#283 Regenerative Beauty Achieving Youth and Vitality Naturally w/ Dr. Gisselle Batchellor

On this episode of the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast, my guest is Gisselle Batchelor, a notable figure in the field of holistic health and regenerative medicine. Gisselle’s unique path from aspiring dentist to a specialist in regenerative aesthetics and integrative medicine is not just inspiring but also deeply informative. Her approach combines her rich educational background […]

#282 From Grassroots to Financial Freedom w/ Ben Reinberg

This week on the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast, I explore the impact that work ethic has on creating wealth.  My guest is Ben Reinberg, a seasoned financial advisor and author whose journey from a modest but important Midwestern background to becoming a millionaire is both inspiring and instructive. Ben’s story begins in a lower-middle-income family in […]

#281 From Medicine to Millionaire Investor W/Felicia Froe

This week on the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast, I explore the importance of having a growth mindset for creating wealth, and my guest has both a growth mindset and wealth!  Yes, this week, I have an inspiring conversation with Felicia Froe, MD. Felicia is a very successful urologist, who has added to her accomplishments an impressive […]

#280 The Health-Wealth Connection w/ Dr. Robert Whitfield

I’m excited to share this week’s episode of the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast with you. It underscores the core philosophy of Wealthy Wellthy: the direct link between health and financial well-being.  In this episode, Dr. Rob Whitfield and I explore the relationship between money and personal health. He was introduced to me by Dr. Anna Cabecca, […]