#248 There is No Competition; There is Only Collaboration w/Justin Breen

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My guest this week is Justin Breen. Justin is the CEO of the PR firm BrEpic Communications and global connectivity platform BrEpic Network and author of the No. 1 International Best-Selling Book, Epic Business. He is an extremely active member of Strategic Coach 10x and Abundance 360, and he has an incredible global network of visionaries and exceptional businesses.

Discussed in Episode:

  • World of Entrepreneurs
  • The 4 Things That Separate Entrepreneurs
  • Global growth
  • Connectivity
  • Mindset Work in Business
  • Epic Life Book

Justin explains the “born with this” way of Entrepreneurial Thinking… 

You either have it or you don’t. 

Point blank.

We talk about what both sides of this coin look like… which one are you? 

Justin shares his personal story: When he was starting out, Justin reached out to 5,000 people for 5 clients. FIVE CLIENTS! Now, THAT is the “entrepreneurial mindset.” He says there are Journalists and then there are Entrepreneurial Journalists. He’s an Entrepreneurial Journalist. And this can be the case for any career!

Mind you, you can have grit, “hustle”, and drive, but the Entrepreneurial Mindset is a different personality. 

Here are some of the qualities of someone “born with an entrepreneurial mindset”:

  • You do what you like to do and do what you’re good at, consistently. 
  • You never ask what the cost or charge is. You only ask what the investment looks like. 

The 3 Attributes:

  1. Visionary 
  2. Abundance
  3. Investment

When you have these 3 attributes in your mindset, you can be one of two types of people.

  1. You run a high 6-10 figure business, you see your family and friends when you want to see them and you’re doing what you like to do and what you’re good at.

Listen on in to get the rest of the info 😉

Question for you today:

How do you define abundance? 

“There is no competition. There is only collaboration.” – Justin Breen

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