2 Key Nutrients Nobody’s Talking About

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It’s an unfortunate reality that in today’s world, most of us are deficient in the essential nutrients required to be healthy and happy.

In order to have a sufficient amount of micronutrients so that your number one asset (your body) is optimally healthy, you need nutrient-dense, non-toxic food and supplementation. But this is harder than it sounds.

Today, the big food companies replace natural ingredients with cheaper, artificial alternatives that have little to no nutrient-density. Modern farmers spray crops with toxic cancer-causing chemicals. And they use farming practices that deplete soil of its minerals. On top of that, it’s difficult to find high-quality supplements that actually absorb into your system!

I eat a clean, healthy diet. Exercise regularly. Sleep well. And I live what I’d call an “uber healthy lifestyle.” But despite my dedication to wellness, the results of my biannual labs consistently show deficiencies in several categories of nutrients and other biometrics. Like I said, it’s tough!

So I supplement. I take a host of supplements as needed, but two in particular remain constant:

Phytoplankton and magnesium.

I interviewed nutrition expert Ian Clark about these nutrients. They are his specialty, and in our interview, he sheds a light on how these powerful building blocks can change lives.

Click here to listen to my full podcast interview with Ian Clark…

Or… You can read some of my biggest takeaways from our interview below.

1. Phytoplankton as a Food Group

I know what you might be thinking. And yes, this is plankton from the ocean! It might sound strange at first, but hear me out…

Marine phytoplankton are tiny, microscopic plants that serve as the building blocks for all life in the ocean. And while they are not technically a base nutrient themselves, they are one of the most nutrient-rich resources in the entire world.

This super-nutrient is quite literally the bottom of the food chain. It’s the basis for all nutrients that carry over to the nutrient-rich fish that we eat regularly. But if possible, why not go right to the source?

The brain is programmed to register everything coming into your system. And according to Ian, the moment that you put phytoplankton in your body, it’s the first time that your brain is registering every key nutritional molecule all at once.

The nutrients in phytoplankton all work together in perfect harmony with one another. And they supercharge your cells, which in turn helps fight disease, increases your energy, and leaves you feeling great.

2. Magnesium as a Master Mineral

Magnesium deficiency has become something of an epidemic in today’s society.


For one. Minerals come from soil. Today, our soils are dirt poor. The mono-cropping practice and use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers are depleting our soils of essential minerals our bodies need to be healthy. A deficiency in any one mineral can cause a cascade of health issues. But magnesium leads in the deficiency category.

Magnesium is the master mineral in our body responsible for chemical reactions of all kinds. A deficiency can cause a wide array of very common roadblocks. Poor sleep,  muscle spasms, restless leg, brain fog, fatigue, lack of focus, depression, anxiety, migraines, and even heart problems.

Do any of these sound familiar?

3. We Caused the Problem. We Can Fix It.

Ian shares the story about the death of his brother. And the anger and hurt he felt because he fully believed his brother’s death was preventable.

Ian, on the other hand, who a decade earlier was dying a slow death, completely reversed his illness. I asked him why he thinks he lived and his brother died. He said one word: “Mindset.”

His brother believed that doctors could cure him, and he chose to give full control and responsibility of his disease over to the hands of these allopathic doctors. Ian believed, “It’s me causing the problem. So it’s me that needs to solve the problem.” And he did.

4. Nothing Feels as Good as Feeling Good

This sounds so obvious. But when Ian first said it, I had to think about it. Then, a second later, I realized… damn, that is so true!

We take our health for granted. We live by this notion that our health will always be there. So we don’t pay attention to our health. Until it’s too late. I didn’t pay attention to mine until it was (almost) too late. I was lucky. I survived. When we fully realize that absolutely nothing feels as good as feeling good… We will value our bodies. To love them. Take care of them. Nourish them (with nutrients)! Invest in them. And I recommend starting now. Don’t wait until you feel so horribly bad to realize that nothing feels as good as feeling good.

If you are interested in phytoplankton and/or magnesium, the brand that I buy comes from Ian’s own company: Activation Products. You can learn more and get some for yourself using the links below…

Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton

Ease Magnesium Spray

As always, let me know your thoughts!

Click here to listen to my full podcast interview with Ian Clark…


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