#238 Success Habits w/The World’s Top CEO’s w/Mark Enlow

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My guest this week is Mark Enlow. As the President and CEO of Mark Enlow Inc. / Enlow & Associates, Mark Enlow has guided the most forward-thinking companies to global success. His focus is cultivating strong partnerships with small, mid-sized, Fortune 500, and Fortune 100 clients across the industrial, technology, consumer, and service sectors.

The foundation of his career was demonstrated by his ability to source unexpected talent, provide deep insights to solve recruitment challenges while repeatedly placing strong performers in roles where they could deliver impact, contribute to organizational growth, and enjoy individual advancement.

The Questions:

  • What makes you different from everyone else? 
  • What do I need to resolve? 
  • What do I want my life to look like?
  • What habits are serving me? What habits are not?

What You Will Learn:

You GET to decide what your life looks like today

What are you committing to yourself today? 

How you can use your pain to be fuel for motivation 

Success is based off of who you are — not what you have 

It’s your habits that will make you sales; it’s your habits that will make you great

The 4 F’s:

  1. Faith 
  2. Family 
  3. Fitness
  4. Finances 

Mark’s Quotes:

“You have to be constantly obsessed in your life about changing your identity. Your identity is the thermostat of your life.”

“If you don’t get obsessed about changing the eternal values of who you are you cannot get anywhere.

You have to constantly obsess to create a compelling person that you are.”

“Getting obsessed with change is a decision you make.”

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