#227 Jerremy Newsome: Money DOES Grow On Trees

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Jerremy Newsome started his fortune by the inspiration of Forrest Gump. Yup! That was the seed of success that energized him and planted the seed of success as a young child.

Today, his main mission is to enrich lives and teach others about the stock market.

Jerremy and I discuss the power of the mind. The position of our thought life is everything. If your mind is SET– that is simply the standard you will be at. However, Jerremy introduces the HEART-set. He poses the statement: you can change your beliefs, your structure your thoughts, and your feelings!

A few nuggets from Jerremy himself…

“Money does grow on trees, you just have to exchange it.” 

“You have to circulate money to grow.”

Jerremy’s Top 5 books: 

  1. You’re a Badass At Making Money
  2. Money Mass of the Game 
  3. Richest Man in Babylon 
  4. Money and the Meaning of Life
  5. Killing Sacred Cows 

Jerremy’s Tips:

  • Always make an impact.
  • Reach out to others and have them guide you.
  • Don’t let huge numbers scare you. 
  • Ask yourself: is your money happy?
  • SPEND your money in investments (assets, health, crypto, etc.)
  • Don’t be scared to put your money where investments are.

Topics Mentioned:

  • Retiring on $3k, How to Grow a Modest Investment into a
  • Comfortable Retirement
  •  Day Trading 101
  • Take the First Step, How to Reshape your Beliefs About Money
  •  Knowing the Difference Between Fear and Greed
  • Buying Stock at a Lower Price Using Stock Options


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