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#150 – Pursuing Conscious Growth With Josh Whiton

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Episode Summary

I was introduced to Josh Whiton by a mutual friend not to long ago and my view of the world has been expanded ever since that day. Josh has a way of actualizing his lofty goals of elevating the world by integrating his passions in the areas of business, technology, social justice, and environmentalism.

On this episode of the Wealthy Wellthy podcast, Josh and I discuss his deep-seated desires for autonomy and freedom paired with his proclivity towards wanting the make the world a better place by following his curiosity and serving his higher purpose. Josh started his entrepreneurial journey shortly after graduating from college, and for the past decade, he has found strategic ways to solve problems and serve his community. He has always been an independent thinker, elevated to a higher place of existence and understanding by spiritual experiences that enhance his perspective of the world at large. He believes that the future of humanity exists at the intersection of business, technology, social justice, and environmentalism and that when approached the right way, this intersection accomplishes altruism and hedonism simultaneously.

Josh’s personal and professional journeys have been intertwined since his childhood when he began the practice of journaling. His philosophical leanings allow him to recognize the feedback loops that have remained unclosed for many people since their childhood, leaving a lot of lingering unmet needs for which they are seeking healing through coping mechanisms. When this healing occurs the natural way, it leads to self-acceptance, growth, and unconditional love for self and the world. One of the overflows of Josh’s own journey to unconditional love and growth is Make Soil, whose mission is to orchestrate makers and contributors across the U.S. to convert compost into living soil.

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What We Covered 

  • [2:44] – Josh’s story of autonomy and freedom.
  • [4:55] – Josh’s uncommon ability to actualize the elevation of the world.
  • [6:36] – What made Josh an actualizer?
  • [11:57] – The future of humanity is at the intersection of business, technology, social justice, and environmentalism.
  • [14:49] – Josh’s success secrets.
  • [20:55] – Healing from unmet childhood needs.
  • [25:46] – Coping mechanisms people turn to instead of healing.
  • [29:49] – Josh’s developmental journey.
  • [33:01] – The difference between wants and needs.
  • [43:46] – What consciousness and enlightenment look like.
  • [46:41] – What is a vibration?
  • [51:30] – The importance of relationships.
  • [53:34] – Money as a neurotransmitter.
  • [56:51] – What autonomy and freedom looks like and why Josh created Make Soil.
  • [1:05:26] – Josh’s mythbusting.


[Tweet “I – like many people out there – have had a long struggle to find out that it’s ok to be yourself and your natural proclivities and tendencies are actually healthy.”]

[Tweet “When I look around the world, I see endless opportunities to make the world a better place and make a living at the same time.”]

[Tweet “If you are really making something that people want badly enough, they will help you build it.”]

[Tweet “When met, needs cause the organism to grow.”]

[Tweet “Growing means outgrowing.”]

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