#164 – Six Habits To Happiness With Laura DiBenedetto

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Episode Summary

Do you love yourself as much as you should?

Laura knows a thing or two about gratitude and self-kindness.

Today on the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast I chat with Laura DiBenedetto about techniques for creating more joy and abundance in life.

Laura started her entrepreneurial journey at a young age starting her business at just 19 years old and eventually becoming a nationally recognized marketing company. After working with hundreds of executives and business owners to take their businesses from struggles and plateaus to expansions, profit increases, and mergers and acquisitions she decided it was time for a change. Laura put together a plan and exit strategy from her company then retired at the age of just 37. In a spontaneous twist, she started a passion project that ultimately led to her writing her self-help book about how to powerfully manifest joy and abundance, developing a companion independent coaching program, and a 90-day life-changing program

In this conversation, Laura and I discuss achieving and feeling true joy in life with simple methods for shaking the funk of self-doubt and replacing them with rock solid confidence accompanied with deeper connection. Her optimistic perspective on an adverse time of domestic abuse is admirable, despite being in a traumatic relationship, Laura says there’s always something to be grateful for, even if it’s not easy to see at first. She gives 6 “master habits” that if followed have the potential to create more gratitude and happiness, she also shares a 3 step practice to help instill more self-kindness. If you’re interested in how to be more grateful and create more joy in your life, you’ll definitely enjoy this episode!

Three steps to self kindness and acceptance

  1. Identify your destructive thoughts
  2. Give yourself a powerful instructive thought
  3. Then give yourself a constructive thought

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What We Covered 

  • [3:31] – Laura shares a little about herself and her journey
  • [7:08] – Being grateful even for the adverse situations
  • [16:05] – What is it that pushed Laura to advance into career number two
  • [20:39] – Three weeks off turned into a shift in passion and fulfillment for Laura
  • [25:55] – Joy and self-doubt are not synonymous, change the way we feel about ourselves 
  • [34:28] – The importance of habits and actually doing 
  • [41:25] – Take what you intend to do and take action on it
  • [45:31] – Why are we inviting so much distraction in our lives?
  • [50:26] – The six master habits
  • [54:01] – Quality time and people, that is what life is actually about
  • [59:01] – If you really know Laura you’d know that…
  • [59:29] – What are you most proud of?
  • [59:59] – Laura’s myth-busting


[Tweet “Anybody who has gone through an abusive situation, we can find ways to be grateful for it, the reason why is because it shows you what you’re made of.“]

[Tweet “That stillness was probably the most valuable time of my life.“]

[Tweet “Money is great but what you do with it is more important.“]

[Tweet “A dream without a plan is just a wish“]

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