REplugging is the New UNplugging: Here’s Why.

I recently returned from a trip to Sedona. Originally, I had no intentions of writing about my trip. But while I was there, I reached a monumental epiphany. I wanted to share it with you because I think it could bring meaning to your life, too. The trip was meant to be a Mom/Daughter trip […]

The Money Truth That Will Save You

Recently, I posted an article about how to effectively save for vacation. It’s important to me that I take a break every once in awhile. I need the time to recharge and reconnect with what’s important to me. Everyone needs that. But one of my readers came back to me with this criticism: It’s easy […]

The Money-Wise Guide to a Memorable Vacation

This week I am on a girl’s getaway trip to Sedona, Arizona with my business partner, Tamara, and my daughter, Macy. We are using this time to recuperate after a busy June and recharge for the months ahead (we are preparing to launch the second iteration of my Mindful Money course on August 1st!). Because […]