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#151 – Healing When It Seems Impossible with Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, MD

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Episode Summary

My guest on this episode of the Wealthy Wellthy podcast is Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, founder of Heart to Heart Medical Center in Santa Rosa, California. Dr. Sokitch’s story is very unique in that a traumatic experience at a young age instantly convinced her that she wanted to be a doctor in order to help and heal people. She went the traditional medical route, even saving a patient’s life during ER surgical residency, and at age 27 she had an epiphany about the difference between saving a life and living a life.

A friend of hers gave her the book “The Web That Has No Weaver”, which opened her eyes to the potential of Chinese medicine in making sense of strange things. She went to acupuncture school while working in the ER and dreamed of one day opening a medical center in California that would blend these two worlds. Dr. Sokitch came to realize that Western medicine focuses on fixing the issues and symptoms that people have while Eastern medicine relies more heavily on healing the root causes of those issues and perhaps other issues that have never been known. The practices of Eastern medicine transcend that which can be experienced through the five senses to understand the beliefs, energy, and emotions under the surface.

I felt that she was speaking directly to me and my healing journey and appreciated her educated insights into the dynamics at play in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. I resonated so strongly with her during our discussion and have seen first-hand the impacts that love, connectivity, and positive emotions can have on healing and wellness. Dr. Sokitch is committed to being well-informed about the external stimuli that could be impacting her patients’ health as well as encouraging her patients to listen to their bodies. She believes that no situation is beyond hope as long as you believe that healing is possible.

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What We Covered 

  • [1:35] – Dr. Sokitch’s journey to incorporating Eastern and Western disciplines into her practice.
  • [6:50] – The difference between fixing and healing.
  • [10:55] – How each individual’s multiple bodies work together.
  • [12:24] – What traditional medicine focuses on.
  • [16:23] – Medications do not solve everything.
  • [17:57] – Saving a life vs. living a life.
  • [20:34] – How diets, hacks, technology, and tools fall short.
  • [23:22] – Things that data can’t measure.
  • [27:56] – How much of healing is love?
  • [33:02] – The negative impacts of insurance requirements on doctors.
  • [38:21] – Creating a space to listen.
  • [39:35] – Dr. Sokitch’s approach to mysterious illnesses.
  • [45:21] – Lifestyle choices that can mitigate imbalances.
  • [49:37] – Dr. Sokitch’s mythbusting.


[Tweet “I believe in healing and I believe it can happen.“]

[Tweet “Fixing means that something is broken. Healing is a journey.“]

[Tweet “It’s about finding the direction your body agrees with.“]

[Tweet “Living life is finding what you love…and filling yourself up with that.“]

[Tweet “Sometimes our science hasn’t caught up to find what we need in a person’s body.”]

[Tweet “When you have understanding, it brings so much peace.”]

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