#255 Using NLP to Transform Your Life w/Brandon & Deb Yager

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This week on the WW Podcast I spoke with Brandon and Deb Yager. 

These two are massive healers and leaders in their industry who also happen to be very close friends of mine! 

Deb is a Master Trainer of NLP and Co-Founder of Yager Training. She overcame adversity to transform her life and now helps entrepreneurs wildly upgrade their mindset for a better quality of life! Deb’s passion is to do her part in creating a bold, more beautiful world. Her transformational “secret”? A tool called NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Brandon is also a Master Trainer of NLP and Co-Founder of Tager Training. His philosophy is pretty simple, set big goals, Take Massive Action toward those goals, then be open to feedback and new learnings along the way. Model  experts and true professionals that are worth modeling (Excellence)! Then, incorporate a feedback system so that you can adjust the heading of your ship, continue to take massive action that is if you want to produce massive results.

These two are incredible, so as you can imagine we covered some incredibly thought-provoking topics like: 

  • Money Blocks – Where they come from
  • Beliefs about money, sales, business, and health
  • Past stories and events that dictate our future results
  • Unconscious programs running on autopilot that can sabotage our investments, businesses, and life

Brandon and Deb also shared 8 very particular archetypes of money which represent an attached core belief system. I found this fascinating! 

Here is a brief overview of just a few of them…

  • Value #3 is all about ‘living in the moment.’ So, this person is  more likely to spend money on an item they want at that moment. They act on Instant gratification and instant joy. 
  • Value #4 is about pragmatism. This person likely pays their credit card on time. They save and invest to do the ‘right’ thing.  They’re often very logical.
  • Value #5 is the Tester. This person is always asking “how can I do this better?” Oftentimes, their core fear is losing money. 
  • Value #6 is the “talker” – there is not much “doing” here. 😉 
  • Value #7 is all about efficiency. They typically have more of a one-and-done attitude. They present themselves as an individualist. 

As I was listening to these breakdowns, I was able to ‘diagnose’ myself… and even others! This has shown to be a really powerful tool in business and personally 

“If you can figure out money, you can figure out the rest.” – Brandon Yager

Want to get your future right? Check out these two rockstars at https://www.yagertraining.com


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