#291 Perseverance, Integrity and Finding Purpose w/ John Rowley

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I’m excited to share the latest episode of the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast with you. This time, I had the chance to sit down with John Rowley. His story is one of perseverance, hard work, and overcoming significant challenges. On a personal level, I found many similarities in our journey. You might, too!

In our conversation, John opens up about his journey from a small town in New York to becoming a successful entrepreneur and author, a journey that might sound familiar to those of you who know my background!. He discusses how he overcame a near-fatal accident, worked multiple jobs to support his family, and eventually built a top company in Manhattan.

John talks about growing up in New York and wanting more than what he saw at home. Despite numerous setbacks, including a severe car accident that left him with significant injuries, John’s determination never wavered. He didn’t rely on therapy but instead pushed himself to recover and keep moving forward.

John shares how he climbed the corporate ladder in Manhattan real estate, from being fired due to company corruption to working multiple jobs, and eventually finding success. He started from humble beginnings, working as a janitor, and eventually opened his own company, navigating through economic downturns and bouncing back each time.

John’s belief in hard work and honesty is evident throughout his story. He emphasizes the importance of integrity in business, noting how being genuine and truthful has helped him build strong, lasting relationships and a solid reputation.

Takeaways I Got From This Episode Were:

  1. Resilience in the Face of Adversity: John’s journey shows that perseverance and hard work can lead to success, no matter the challenges.
  2. Importance of Authenticity: Being genuine and honest in business is crucial. John emphasizes that integrity attracts long-term success.
  3. Value of Hard Work: John’s story underscores that outworking everyone else can set you apart, even if you start from the bottom.
  4. Building Relationships: John highlights how strong, genuine relationships have played a critical role in his success.
  5. Never Stop Learning: Despite his success, John continues to learn and grow, showing that continuous improvement is key.

Here Are Five of My Favorite Quotes:

  1. “I didn’t have any therapy; I just walked down to my family physician one day with my walker and didn’t look back.”
  2. “I started as a janitor, went into Manhattan real estate, and opened my own company. We did pretty well until the economy crashed, but we bounced back.”
  3. “The affiliates and Click Bank and everybody will promote me because they know that I won’t lie.”
  4. “Most people don’t realize people are watching, so they lie in their sales copy, and they don’t think anybody is watching, but everybody is watching.”
  5. “I want to serve God and serve people, but I don’t know if that helps anybody. If you want to join me, contact me, but don’t contact me on Facebook.”

Time Stamps:

  • [0:01][0:01:42] Introduction to the podcast and guest, John Raley. Overview of his inspiring journey from humble beginnings to success in Manhattan real estate.
  • [0:01:42][0:02:50] John’s current work as a marketer and author, managed by his son. Transition into creative roles due to illness.
  • [0:02:50][0:03:26] Brief background of John’s upbringing and early challenges. Desire to achieve more than expected.
  • [0:03:26][0:06:11] Discussion of his near-fatal car accident and recovery. Emphasis on perseverance and self-rehabilitation.
  • [0:06:11][0:09:24] John’s mental struggle and steps taken for recovery post-accident. Introduction to his family life and early work as a janitor.
  • [0:09:24][0:15:22] Transition to Manhattan real estate, overcoming numerous rejections, and eventually achieving high ranks at multiple prestigious firms.
  • [0:15:22][0:20:17] John’s resilience in facing corruption in real estate, leading to his firing and subsequent re-entry into the industry.
  • [0:20:17][0:23:11] Reflections on personal traits that contributed to his success, including hard work and overcoming impostor syndrome.
  • [0:23:11][0:24:11] Transition to authoring books and motivational speaking, with early mentoring by Zig Ziglar.
  • [0:24:11][0:31:51] Story of publishing his first book and relentless efforts to secure a foreword from Mark Victor Hansen.
  • [0:31:51][0:35:04] Achieving significant success on ClickBank through partnerships, copywriting, and effective marketing, despite initial struggles.
  • [0:35:04][0:37:23] Reflections on the importance of relationships and integrity in business, with anecdotes of past experiences and advice.
  • [0:37:23][0:39:04] Lessons learned from business failures and the importance of perseverance and pivoting in the face of challenges.
  • [0:39:04][0:43:25] Insights into the key to his success on ClickBank: quality relationships, good product, and God’s blessings.
  • [0:43:25][0:45:56] Continued ambition and ventures despite age, driven by the desire to support his family and community.
  • [0:45:56][0:48:18] Personal motivations and goals, focusing on family, faith, and philanthropy.
  • [0:48:18][0:52:23] Advice on the importance of love, reducing worry, and finding purpose. Emphasis on helping others and maintaining integrity.
  • [0:52:23][0:53:58] Final thoughts on success and perseverance, and how to follow John’s work through his Facebook page.

Myth Buster: “Success is Not Hard

In this episode, John Raley tackles a common misconception head-on: the belief that success is difficult to achieve. According to John, “Success is not hard. People just want you to think it’s hard so you don’t shoot for it.” This myth perpetuates the idea that only a select few can attain success, discouraging many from even trying. John emphasizes that the real challenge lies in maintaining integrity and perseverance, not in the complexity of success itself.

He further dispels the myth that giving up is hard, pointing out that giving up is actually the easier path, and that’s what makes it so dangerous. The real test of character and determination is to keep pushing forward, despite the challenges and setbacks.

John’s insights provide a refreshing perspective on success and perseverance, encouraging listeners to reject limiting beliefs and pursue their goals with confidence and integrity.

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