#263 Unlocking Your Human Potential with Human Design W/Miranda Mitchell

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This week on the Wealthy Wellthy podcast, I chat with Energetic Alignment Coach & Human Design Specialist Miranda Mitchell. 

I met Miranda through a booking service. As you can imagine, booking services tend to send a lot of guest recommendations, and they’re not always a good fit. But when I saw Miranda’s interests and expertise, I knew I had to meet her! She did not disappoint! You will hear her passion and knowledge throughout our conversation about Human Design, a topic about which I have been curious for some time. 

Miranda uses Human Design and Energetic Alignment Coaching to move people, especially entrepreneurs and business owners, to achieve greater creativity and efficacy by tapping into their unique energy blueprint. 

While this sounds ambitious and even dubious, Miranda really helps me understand myself better. She teaches me how to use my Human Design Chart to align my actions to my nature. 

For example, I have always learned best through experience, as do most entrepreneurs. While I did well in school, it was never the most effective way for me to learn. For those of us who learn by experience it can be hard, because we mostly learn by failing. There have been times that I have wondered why I have to learn this way and not from books, lectures, or PowerPoints. Miranda helps me understand that this form of learning is a result of the unique profile, which shows that I learn from trial and error, or experimentation. Does this sound similar to you? 

Seeing this on my chart not only resonated with me, it comforted me to know that based on Human Design I have no reason to question why I learn from experience. I just need to continue experimenting to continue learning.  

We begin the episode discussing the fundamentals of Human Design, including its origins, influences, and uses. Then, we delve deeper into the five different energy types into which all people fall. 

  1. Manifesting Generator (here to do the work! To be of service in the physical form)
  2. Generator (the responder) 
  3. Manifestor (making things happen, initiate things, be seen/heard)
  4. Projector (The overseer. They see other people’s energies, more so than their own)
  5. Reflector (they are the mirror to their environment)

We transition to how profiles determine so much about a person. 

And, no conversation would be complete without discussing money, so we discuss how even money can be seen in one’s chart.  

In the end, Miranda reviews my Human Design Chart to show me how to better align my decisions and actions with my nature. 

It’s a fascinating episode that I guarantee will open your eyes and your mind to a world of opportunity and personal growth.  

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Human design is a system that combines astrology, Chinese philosophy, and the chakras to help people understand their energy and make better decisions. It has five energy types and nine profiles that represent different ways of experiencing life.
  1. Understanding one’s chart in human design can lead to alignment with one’s vision, mission, strengths, and goals, making business and personal relationships more harmonious.
  1. Money can also be understood through one’s chart in human design, and Mitchell believes that collaboration, knowing strengths, and supporting others are key to success.
  1. Mitchell found her purpose in human design and became a human design professional, which has helped her and others achieve alignment and success.
  1. Human design offers a unique approach to personal and professional development that emphasizes self-awareness and using one’s energy in a way that is most aligned with their strengths and goals.

Time Stamps:

[1:45] – Talk to me and all of our listeners about you, like who are you, and what’s your background, and what got you into being a professional with human design.

[5:20] – So, how long ago did you really get into human design? And I know it’s complex, like, how many years? Have you studied it and just tell them more like the journey of the study?

[7:30] – So, let’s talk about what’s the history of human design?

[10:00] – So, is it based on astrology? One thought that came to me, is how and what is it derived from?

[11:44] – So does that mean that somebody that was born in the same place at the exact same time as me, we have the exact same chart,

[12:35] – what are some maybe distinctions or words as you’ve said, you’ve said White and the other color, and then channels or gates or so just explain kind of what some of these, what you’re looking at, and then what they are.

[21:18] – The profiles there were six of them. And do you want to just go through this very quickly?

[24:09] – Do you see anything more common than others? Or is it just kind of all over the board? With like, say, an entrepreneurial type

[26:21] – All right, two more questions before we dig into mine. One is does money factor into this? I mean, I’m the money person and the money coach. So I’m curious, like, Where does wealth and money fit into the overall? You know, a personal chart?

[29:17] – Marriages, or you know, love relationships or even business partnerships, for that matter. Just a partnership, I guess. Does it work for both people to get charts and then sync those charts together, and use them to understand each other better

[32:49] – How does this differ from, let’s say, personality profiles?

[35:26] – All right, well, let’s, let’s dig into mine and see, see what we come up with.

[1:09:15] – Thank you so much. How do people find you?

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

  1. “When you learn about yourself, your lines, and your energy type, and you start to trust the process of waiting for things to show up, then business becomes easier.” 
  2. “If you’re in alignment with your vision, mission, strengths, and goals, you’re more bold, and everything is just more fun.” 
  3. “Using charts to understand each other better can make any type of relationship more synergistic and fluid versus resistance or not understanding or once exhausted.” 
  4. “When you go into your chart, you’re able to see what lessons you’re here to learn with the chatter, and then you go into Jupiter, which is your prosperity.” 
  5. “The chart shows how all these elements work together, and how the traditional old wisdom and the new are supported by one another.” 

Here’s how to get ahold of Miranda:

Email: https://www.miranda-mitchell.com/contact-me

Press: https://www.miranda-mitchell.com/press-page

Co-Creation Link: https://calendly.com/miranda-mitchell/co-creation-conversation?month=2023-04

Work with Miranda: https://www.miranda-mitchell.com/human-design-reading

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