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Episode Summary

Kelly Notaras is an author and editor who spent her early adult life learning the book publishing industry and perfecting her craft before going out on her own and starting KN Literary Arts. She joins me for this episode of The Wealthy Wellthy Podcast.

Everyone has a message that they want to tell the world, but very few people know how to get started. Do I build up a following first? How do I become known as a thought leader? What is the best hook for my book? Is it better to self-publish or send proposals to traditional publishers to hopefully get a book deal? Kelly answers these questions and many more during our time together, and she will certainly inspire listeners to put some more thought into their own perspective books that have always been on the back burner.

Kelly pulls back the curtain on the book publishing industry and busts a lot of the myths that have persisted and given people the wrong ideas about what writing a book is really like. Having just published a book of her own (“The Book You Were Born to Write”) along with her extensive experience helping others along their journeys, Kelly is in a prime spot to coach, encourage, and guide those who are considering writing their own book.

In terms of financial benefits, Kelly discusses the additional revenue streams that can be opened up by writing a book, especially when your book builds brand recognition and credibility that leads people to want to purchase more of your products or services. Entrepreneurs are at an advantage when it comes to the marketing aspects of publishing a book as well, because these marketing activities make up a majority of their efforts, even more than the actual writing of the book. I personally found my conversation with Kelly very informative and inspiring, and I hope you will too.

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What We Covered

  • [1:34] – Who is Kelly Notaras?
  • [3:56] – Kelly’s background and how she ended up as a writer and editor.
  • [7:31] – Kelly shares her perspective of the book publishing industry and marketplace.
  • [11:41] – What is Kelly’s #1 tip for people considering writing a book?
  • [16:50] – How Kelly helps authors narrow down their niche.
  • [18:49] – “The Birth of a Thought Leader” Phases
  • [25:24] – The benefits of going with a traditional publisher and things to keep in mind if you don’t.
  • [27:08] – How importance is an editor?
  • [30:57] – Kelly explains the ways that publishing a book can bring in new revenue streams.
  • [35:24] – Kelly’s take on e-books.
  • [37:15] – Mythbusting the writing, editing, and publishing industry.


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