#290 Balancing Wealth & Well-Being w/ Krisstina Wise

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Because of you, The Wealthy Wellthy Podcast ranks in the top 5% of all Podcasts in downloads per episode and the top 1% in the number of releases. It has been a pleasure and an honor to learn from my accomplished guests and share their genius with you.

I’ve been told by many loyal listeners that they love learning from my guests, but they would also like to hear more from me. Since I take your requests to heart, I have started releasing podcasts that are a mix of guest content and my own content. From now on, every other week I will share with you the podcasts on which I am the guest and not the host.

Today I bring you my interview on the I Own It Podcast with Ben Reinberg. In this episode, I share the significance of continuously growing beyond one’s circumstances and mindset. I emphasize the importance of balancing business success with personal health and relationships, and the lessons I’ve learned from focusing solely on financial wealth to realizing the importance of holistic well-being.

I discuss how to manage personal finances effectively and understand the difference between personal and business finance, as well as the distinction between using real estate for immediate income and investing for long-term wealth building, an important distinction. Additionally, I delve into effective approaches to risk management in real estate, particularly focusing on residential properties.

Tune in to the episode and join me on this journey towards a balanced and fulfilling life. I hope you find inspiration and valuable insights that can help you on your path to success.

Takeaways I Got From This Episode Were:

  1. Krisstina’s Journey: Krisstina Wise shares her journey from a challenging upbringing in a trailer home to becoming a successful real estate mogul and millionaire coach. Her story emphasizes the importance of mindset and perseverance in achieving financial success.
  2. Health Crisis and Business Lessons: Krisstina recounts a significant health crisis that forced her to reevaluate her approach to business and life. This experience taught her the necessity of balancing business success with personal health and well-being.
  3. Three Buckets of Life: She introduces the concept of the three essential buckets of life: business, relationships, and health. Krisstina stresses that neglecting any of these areas can lead to detrimental consequences.
  4. Wealthy Wellthy’s Mission: Krisstina discusses her company, Wealthy Wellthy, which focuses on educating people about the true meaning of wealth, which encompasses financial stability, health, and relationships.
  5. Philosophy on Money: The conversation touches on the emotional aspects of money and the importance of knowing “how much is enough.” Krisstina encourages a shift from the constant hustle for more money to understanding and achieving a balanced and fulfilling life.

Here Are Five of My Favorite Quotes:

  1. “I was using my health to build my wealth and I had to use all my wealth to get my health back.”
  2. “Business is not easy…building a successful, profitable business that makes enough money to fund the quality of life we want is work.”
  3. “Healthwise, if you don’t have a healthy body, nothing in life matters.”
  4. “The emotional side of money starts with knowing how much money is enough.”
  5. “If one side of your life is suffering, other sides are going to suffer too.”

Time Stamps:

  • [00:01:00][00:03:00] Krisstina’s Early Life: Krisstina shares her “rags to riches” story, starting from a trailer home with no education to becoming a millionaire coach.
  • [00:03:00][00:07:00] Real Estate Journey: Her transition from working in a big six accounting firm to finding her passion in real estate.
  • [00:07:00][00:09:00] Building a Business Empire: Working with Gary Keller and building a successful real estate business, including title and mortgage companies.
  • [00:09:00][00:12:00] Health Crisis and Business Impact: A severe health crisis forced Krisstina to step back from her business, highlighting the importance of personal well-being.
  • [00:12:00][00:15:00] Three Buckets of Life: Discussion on balancing business, relationships, and health. Emphasis on the need to nurture all three areas for overall success.
  • [00:15:00][00:18:00] Wealthy Wellthy’s Mission: Krisstina explains her company’s mission to educate about wealth, focusing on financial stability, health, and relationships.
  • [00:18:00][00:21:00] Emotional Side of Money: Insight into understanding the emotional aspects of financial decisions and knowing “how much is enough.”
  • [00:21:00][00:24:00] Importance of Health and Wellness: Discussion on how physical and mental well-being directly impact business success and personal happiness.
  • [00:24:00][00:27:00] Quality of Life: The significance of designing a good life and determining the cost to live it, moving away from constant hustle and stress.
  • [00:27:00][00:30:00] Creating Space to Think: The need for entrepreneurs to give themselves space to think and slow down for better creativity and decision-making.
  • [00:30:00][00:33:00] Gratitude and Presence: Building gratitude and presence into daily life to enhance personal and professional relationships.
  • [00:33:00][00:36:00] Concluding Thoughts: Krisstina summarizes her philosophy on balancing financial success with overall well-being and the importance of holistic health.
  • [00:36:00][00:39:00] The Myth of More Money: Discusses the common misconception that more money will solve all problems and the importance of understanding one’s financial needs.
  • [00:39:00][00:42:00] Designing a Good Life: Emphasizes the necessity of defining what a good life looks like and aligning financial goals accordingly.
  • [00:42:00][00:45:00] Investing in Health: Krisstina talks about the value of investing in health as a foundational aspect of achieving financial and personal success.
  • [00:45:00][00:48:00] The Role of Passive Income: Highlights the significance of building passive income streams to ensure financial security and freedom.
  • [00:48:00][00:51:00] Balance in Entrepreneurship: Discusses how entrepreneurs can achieve a balance between business growth and personal well-being.
  • [00:51:00][00:54:00] Impact of Relationships on Business: Explores how personal relationships impact business success and the importance of nurturing these connections.
  • [00:54:00][00:57:00] Mindset and Financial Success: The role of a positive and growth-oriented mindset in achieving long-term financial success.
  • [00:57:00][01:00:00] Final Thoughts and Takeaways: Krisstina wraps up with final thoughts on the importance of holistic well-being and encourages listeners to seek a balanced approach to life and business.

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