#141 – Design Your Power And Purpose With Natalie Matushenko

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Episode Summary

On this episode of The Wealthy Wellthy Podcast, my new friend Natalie Matushenko joined me to discuss her passion for helping men and women design their power and purpose during the second half of their lives. Natalie personally experienced a mindset shift when her hormones began changing in her late 30s and her epiphany was that she wanted to step back from her job in the financial sector to help others.

Many people, particularly women, spend their 20s and 30s caring for their children and families, and when their kids are out of the house and their hormones begin changing, they find themselves wondering if they are really doing what they want to do with their lives. Through this subtle shift or as a result of a specific event, they often realize that they have the time and space to be more self-aware and even pursue goals or dreams that they have never thought possible. Perhaps they are disenchanted with the career ladder they have been climbing in the pursuit of “more” and want to do something that will make a difference.

These people would be wise to seek counsel from Natalie or someone like her who is experienced in coaching people as they “climb the second mountain.” Many of Natalie’s clients come into their first meeting under the assumption that they are “too old”, to which Natalie replies: “Too old for what? What is the alternative?” Often, people get in their own ways and let their negative beliefs shape their decision making, when the best thing they can do for themselves is let go and dream a little.

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What We Covered

  • [2:00] – Introduction to Natalie and her purpose.
  • [6:00]- Natalie’s personal experience with hormonal shifts and what she did as a result.
  • [9:32] – “The second mountain” – an existential crisis?
  • [13:37] – The role of estrogen in the life of women.
  • [15:19] – Where to start climbing the second mountain.
  • [19:14] – How to work with a coach or partner on this process.
  • [21:33] – The bridge between finding your dream and making it a reality.
  • [24:31] – The physical process of estrogen shifts.
  • [29:29] – The bridge between taking care of family to being an empty-nester.
  • [31:47] – Natalie’s health scares.
  • [33:28] – Addressing the belief “I’m too old.”
  • [36:56] – The benefits and downfalls of stake into your financial situation.
  • [40:41] – Creative ways to bring in extra cash flow.
  • [43:20] – Kendall SummerHawk’s scared money and money archetypes.
  • [46:44] – Natalie’s biggest myth to bust.


[Tweet “We don’t change, unless the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing.”]

[Tweet “Money represents safety to many people”]

[Tweet “It’s such a tremendous opportunity to find your power, to really claim your purpose, and really have the second have be everything you want it to be.”]

[Tweet “There’s something inside us that wants to be who we truly are.”]

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