#240 Desire is the Fuel for Action w/Leonard Perlmutter

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My guest this week is Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev). He is the founder of The American Meditation Institute and originator of National Conscience Month. Leonard has many accomplishments, and some being that he has taught workshops on the benefits of the conscience, meditation and Yoga Science at some of the most prestigious places in the country. Leonard’s Foundation Course on Yoga Science has been certified for continuing medical education credits by the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association.

Leonard is a true mind-magnet. I feel as if I got a MAJOR computer download just during our conversation! 

Below are just a few of the conversations we had…

Topics Discussed:

1. What, exactly, is the conscience?

2. Why is it so hard to follow its advice?

3. Where does the conscience get its wisdom?

4. What are the “Four Functions of the Mind?”

5. Where does this framework come from?

8. You say there are only two kinds of thoughts – can you describe them?

9. Does the conscience really always know the difference?

10. What kinds of problems can be solved by relying on the conscience?

11. Can you give us an easy example of an experiment we can try?

19. How does meditation fit into all of this?

20. How can people learn more about your teaching?

Leonard’s Quotes:

“What desire is going to get me to point B from point A?”

“Desire is the fuel for action. It’s like a fire. It motivates you to speak, to move, to act. But not all desires are meant to be fulfilled. Yet, all desires are comprised of energy.” 

“Energy can’t be created nor destroyed– but it can be transformed.” 

“Meditation really provides us with wonderful skills that we can use in every relationship. A mediation trains the mind to be one-pointed. That is the point of genius and creativity.”


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