#272 Bouncing Back from Burnout W/ Dr. Wendie Trubow

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Meet Dr. Wendie Trubow – a medical trailblazer who transformed her own life when conventional medicine couldn’t. Overcoming a mysterious condition leading to hair loss, brain fog, and more by embracing functional medicine, she now cheers on others in their wellness journey. As President of Five Journeys Functional Medicine and a best-selling author, Dr. Wendie shines her light on integrative health, demystifying conditions including Celiac—her own life-changing diagnosis. Dive into this conversation with the dynamo who is putting power back into patients’ hands and changing lives.

Dr. Wendie Trubow’s company “Five Journeys” operates on the basis of five unique pillars of health: physical, chemical, emotional, stress management, and purpose/spirituality. The physical pillar focuses on the body, bones, muscles, and posture and emphasizes the importance of proper posture and movement. The chemical pillar involves aspects like minerals, nutrients, and hormones. The third pillar, emotional, is about addressing internal self-criticism. The stress management pillar recognizes the importance of properly handling stress, and lastly, the purpose/spirituality pillar emphasizes having individual life goals and societal meaning.

So, let’s jump right in!

Takeaways I Got From This Episode Were:

🎈 The Success in Failure: Dr. Trubow shares her unique perspective on failure, viewing her company’s closure as a stepping stone towards creating something better and sustainable.

🌼 Age Gracefully: Dr. Trubow busts the myth that aging equates to deterioration, endorsing a vision of vitality and lifelong activity.

🧘 Beyond Physical Wellness: She introduces the five unique pillars of health – physical, chemical, emotional, resilience, and acceptance of temporary states, offering a comprehensive approach to wellness.

💡 The Power of Positivity: Dr. Trubow underscores the impact of our thoughts on our health, advocating for an overhaul of negative self-talk.

🎯 Juggling Act: Her insights on maintaining a balance between entrepreneurship, familial duties, and self-care will strike a chord with many, especially those struggling with work-life harmony.

🛡️ Investing in Well-being: Dr. Trubow champions proactive health management, pushing the narrative that investing in your health today saves you from the future costs of disease.

Here Are Five of My Favorite Quotes:

“You are meant to be vital, vibrant, healthy, able and interested in intimacy till you’re at least 100. And you better get better every decade than before.”

“If you have issues, and you believe in the approach, that disease can be prevented, and, and reversed, then you can’t afford not to, because insurance doesn’t cover the full cost of your diabetes testing strips, unless you’re on Medicare, unless you have kidney failure, right? So you’re going to pay the price.”

“You can’t open a closed mind, right? Like if someone’s not interested, and it doesn’t, it doesn’t float your boat or interest you I’m not going to persuade you otherwise. Because if it doesn’t resonate, it’s not gonna work for you.”

“I say people, people make change for two reasons, either, because their philosophy is I want to be in my peak performance. That’s like 3% of people, right? They make a change, because they’re like, that’s the best thing to do. I’m doing it.”

“I think you’re, you’re really hit on that understanding that you’re in a temporary state. And yes, this temporary state might stink, but it’s not permanent. And it’s not who you are. It’s what’s happening to you, and not internalizing that I am a sick person. I just feel sick right now.”

Time Stamps:

[0:00:00] Dr. Wendy Trubeau’s struggle with conventional medicine
[0:02:53] Dr. Wendy’s unexpected journey to becoming a medical doctor
[0:09:29] Shifting to a new way of thinking in medicine
[0:12:52] Autoimmune diseases on the rise, need for reversal strategies
[0:19:28] The Connection between Emotional and Physical Health
[0:22:31] Medical Education’s Neglect of Emotional, Nutritional, and Social Health
[0:25:44] Taking control of our own healing and wellness
[0:31:04] Action items for improving health and managing stress
[0:34:17] Using data and testing for a comprehensive approach to health
[0:36:10] Optimizing Gut and Adrenals: The First Step to Health
[0:39:08] The Challenge of Toxins in Today’s Environment
[0:44:33] Prioritizing Health and Wellness on a Budget
[0:49:09] Balancing Business, Family, and Personal Health
[0:53:24] The evolution of being life and business partners
[0:56:07] Power dynamics shift in their business relationship
[1:03:03] Test Your Financial IQ with a Money Quiz

Wendie’s Myth Buster

According to Dr. Wendie Trubow, a prevalent myth she constantly encounters is that decline in health is inevitable as one ages. She strongly disagrees with the notion that individuals are destined for early occurrences of cancer, autoimmune diseases, or other degenerative diseases because it “runs in the family” or that they are “just getting older.” She strongly believes that people are meant to be vibrant, vital, healthy, and maintain interest in intimacy up until at least the age of 100. Trubow condemned the idea that people are inevitably meant to fail health-wise as they age, asserting instead that each decade should come with an improvement in one’s health and functionality.

Dr. Wendie Trubow Links:

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Her Book “Dirty Girl”

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