#219 Vanessa Ford: Do You Know Much About Menopause, and, Man-O-Pause?

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Vanessa Ford, cofounder of Menolabs, specializes in a topic that is mostly left un-discussed and therefore seriously misunderstood. This is the topic of menopause. 

Vanessa was prompted to action.

when, at 44, she began her own transition into menopause. 

Flabbergasted with the lack of support that women experience during this stage of life in addition to confronting the judgement and sterotypes associated with menopause — she became inspired to make change in this area. Hence, she founded MenoLabs to address what she sees as a glaring need in every woman’s life. Menolabs is everything menopause. From research and Development, education and support to supplement  formulations and technology. In fact, check out their latest app, Menofit.

Vanessa’s personal experience with menopause and her passion for moving
the conversations around menopause forward means that Vanessa is a driving
force in everything MenoLabs does, from their probiotic product formulations,
including best selling products MenoFit and MenoGlow, to the creation of
the MenoLife app for women in menopause, to being the face of the brand in
informative videos and across social media.

Vanessa’s Tips:

  1. Exercise is critical (for both your heart & your bones).
  2. Share your period stories (first time, most embarrassing time, menopausal transitions!).
  3. MEN: recognize that your wife may feel like they’ve lost control of their body. Support her and encourage her to talk with you about it.


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