#282 From Grassroots to Financial Freedom w/ Ben Reinberg

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This week on the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast, I explore the impact that work ethic has on creating wealth. 

My guest is Ben Reinberg, a seasoned financial advisor and author whose journey from a modest but important Midwestern background to becoming a millionaire is both inspiring and instructive.

Ben’s story begins in a lower-middle-income family in the Chicago land Area, where his entrepreneurial spirit was kindled by mowing lawns and shoveling driveways. Despite being an introvert, Ben learned the value of socializing through sports, understanding the importance of discipline and hard work from a young age. His journey underscores a universal truth: real success comes from within, driven by a relentless pursuit of growth and self-improvement, something so many entrepreneurs possess.

Our conversation delves deep into the mindset and strategies that have shaped Ben’s success. From his early days of unconventional endeavors to his disciplined approach to business and investments, Ben’s insights offer valuable lessons for anyone aiming to achieve financial independence.

Takeaways I Got From This Episode Were:

  1. The importance of growth: Investing in personal and professional development is crucial for long-term success.
  2. Discipline over motivation: Consistency and hard work outperform temporary inspiration.
  3. Value of relationships: Building and maintaining strong relationships are central to personal and professional growth.
  4. Strategic decision-making: Making informed decisions based on long-term goals rather than immediate gratification.
  5. The power of giving back: Success is not just about personal gain, but also about contributing positively to the lives of others.

Here Are Five of My Favorite Quotes:

  1. “You can’t teach desire; you have to want it and work for it relentlessly.”
  2. “Surround yourself with greatness to become great.”
  3. “Investing in your health is just as important as investing in your wealth.”
  4. “Every dollar you spend is a reflection of your priorities and future.”
  5. “True wealth comes not from monetary gain, but from the value you provide to others.”

Time Stamps:

  • [0:00:00][0:05:00] Ben Reinberg shares his journey from a Midwest upbringing of hard work to financial freedom
  • [0:05:00][0:10:19] Importance of discipline, socialization, and entrepreneurial spirit from a young age
  • [0:10:19][0:15:28] Building a successful commercial real estate business through leadership, growth, and self-improvement
  • [0:15:28][0:20:56] Value of mentoring and coaching others, as demonstrated through advice given to aspiring realtor
  • [0:20:56][0:25:11] Success principles of hard work, relationships, and personal growth in entrepreneurship
  • [0:25:11][0:30:45] Building a business through talented people, systems, and commitment to growth
  • [0:30:45][0:35:22] Alliance’s commercial real estate investment opportunities and track record
  • [0:35:22][0:40:00] Overcoming fear and dark moments through resilience and gratitude
  • [0:40:00][0:44:39] Money mindset of serving others and managing emotions like fear
  • [0:44:39][0:49:17] Building a successful business separate from commercial real estate expertise through talented people and processes
  • [0:49:17][0:53:56] Importance of hiring slow, firing fast and surrounding oneself with aligned people
  • [0:53:56][0:58:34] Personal growth journey from empty success to focus on helping others through mentoring
  • [0:58:34][1:03:12] Overcoming myth of not being good enough through commitment to growth and self-improvement

Myth Buster: Fear

As a successful businessman and mentor, Ben Reinberg is often confronted with the myth of fear. He believes fear is the number one thing that leads to challenges and holds people back from achieving their goals.

Fear encompasses negative emotions like anxiety, self-doubt, and worrying about what others think. It can cause people to judge others, gossip, talk themselves down, and make decisions based on outside pressures rather than staying true to themselves.

Ben has learned through his own journey of personal growth that managing fear is paramount. By controlling his emotions and staying in a state of love, he is able to overcome obstacles and help others do the same.

If you want to bust through limiting myths and live the life of your dreams, Ben’s advice is to acknowledge and let go of fear. Have confidence in yourself, accept who you are, and focus on serving others with integrity. By managing your mindset, you have the power to rise above fear and achieve success on your own terms.

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