3 Ways to Tap Into Your Partner-Power

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In power-full marriages, 1+1 = 100.

The exponential growth you can experience personally, professionally, spiritually, financially is mind-blowing.

It’s the power of compounding. It doesn’t matter who makes more. Doesn’t matter whose money it is. It doesn’t matter what roles each person plays in the marriage. When you’re true partners, all of your energies and resources go into one place, because the goal of all of it is your good life.

The more money and life we put into the marriage funnel, the faster it grows. You have two brains, two perspectives, double the energy coming together to explode into a future that you both design together.

Besides the exponential power of working together, when you’re partners across all of the 10 Ps, life becomes exponentially more fun!

So how do you tap that power?

1. Be Purpose-full Together

1.-Be-Purposefull-TogetherWhen everyone is aligned on vision, purpose, values, there is so much power. Corporations know this, and spend millions designing a purpose and aligning every employee behind that. They get it.

So what is the purpose of your marriage? Not your individual purposes. Your JOINT purpose as a couple. Where is your destination? What do you want life to look like 5, 10, 20 years from now?

Are you aligned on that joint vision? Are your kids aligned on it?

Until you have the purpose of your partnership nailed – and nurture your purpose as the expression of it shifts through your lives – you won’t tap into the higher power that’s available to you as a couple.

2. Practice Together

Garry and I are both very ambitious. We’re high performers, whether it’s at work, raising the kids, learning to cook. We want to do it above average.

2---Practice-TogetherWhat helps us out-perform most people? We do it TOGETHER. I hate to cook. But I support Garry, give him the space to learn, prepare, try new things, give feedback. So he’s amazing.

And in parenting, we both bring different perspectives, triggers, strengths. So when we’re constantly bouncing ideas off of each other, we each become better parents. Sometimes one or the other of us might not have the courage or confidence to do something that needs to be done for one of our kids. But together we do. So as a whole unit, we deliver the love, consistency, toughness that has made our amazing kids who they are.

Across the 7 F words, where can you practice together more to become more power-full in your lives?

3. Learn Together

Most partners learn separately. Separate conferences. Separate books. Separate films. Then you try to “share” with each other. But instead of “dividing and conquering”, you simply get less than half the value.

3---Learn-TogetherWhy? Because you miss the other person’s perspective. S/he literally experiences the world differently. And when you combine your perspectives, you trigger new thoughts and learnings in the other. So each of you learn4x more as individuals.

Should you have separate hobbies or spaces where you learn? Of course! But have some things you dotogether, especially education and personal growth. It will amplify both of you as individuals. And it will make your marriage go BOOM!

This Week…

Practice something together. Talk about your joint purpose (download my 7 F Words to help you get started). Or decide you’ll do daily “couch time” or a weekly “Saturday morning download.”

See your honey as a partner to live your stories with. A companion to go through the ups and downs. Life gets power-full. More fun. And you get to enjoy the journey even more with each other in the process.

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