How to Stop Spending Money (And Stay Happily Married)

A couple holding hands. How to Save Money & stay Happily Married.

Everyone benefits from spending less. And the key is to spend less than you make. It’s one of my first money success principles.   And it’s not optional… you must spend less than you make or you’ll battle your money forever.   Did you know that you have specific spending triggers? These triggers separate you […]

#20 – Jason Giorgio: Insurance Companies Are Taking Advantage of You

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Compound Interest 101

I was recently asked by a Mindful Money Course member about compound interest. The question was: “How do I start generating compound interest?” In order to answer that question, I think it will help to delve a little deeper into the definition of compound interest. Compound interest can make you rich. Albert Einstein said that […]

What People Want to Hear Vs. What They Need to Hear

As a life coach, I am passionate about what I teach. Because after years of experiencing ups and downs in wealth and health, I now understand that the two are not mutually exclusive. You cannot enjoy wealth if you do not have your health, and you cannot be healthy if you don’t have the money […]