#269 Building an 8-Figure Skincare Business W/ Tobias Segal

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In this episode of the Wealthy Wealthy Podcast, we have a fascinating conversation with Tobias Siegel, the owner of Pure O3, a successful natural skincare company. Tobias shares the story behind Pure O3 and enlightens us about the health benefits of ozone-infused products and pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF). He explains that ozonated water is an easy way to consume ozone, while gas enemas can be used for systemic ozone distribution. PEMF increases the magnetic field in the body, promoting faster recovery. Tobias emphasizes the importance of diversification in business and avoiding overwhelming customers with too much content. He also dispels the myth that ozone is toxic.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Ozone therapy uses ozone gas to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. When infused into oils, it creates ozonated oils that are effective for skin and dental issues.
  • Ozonated oils make a good alternative to conventional toothpaste and deodorants which often contain harsh chemicals. They penetrate deeper and work longer.
  • Home ozone therapy equipment can help with conditions like SIBO, Lyme disease and viral infections by lowering bacterial load. It can also aid in recovery and performance enhancement.
  • Tobias shares business lessons like the importance of diversifying product lines and focusing on what you do best. He attributes much of his success to good timing and being in a growing natural health field.

Here Are Five of My Favorite Quotes:

  1. “If we remove the magnetic field entirely, our bodies would not heal.”
  2. “Focus on what you’re good at. And if that means cutting a lot of your product line, so be it.”
  3. “Pick a lane, don’t try to do all the lanes cuz you’re not going to do as good of a job.”
  4. “It’s really about being creative, and finding really clever ways to educate the customer.”
  5. “Let’s actually look at the facts. Let’s slow down a little bit. And let’s, let’s understand what things really are.”

Time Stamps:

[0:00:00] Introduction to Tobias Siegel and Pure O3
[0:02:59] Christina’s appreciation for Puro3 products
[0:08:56] Discovering the Power of Ozone Therapy in Dentistry
[0:11:40] Understanding the Benefits of Ozone Therapy in Oral Health
[0:17:06] The Effects of Fluoride on Teeth and Overall Health
[0:18:57] The Importance of Oral Health and its Impact on Overall Health
[0:25:24] Dangers of Conventional Deodorants and the Benefits of Natural Ones
[0:26:38] The Benefits of Ozone Oil in Natural Deodorant
[0:31:23] The importance of using cleaner products for long-term health
[0:34:37] Introducing the Pure03 line and the benefits of ozone therapy
[0:40:33] Introduction to ozone therapy and sales consultation offer
[0:43:25] Different methods of ozone therapy administration
[0:46:44] Introduction to PEMF devices and their benefits
[0:49:30] Natural Health Products: Low Risks, High Benefits
[0:51:21] Diversification: Selling a Variety of Products
[0:52:17] Mistakes and Lessons Learned in Overproduction and Content Overload
[0:53:35] Pure O3: The Gateway Product to Ozone Therapy
[0:55:14] From Homeschooling in Montana to Public School in Arkansas
[0:56:45] A Humble Brag: Personal Accomplishments
[0:57:09] Starting a successful business with little capital and perfect timing
[1:00:00] Debunking the Myth of Ozone Toxicity

Tobias’s Myth Buster

The first thing that strikes me is the misconception about ozone being toxic. It’s a myth perpetuated by some people, and it’s completely incorrect. Ozone is actually a sterilizing agent that eventually converts back into oxygen. It’s not toxic. It frustrates me when I see this myth being spread online. While extremely high concentrations of ozone can be harmful, it’s similar to how excessive water consumption can be dangerous. People need to be cautious about jumping to conclusions based on what they hear on the internet. It’s important to examine the facts, take a step back, and understand the reality. Many things are not as bad as they may seem.

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