#158 – The Secret Of Flash Growth For A Billion Dollar Brand With Ron Lynch

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Episode Summary

On this episode of The Wealthy Wellthy Podcast, I chat with Ron Lynch. Ron is a creative director and marketing strategist that consults for a variety of consumer companies. He has written, directed and executive produced over 90 long form commercials and 300 traditional short form television ads and has even won numerous Telly’s and ERA awards including “Best Infomercial of the Year.” Ron has helped entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies build brands through direct sales via television and the web. His strategic outlines have guided product launches for companies like Rug Doctor, Eagle One, AeroGarden, Silk’n Beauty, The Hunter Fan Co., Valvoline, and GoPro. Ron also regularly provides success coaching for elite marketers and frequently speaks at Universities as an expert in the direct response field.

Throughout this conversation, Ron shares the secret of how to flash grow your business to become a billion dollar brand. In an impromptu exercise, he shows his genius with a technique for identifying your target customer persona and how to better communicate with them. Ron has a real skill for breaking marketing down into simple pieces that every entrepreneur can model and incorporate into their business for fast growth. Much like myself, Ron has a unique view surrounding money and the difference in earning money versus making money. I loved this conversation and all the valuable nuggets that came from it. If you want more information about establishing your brand and promoting it to the world, you won’t want to miss this interview!

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What We Covered 

  • [2:57] – Welcoming Ron to the show
  • [5:00] – Identifying your customer persona and communicating
  • [8:31] – Ron explains the power of branding “badges”
  • [12:08] – Ron shares his genius by doing a live brand-building exercise
  • [20:05] – Navigating through a sea of “experts”
  • [25:44] – A typical approach Ron takes with clients
  • [30:07] – The touchpoints of client acquisition 
  • [34:19] – A possible future for ad targeting and online identities 
  • [37:01] – Ron’s money mindset
  • [43:28] – Earning money vs making money
  • [53:40] – Getting to know Ron on a personal level
  • [57:55] – Mythbusting with Ron


[Tweet “If you’re a good teacher, you’re a good marketer. Good marketing is teaching“]

[Tweet “Marketing is a mirror, you go around the world and put these reflections out“]

[Tweet “Money is a byproduct resource“]

[Tweet “A really great teacher teaches you how to think, not what to think “]

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