#247 Planting Money Trees w/Jorge Contreras

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My guest this week is Jorge Contreras

Jorge is a Real Estate Investor & Airbnb Coach and is passionate about helping people create time, financial and location freedom with Airbnb and Real Estate Investing. He retired at age 29, became a millionaire by 30, and now earns 7 Figures with his Airbnb Business.

Jorge’s earlier life wasn’t as simple as you may think. From failing 7th grade to graduating high school with 4 F’s and a D, to selling drugs at age 7, and even dropping out of college.It’s safe to say that Jorge Contreras has overcome A LOT. 

However, he does not view these hardships as happening TO him… he views them as happening FOR him. What a thought shift! What helped Jorge to grow and expand was having personal mentors. As he was guided day by day from these leaders, he shared that, “personal development is like an onion, where you just keep peeling back the layers, a never ending journey.” 

So, his grit led him to taking dance classes, turned to opening a club, which then led to a 50/50 chance of not being able to walk. What a turning point. This was when he learned to not trade time for money.

And more than that, he traded his past limiting beliefs for a new mindset of building a new life for himself. This was also when his spiritual mentor told him he was chosen to break the generational traumas. 


If you are wanting to feel encouraged and are seeking a change in your life, you will want to listen in. 

Discussed in Episode:

  • Cashflow (Airbnb) 
  • Marketing Airbnb properties
  • Refreshing your perspective
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Mindset
  • Personal Development
  • Inflation

Jorge’s Quotes:

“Pressure produces results.”

“You can’t change an internal problem with an external solution. You can only change an internal problem with an internal solution.” 

“The best way to learn something is to teach it.” 

“Money DOES grow on trees when you plant the right seeds.” 


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