#105 – Living Life in the Moment with Jon Armstrong

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Episode Summary

After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and overcoming it, Jon Armstrong has realized that there is more to life than just working for success. He learned to live life every day and in the moment because the future is never guaranteed and urges others to do the same. His battle with cancer has led him to his newest passion of helping health practitioners be able to offer high quality curated products to their audience and patients and he has teamed up with Krisstina Wise and Dr. Parsley to open up the Wealthy Wellthy store.

In this episode, we talk about supplementation, the difference between a supplement and a pharmaceutical, what a nutraceutical is, and whether or not there a difference in the quality in the brands of supplements. We also identify what common deficiencies people need to supplement for and who needs to supplement and why they need to. Jon shares his story about his cancer diagnosis and what overcoming thyroid cancer has taught him about life. We also speak about the new Wealthy Wellthy store which offers curated products approved by Krisstina Wise.

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What We Covered

  • [03:23] – How Krisstina and Jon were introduced to each other
  • [05:20] – Jon shares a little bit about his journey and finding out he had cancer
  • [10:04] – What went through Jon’s head when was diagnosed with cancer
  • [11:40] – There’s more to life than just making money
  • [13:55] – The need for velocity for entrepreneurs
  • [16:41] – What a successful entrepreneur is
  • [18:42] – You need to enjoy the now because time goes by fast
  • [21:33] – How did Jon treat and handle his cancer
  • [25:30] – How Jon found out about his digestive problems
  • [29:17] – The problem of antibiotics
  • [30:00] – How Jon treated his acid reflux
  • [32:20] – Why your body is your #1 asset
  • [35:55] – What was the thesis behind Jon’s company
  • [39:50] – Doctors need to know their products have been vetted
  • [40:41] – Some things you can do to live a healthier life
  • [45:09] – Nutrition can affect your mood
  • [48:23] – Krisstina speaks about the WealthyWellthy store


[Tweet “I vowed to be healthier and to start down a path of eating more healthy and have more exercise.”]
[Tweet “We’re not promised tomorrow or ten years from now and that eventuality we’re all waiting for. Do the things that you want to do, but live more today, for today.”]
[Tweet “You need to live each day and enjoy it along the way, manage the commitment and time you have to that, and compartmentalize your stress.”]
[Tweet “Slowing down a little bit probably isn’t going to be the difference between success and failure.”]
[Tweet “My body is my #1 asset and so my first investment has to be in me.”]
[Tweet “The efficacy and the end result is way more important than saving a few dollars on a product.”]

Links Mentioned

Falling For Money: How to Have a Lifetime Love Affair with your Finances

WealthyWellthy Store Website

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