#154 – How To Be An Effective Lifelong Learner With Jonathan Levi

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Episode Summary

On this episode of the Wealthy Wellthy podcast, I spoke with Jonathan Levi, a lifelong entrepreneur and innovator who is committed to helping people all over the world understand and live what it truly means to be a learner. Jonathan and I became fast friends during this interview, we are on the same wavelength throughout the conversation.

Jonathan grew up in Silicon Valley but realized as an adolescent and young adult that he did not like the person he had to be to succeed there. During and after college, he tried to expose himself to other cultures and traditions until he fell in love with Tel Aviv and decided to move there, stepping out on faith with no solid plan for his future. He began working on creating online courses as a side hustle and over the past few years, this has grown to be his full-time job and more. The Superhuman Academy has taught 250,000 students worldwide and has accrued 3.5 million podcast downloads.

Since he began college, Jonathan has invested in real estate for passive income and he is in the process of entering the commercial real estate realm as well. This type of investing experience emphasizes the differences between income and wealth and the importance of diversifying your income streams enough to be able to build both simultaneously. Jonathan is committed to helping people understand what it truly means to learn, to make them excited to learn, and to introduce the importance of memory in the process of learning. Many people have self-limiting beliefs that they “have a lousy memory” or “can’t remember names”, but the truth is that everyone has the ability to remember much more than they think they can. One way that Jonathan encourages this learning is by relying on the power of social capital and accountability in the learning process. His latest book, “The Only Skill That Matters” covers these topics in much more detail in an engaging way, and I encourage everyone to consider reading it.

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What We Covered 

  • [1:34] – Jonathan’s background and story.
  • [4:35] – Jonathan’s steps to radical life change.
  • [9:05] – How he got involved in real estate investing.
  • [12:16] – The difference between income and wealth.
  • [17:10] – Learning in this information age.
  • [21:49] – Brute force learning.
  • [23:50] – How people miss out on learning by just not showing up.
  • [28:17] – The difference that a true desire to learn makes.
  • [31:56] – The importance of memory.
  • [36:38] – Learning in this “hacking environment.”
  • [41:35] – Continued learning even in advanced age.
  • [43:11] – Jonathan’s latest book, “The One Skill That Matters”.
  • [44:44] – Jonathan’s mythbusting.


[Tweet “I did not like who I was in Silicon Valley because I defined myself almost exclusively by my accomplishments.“]

[Tweet “I totally ended up here by accident or divine providence.”]

[Tweet “It’s not one big moment of bravery, but a bunch of little moments.”]

[Tweet “A lot of entrepreneurship is anxiety management.”]

[Tweet “At every point in my life where I’ve faced a challenge, I’ve been called to learn.”]

[Tweet “Learners are earners.”]

[Tweet “The more knowledge you have, the more capacity you have for creativity.”]

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Check out Jonathan’s book

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