#237 Volatility in the Market – How to Handle It w/James Wallace

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My guest this week is James Wallace. James and I met in Mexico. Then we got injected together— I think it’s safe to say we’re bonded! 

My Question…

What are some manipulations that are going on in the Crypto Market?

What’s the GAIN of these manipulators? What is their strategy?

What You Will Learn: 

– Financial inclusion

– Financial corruption

– Peer-to-peer exchange (defi, web3)

– Crypto, digital securities and blockchain

James’ definition of money: 

“A unit of value and is freely exchangeable…based on a contract within a community…” 

James’ Quotes:

“When people are talking about it on the streets, you’re already too late.” — James W.

“It’s very important– especially in crypto– to detach from what you’re hearing, and think the opposite. If everyone is talking Buy, it’s a Sell. If everyone is talking Sell, it’s a Buy.


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