle spasms, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, bad digestion, brain fog, all the muscles, joints, whatever. All those things show up, that’s stage 3, which is not good. That means you’ve really got depleted. Stage 4, people just get heart attack, stroke, and so on. So, there’s very few people that are at stage 4. But, stage 3 is annoying, very annoying, and it has the potential to go into stage 4.

So, something as simple as either consuming a magnesium product, or spraying it on your skin is very, very fast acting. Now, the reason we didn’t go into the consuming of the magnesium because there’s very, very few products on the market that are really, really absorbable and don’t cause a taxation to your kidneys and your digestive tract. Well, this avoids that and you can get as much as you want. You’re not going to overdose. You’re going to have it go directly into your circulation, and it’s geographical.

So, if you have an ankle that’s aching, just put it right on there. Or, if you have muscle spasms in your calf, you can put it right on there. And that was the whole thing. That’s actually been around almost as long as the Oceans Alive now. It improved a lot over the last few years, because we learned even better ways of optimizing it.

Yeah, and even I was taking magnesium supplements prior to using your spray, and my body just doesn’t — my GI, whatever happens, doesn’t digest it well. So, my magnesium levels are still too low after actually a decent amount of capsule supplementation, and once I started using your product, my magnesium’s right where it needs to be, and obviously I sense the difference. So, anyway, great product, so thank you.

You’ve been so generous with your time. We’re running up on the end of our time together, so there’s a couple questions I’d love to ask you, and one is I’m a money coach, a money author, and what I teach is your body is your number one asset, and just a number one end asset, and therefore it really needs to be our number one investment even though I teach investment strategy and money philosophy, and protocols, so on so forth. And then, like I said, through my own journey, I learned like know your body, without my body, all the money, success, achievement, everything in the world doesn’t really matter.

So, what is your money philosophy? And really what I’m trying to bring with my work, and the podcast, and my other work is this intersection of money and health. We really do need both to fully live this optimized really good life full of fulfillment and having enough resources to be able to experience the life and produce the things we want to produce for our family, and friends, and communities. So, with that said, in this intersection of money and health, what is your money philosophy?

Well, I guess it goes back to the adult statement where when you’re born into this life, the intrinsicality and the essentiality of a human being is the love of money, and if we don’t admit that we love money, then we’re lying to ourselves. So, we need to find out how to manage that, because if I love money more than I love you, or if I love money more than I love my family, or if I love money more than I love people I’m interfacing with, now I’ve got a total problem.

The reason we love money is because money gives us the power to do things. And if you give a nasty, cruel, wicked person that’s just horrible in life a lot of money, they become even more of that. If you give a kind generous, benevolent person a lot of money, they become more of that. So, money philosophy is, and I had different layers of this peeling back on how it works. So, the love of reality is that it needs to replace the love of money. But, how do you get there? It’s easy to say, but it doesn’t help you, right?

Just think about where money comes from, first of all. So, I woke up one morning after the company was doing about a million dollars in sales, and I realized that the money that came into the company is not my money. That was the first understanding. It’s not mine. That’s coming into that company. It’s not mine. I can’t go and take it. I can certainly use what I need to be healthy and strong, because you need to be safe, strong, and healthy as much as it’s possible. You could use a nice safe home, safe vehicles, good clothing, great food, vacation time, rest, destressing. All that, you need. That’s a given. Without that, you’re broke no matter how much money you have in the bank.

The next understanding that came in, it was not that long ago, maybe a year and a half ago. Because our company deals direct with the end user. We don’t sell to a distributor that sells to health food store that sells to a mid-user. We have nowhere between us and our clients but direct interface, and it’s wonderful. Because, what that did is it made me realize, hold it, the money that comes into the company is not the company’s money. It’s definitely not mine, but it’s not the company’s money. It’s actually money that was earned by the end user who they paid taxes, expenses, other things in their life that they need, and then they have a little bit left over to invest in themselves.

What they’re looking for are companies who they can feel comfortable to invest their money in themselves with. So, they put money into our bank account, and then we give them something far greater in value, a far greater value proposition than they value the money. But, that money then comes into the company and it’s their money. We’ve given them a fair exchange that they paid for.

But, there’s a profit margin in there. What’s the profit margin for? The profit margin is for growth, and the growth would be that now we can use that money to serve them better than something else, and that they can tell their friends, “Hey, you know what? I found this cool company. Not like an MLM. They’re not making money off telling their friends, right? They’re telling their friends because it’s really priceless stuff, and people get a super buzz out of letting other people know something that’s good as they feel. Because, everybody wants everybody around them to feel great because it makes their own life better.

So, the money is there to grow to become better, more efficient, to have even better pricing, to have higher volume. But, to be able to scale with quality, many times, companies who produce a high quality product can’t do it in volume. So, if we’re actually going to serve this world and serve people for real, we need to be able to serve tens of millions of people with the real thing, whether it’s information that they can use for free at home and improve their lives, or complementary products that make them the best possible health person they can. We want to respect that money and have it grow into that space at all times.

So, it’s always based on energy exchange, value proposition, and growth. Not so that we can lavish it upon ourselves and go build $150 million homes and to even look like big-shots so everybody thinks, “Wow, that person is so awesome, and so smart, and so powerful. Oh, I’d like to be like them.” That’s all the wrong use of ego, because ego is very important, but that’s the wrong use of it. That goes for the love of money, or using money for your own advantage to have on other people. That’s messed up. If I’m trying to control you, if I’m trying to get you to believe what I believe because I believe it, I should expect the same from you. Why should I let you control me and let you make me believe what you believe.

So, it’s just this thing of money is fuel in the tank. I don’t love the gas in my truck, but I’m not going anywhere if I don’t have diesel fuel in my farm truck, right? So, that’s my view on money, and that really diminished that intrinsical, essential part of me that loved money.

Yeah, well said, and thank you for sharing that. Those that I interview on this show, is I put them in a class that I call “conscious business” that every entrepreneur that I interview, it comes out through the interview itself is this love, this desire to make the world a better place, to help people become healthier with a real passion to that end user, which is different than just doing it for the bottom line. The bottom line’s important, but it is a different purpose and intentionality to start with. So, thank you, and I really — I mean, just seeing you face-to-face like this that you have this true desire to help people and help them become healthier based on your own experience, so thank you.

One final question, and I ask this of all of my guests is there’s a lot of myths out there that conventional wisdom, you’ve touched on some of it, even sharing the story of your brother. But, it’s just misinformation. It’s mythical, it’s wrong, it’s hurting people. What sort of myths or misconceptions do you come across your business, your life, that over and over again, recurrently, that you just bump up against this myth, this common belief that you just want to shout from the mountaintop, like, “That’s not true. That’s a big boldface lie, and this is what I believe to be true instead.”?

Right. Well, I would say the media, in general, television broadcasting, which is non-fictional, supposed to be, is fictional. And they’re not telling the truth at all about any world events, any cataclysmic events. All of those things are skewed, and what people must do in every regard of every story they hear, or everything they’re told, to eliminate the myth, like the Mythbusters, right? Is to take it back to mathematics, take it back to actual science. Can I measure that in order to manage whether I believe it or not?

If it’s not measurable, then you must find out how to measure it. Because, they don’t want you to be able to measure things like 9/11 and the Gulf Oil Spill, and these different catastrophic events, or wars, or why they did this, or what the reality is of New World Order, and all this weirdness that goes on in the world. There’s just so much. Everything is mythology outside of hard mathematics. The whole universe is structured based upon a mathematical equation, and it’s very intense to have all these planets out there in the universe sitting in their position being held by some invisible force, and we see all these invisible forces.

So, realizing that the human being, the more intelligent you are, the easier you are to be deceived. Not the other way around. You see, you can just mess with a dumb person because they don’t know anything, but they’re not really deceived. Someone who has all the things to work with, all the intelligence and calculation, you can pick up all this information, they know that’s the person they can really get to believe the wrong thing because they have so many things they can do. There’s so many touch points.

So, it’s a paradox. It’s the opposite of what you would think. So, I differentiate between intelligence and wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to see through the smoke and mirrors and not allow yourself to be deceived by thinking the wrong information because they’re hitting you from a million — look how much we get hit with them, between internet and media exposure, and everything we can possibly be hit with, go back to 1960 and see how many touch points they had then versus today.

So, let’s get real. We are — I am sitting here today, right now, Krisstina, deceived in areas I don’t know what they are, for sure. And those many areas where I’m not deceived at all because I got woken up and I went, “Wow, was I messed up on that,” but there’s many more to come, and if I didn’t know that, I couldn’t be helped. I wouldn’t be able to grow and advance. So, people need to get real about themselves that, yes, I am 100% for sure guaranteed that you’re deceived in many areas. If you don’t find out, it’s okay. You’re going to find out what those areas are. You’re open, you’re excited to find out where that is so you can get it right.

Yeah, and I love what you said like a true love of reality, and trying to figure out those real pieces. So, thank you. I mean, you’ve been amazing. Thank you for spending so much time with us, and sharing your stories, and your knowledge or expertise, and really just your love and passion for wanting to help. So, I’m really grateful for your time.

Well, thank you for having me on the interview, and I look forward to when I get to interview you and hear your story, because that’s going to be a lot of fun. I know you have a real deep story to tell. So, we’ll set that up some time in the near future, and we’ll be able to share that out as well.

Well, that would be perfect. Well, thank you so much for your time today.

Yes, thank you.

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