Wealth is more than a dollar amount.

Re-think your money principals, remove retirement from your vocabulary, and began LIVING.

Money: From Fear to Fun.

(Silence the fear of not knowing what to do next)

WIth the Wise Money financial framework, earnings take on a whole new meaning.

Every little expense counts - It's not just how much you earn, it's how you spend it too.​

Turn household profits into real passive income with unique investing strategies.

Krisstina Wise

Financial Wellness Coach And Consultant

“I created a financial system that will shift your money mindset and show you how to start investing in what matters most.”

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Summit After 40 Development Session

Schedule your free financial development session for attending the summit.

financial development Session

A kick off meeting to determine the best plan of action for your situation.


Learn The Wise Money Framework

Work directly with Krisstina and her team to outline the best way to utilize the Wise Money financial framework, based on your current situation.


Invest And Grow

After determining your new financial outlook plan it's time to start putting your plan into action!

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