#254 The Divine Kings & Queens of the World w/Svetlana Newsome

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My guest for this week on the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast is Svetlana Newsome. 

Svetlana Newsome’s mission is to guide people into a full freedom of their purpose so that they can shine bright and impact many. She is an  energy healer and a spiritual teacher that makes miracles real. Through her courses and retreats around the globe she facilitates deep healing and inspires people to connect to and create their best life… Svet  teaches the path of least resistance which she calls, “the way of the heart.” Thousands of dreams became a reality through her Limitless Creator – The Dreams Course. Today she is one of the most sought after leaders in a spiritual development space. 

My conversation with Svetlana was deep yet not “heavy”… During most of our conversation, I felt as if I was in a trance! She is eloquent in how she speaks and her spiritual and loving energy exudes through her having me feel like a magic spell was waved over me. 

There were so many places to take our conversation in the context of spiritual development and connection – but, I wound up wishing to know her thoughts about romantic relationships – and what makes some of them spiritual connections while others not so much. 

She calls this the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and when each partner can connect to their divine self with a desire to connect to their partner spiritually, then the relationship exists at an entire different level.  

During this episode, she talks  about the different phases men and women go through as they mature.. For a brief synopsis: women have 3 stages in life: the girl, the princess, the queen. However, not every woman will reach the “queen” phase. The men have a similar phase: the boy, the prince, the king. Similarly, not all men reach the “king” phase, either. You’re probably wondering, why not?! Well, Svetlana dives deep into the subconscious programming of all of this. The vibrational energy. The worldly influences. Everything! 

She even shares her remarkable journey in finding her true soulmate. One of whom she dreamed up, wrote down, and manifested into her life. It’s really quite remarkable… 

A couple quotes from Svetlana…

“What’s ‘wrong’ is always available in the world. You can pick it up at any time. What’s ‘right?’ YOU have to choose.”

“You are about to become, if you allow yourself to be.”


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