#134 – Creating A Big Impact With Mark & Shannon Grainger

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Episode Summary

Today on Wealthy Wellthy Wise I interview Shannon and Mark Grainger. Mark & Shannon are the World’s Leading Authority on the “Business of Speaking,” helping their clients land some of the most coveted stages. They specifically help Speakers, Experts, and Politicians create a movement and monetize their message. They‘re famous for creating “Signature Talk Marketing” to help Speakers, Experts, and Coaches stop spinning their wheels with technology and get paid what they’re worth through the power of speaking. Together they successfully own and run My Big Impact and are what I’ve dubbed the “Couplepreneurs”.

In this episode Shannon, Mark, and I talk about spirituality and money, and how to reconcile the two. We discuss spirituality quite a bit in this conversation and really dig into the meaning and power of words. Mark and Shannon have such a wide array of knowledge we discuss examples of topics ranging from handling household finances as a couple to gaining the confidence necessary to have a profitable business. Mark and Shannon emphasize public speaking, and why it is still the most powerful connection and message. If you’re a public speaker or anyone looking to get your voice heard be sure to listen to this conversation.

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What We Covered

  • [2:10] I welcome Mark and Shannon to the show
  • [4:29] How do you define spirituality and how do you connect that to money
  • [7:06] As a conscious business owner we have an obligation to be profitable
  • [9:44] Treating business as a spiritual practice
  • [13:56] The self sabotages of a successful entrepreneur
  • [16:04] Love and money,Is it ok to love your money?
  • [20:14] The breakdown for the breakthrough
  • [23:33] Letting go of being wrong and finding forgiveness
  • [30:13] Do you have a revenue generation plan
  • [34:13] Personal development on steroids
  • [38:21] Prolonging fulfillment with the “there” mentality
  • [41:12] The person to person connection that can’t be replaced
  • [47:00] Over consumption has lowered standards for experts
  • [53:42] How Shannon and Mark talk money
  • [1:02:09] Why public speaking is so powerful
  • [1:10:44] Shannon and Mark bust their big myths

Links Mentioned

Visit My Big Impact

Check Out Mark and Shannons Live Event

Get a free copy of my book “Falling For Money” here

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