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Episode Summary

Earlier in his career, Tait Fletcher was a professional MMA fighter and became a well-known champion. He championed and medaled in hundreds of tournaments, including the Mundials, Pan-Am Games, Grapplers Quest, and many more. Eventually, nearing the end of his MMA career, Tait pursued his life-long dream of being a professional stuntman and stunt coordinator in films. He has also acted in roles next to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Denzel Washington, and Mark Wahlberg, as well as playing Lester in Breaking Bad. Tait has been featured in Jurassic World, 2 Guns, and The Last Stand. In addition to his acting career, Tait is a sought-out speaker in the nutritional and functional medicine world and movement. He is an entrepreneur, owning Caveman Coffee, as well as other business ventures, including hosting the podcast, “The Tait Fletcher Show.”

In this episode, we talk about life, how people get off track by pursuing the wrong things, and the inner critic in each of us. Tait speaks about life using his own story and examples, as well as his goals and how he lives his life. Tait has overcome adversity and struggles throughout his life and in his episode, he explains how he did it and plans to continue to do it. He critiques how easily people crave attention in the world we live in today and the increased addiction of social media, especially with young people. Tait speaks about building strength through consequence and rough patches in life, letting down your guard to let love in, and learning to not be so belligerent or hostile.

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What We Covered

  • [02:44] – Meeting the people with the right energy
  • [06:04] – Introduction to Tait and his career journey
  • [13:25] – Jiu-jitsu’s impact on Tait
  • [18:11] – Tait’s background in fighting and how it saved his life
  • [25:55] – Sometimes you need to lose to learn lessons
  • [28:28] – Why you shouldn’t try to attenuate risk
  • [34:46] – Tait discusses giving merit to the advice he gives
  • [37:13] – Tait is always a different person day after day
  • [38:34] – Show people how you want to be regarded
  • [39:58] – What he sees in the world we live in today
  • [43:15] – Social media is just an addiction and an illusion
  • [45:06] – Is social media necessary for business?
  • [50:34] – We lose our biology when we give into technology
  • [53:25] – Why success looks boring and life is a war
  • [58:24] – Tait discusses diminishing his ego to be a better person
  • [1:03:38] – What Tait means by “ego”
  • [1:09:23] – Tait shares stories about his early days
  • [1:16:11] – Why Tait’s interview came at a good time for Krisstina
  • [1:19:07] – Managing multiple personas as an actor
  • [1:24:22] – Why Tait puts himself first
  • [1:26:12] – A myth Tait wants to debunk


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