#250 Simpler and Fewer Doesn’t Mean Less w/Mike Koenigs

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My guest this week is one of my BFFS and greatest inspirations, Mike Koenigs. 

He is a Serial Entrepreneur, 13-Time #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Interactive Online Personality & Influencer.

I first met Mike (and his beautiful wife, Vivian) on a private island in Turks and Caicos at a Brendon Bruchard mastermind retreat. He had recently been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and was on the island in between chemo treatments. Despite his illness, he was a giving spirit and generously offered me vision and insight for my business that I credit much of my following success to his ability to see in me what I couldn’t see in me at the time. 

I bumped into him again years later after I had healed from my illness (that took me down not six months after that mastermind trip) and we exchanged our respective stories of our healing journeys that changed who we were as humans. In other words, we both became different people than the two that were on the island almost a decade ago.  

What I didn’t know is that Mike was driven by fear and anxiety. Despite being one of the top leaders and renowned influencers in the digital marketing space, he was afraid that if he didn’t achieve (more) success ASAP, he feared he never would and/or would be left behind. 

More often than not, this happens to lots of entrepreneurs (myself included). Mike calls this a ‘hypnosis’ that we can easily get sucked into. Ultimately, Mike and I both believe that our deeply rooted fear of not being good enough and as a result compensating/coping through big success (at all costs) is what caused our sickness. 

I’m choosing to release this interview on the celebration of my #250th episode of The Wealthy Wellthy podcast because it’s a reminder of how far we have all come. And, how having priorities out of order comes at a great cost. And, how lucky we both are to have gotten a second chance to get it right – to put relationships first, focus on physical, mental and emotional wellness and do good work out of passion and purpose, not for ego and money. 

This is a rich episode. We swap stories that I’m alluding to above. And, he shares more of his story and lessons he’s learned through his entrepreneurial and life journey – the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Mike is a multi-millionaire. He earns over a million a year doing the work he now loves. His marriage is better than ever (after coming so close to losing it) and he is not only cancer-free, but feels the best he’s ever felt in his life. 

As well as I know Mike as a friend, I am also a client of his. He continues to help me see what I can’t see in my business. I went deep with him in this conversation and as a result – despite knowing him as well as I do both personally and professionally – I still took a full page of notes. 

Like I said, I saved this episode as a special tribute to my accomplishment of the #250 episode (less than 10% of all podcasts last beyond 1 year) because it’s one of my favorite interviews to date. 

Here are a few gems I captured on my page of notes to give you a taste of what’s inside: 

→ “If you want a miracle, you’ve got to invest like it’s a miracle and SHOW UP like you want a miracle to happen!” – Mike Koenigs

→ Leave with this question to ask yourself every 30 minutes: “is the thing that I am paying attention to right now, does it matter? Am I giving it all of my quality attention?”

→  Quit making decisions based on how much money something costs. Make decisions based on paying the money it takes to get the results you want! Boom!

“Simpler and fewer doesn’t mean less.” 

→  “The only thing you really have and own is your attention– and where you put it.”

Please enjoy my conversation with my good friend, Mike Koenigs. 

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