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The WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy LifeThe WealthyWellthy Life

Episode Summary

Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy Life with Krisstina Wise. For Summer Replay #5, here’s a look back at Episode #22 where Krisstina explores how to master detoxification.

In this episode, Krisstina interviews Brian Richards. Brian was experiencing severe insomnia and body acne issues, but despite going to nearly every doctor under the sun, they were unable to treat his symptoms through traditional medicine. When Brian Richards built his own make-shift near infrared sauna, his insomnia went away within a week and he began seeing a variety of health benefits after regular daily use. Brian became the founder of SaunaSpace when he realized there wasn’t an affordable product like his out there on the market

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