#189 – Quantum Success With Christy Whitman

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Episode Summary

With our words, we create… so what are you creating? We are casting spells on ourselves every day with the words we choose to say. What internal dialogue are you having with yourself, and would you treat friends that way?

Our inner reality helps to create our external reality. What are you manifesting into your life? You have so much control over your reality! Where your focus goes, your energy flows.

Christy Whitman is the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Learning Academy & Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Christy is a two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch. She is also the author of the international bestseller Quantum Success. Her forthcoming book, The Desire Factor, will be released on April 21, 2021.

Some of the insightful topics covered are:

  • Mediation
  • Affirmations
  • Mantras
  • Feeling Into Energy
  • Quantum Field
  • Money
  • Practicing Feeling Safe
  • Choosing Your Thoughts
  • Mindsets
  • Emotions
  • Law of Attraction

Enjoy This Episode With Christy Whitman!


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Krisstina Wise [0:01]
Hello again and welcome back. In this episode I interview Christy Whitman. Christie is the CEO and founder of Quantum Success Learning Academy and Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Christie is a two time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of having it all and taming your alphabet. She’s also the author of the international bestseller Quantum Success, which is the book that we talk about in this episode, where she talks about the seven essential universal laws for having a prosperous relationship with your work and your money. Christine has been on the today’s show the morning show, the Marilyn Dennis shows she’s been quoted in 17, women’s world Women’s Day People Magazine, hollywood life, the not magazine, and many, many more. She is the success example of following these success principles. This was a fantastic conversation, I have a total golden girl crush on Christie. So if you wish to learn about the healing power of energy, the success power for your thoughts, how to change your scarcity mindset to one of abundance and good fortune. And if you want to know the seven laws for success, well, you’ll wish to listen in, please enjoy my conversation with Christy Whitman. Christie, what a pleasure to be here with you today. Thank you for making time.

Christy Whitman [1:15]
I’m so happy that you asked. Thanks, Christina. Nice to see you.

Krisstina Wise [1:19]
All right, well, I’ve just finished reading your Quantum Success book. And I love this book for so many reasons. I mean, we all read a lot of books these days, or send a lot of books these days. And, and many times when I’m preparing for podcasts, I just do real speed reading, but yours I actually read an annotated, there’s just so many good things in here. So thank you. And therefore I’d really like to dig into a few things that really jumped out at me. But before we do that, please just share who you are and everybody listening, just the amazing self and really just a little bit of life story, all even some trials and tribulations that brought you to the place of where you are right now.

Christy Whitman [1:58]
Well, it’s it’s funny, you say that because right now I’m noticing my mom and dad who are in their 80s. And no matter what i’m talking to them with, or no matter what they’re going through, everything is a struggle, everything is drama, everything is so excuse me, such in lack. And excuse me, there we go. They, everything is just like it becomes everything’s a problem, right. And in my 20s I found myself in that same place. And even though I had accomplished a lot, I still didn’t feel good about my life. And I still I still felt unfulfilled, I didn’t feel good. I didn’t feel complete. I you know, I didn’t feel like I have much purpose or passion. And so I started seeking. And when I did, I ended up moving a little bit in Chicago at the time moving from Chicago to California, Northern California. And I met a woman that cut my hair. And she was had this effervescent joy about her. And I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. But it was like her energy was so different than I’d ever experienced before. And so being as blunt as I am, I just said, Okay, what do you do? And now this is 25 years ago. And she said to me, should I meditate, I do a spiritual meditative process. And I was thinking back then what like, you know, meditation guy with a beard sitting on a mountain oming. And sitting in Yogi position I, for modern day woman like this to be meditating, it just was a disconnect. So we talked more and more. And she said, Well, my meditation teacher lives, you know, here, I’ll give you her phone number. So I immediately was dialing Melanie’s number as I was leaving the salon made an appointment. And within a week I was at her house, and her house was what we would consider very woowoo. She had, you know, clinky clinky, music and angels and crystals and all this stuff all over the place. And she invited me to sit in her living room on a cushy, you know, cushion on the floor. And she said to me something that absolutely awakened something that my inner being your inner being all of our inner beings know. And that is, you create your own reality. Now for this day and age of all the podcasts that are out there, and the secret and all the information on all the books 25 years ago, I had never heard those words. And when I heard those words, we didn’t have the internet back then. Right? And when I heard those words, it was like, Yes. Right. I and yet my mind kicked in and went, well, how how do I create my own reality? And then she said by the thoughts, you think you’re either repelling things from you or you’re attracting things to you based on the way you think? And once again, I was like that, yes, that’s true. I don’t know how that’s true. But my logical mind kicked in and went by what I think my thoughts or my thoughts, and she said, Well, you can choose your thoughts to either be repelling or attractive and I’m like choose my thoughts. That was the first time I understand Should, that I actually could choose my thoughts and that a thought I was having on any given subject wasn’t necessarily true or right. It was just a thought that I had thought based on a belief or what I was told or. And so as I started, she said, Do me a favor, just go home for a week. And all I want you to do is start paying attention to your thoughts.

Unknown Speaker [5:20]

Christy Whitman [5:22]
I started realizing, listening to my what was going on in my head. And I was so judgmental, and so critical, I was constantly beating myself up. I mean, no matter what accomplished no matter how great my body looked, or how much money I had the big or whatever, I wasn’t going to feel good, because I was always berating myself inside of myself. And I remember that time saying something in my my girlfriend on who’s known me, we’ve known each other since seventh grade. And I said, God, I didn’t realize how negative I am. And she says, You’re not negative. And I go, really? And she goes, Yeah, you’re always very positive, you’re always saying nice things. You’re always very kind. And I’m like, Well, isn’t that interesting, because inside of my head, I mean, I mean to myself, you know. And so it was an internal thing that I didn’t even realize outside, I was real kind of nice and bubbly and happy. But inside, I was constantly beating myself up. And that led to that split in energy. So I started this quest of really healing that voice and realizing that we do attract what we create in our lives by what we think and what we feel. And that just I became a student of it. And then about five years into it, I was practicing having the energy of passion and purpose in my life. Because what I was doing, I was making a lot of money, but I didn’t have passion and purpose doing it. So I started cultivating the essence of it on a consistent basis. And I write about that in Quantum Success. And that’s when my first book downloaded through me, literally, you know, channeled through me. And I got the book published, I started speaking in spiritual bookstores and churches, and people started asking me to coach and I just kept following that feeling that energy that you know it, and every action step I took towards, it felt really great. And here I am, 20 years later, I now channel I’m an author of, I have another book coming out April called the desire factor, you know, seven books. I’ve certified and coached over 3000 coaches. And more importantly, I look back now at my parents relationship and the way they live their life. And I realize how completely different I am and what I’ve manifested completely different from the way they argue and bicker at each other. And I don’t look at things as a problem I look at Okay, what are the solutions? What are the options for this? And so, I’m really grateful that knowing and seeing what I saw those years ago and saying, I don’t want to live like that I’m now not, you know, and that feels really good.

Krisstina Wise [7:54]
Wow, what a great story. I have some envy there. Because I wish I would have come across this 25 years ago, you know, like, Whoa, like, how would my life even be different? But how beautiful this has really been your life’s work. And you were really a pioneer and leader in in guiding so many of us that are now I’d say, you know, at least seeking this type of energy and in different way of being a question I have when it comes to the Quantum Success book. Why that title? And then what is like if you were going to define quantum What does that mean?

Christy Whitman [8:26]
I love that question. So So Quantum Success has really been my brand when I was wanting to when I had people asking me to certify them to become coaches, because I had a very different way of coaching than anybody else that they’d ever met as a coach, and this is 12 years ago. For me, it was all about that quantum field. Now quantum is literally it’s the universal, unlimited energy. And when we as a human being can tap into that quantum field. It’s like pure potentiality exists, there is no limitations. And so Quantum Success, I created the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and that’s how I certify coaches. And so it always was my my brand, but at the same time, it really means like instead of it’s step by step, you know, a lot of times people say it’s all of personal growth feels like two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward, one step back. And it’s really because that feeling is because people aren’t really getting into the energy of it. And when you evoke the quantum field, which is our divine self that’s breathing us that’s unlimited. You know, things move in a much faster, more elegant, more expansive way than when we just try to mindset it, right. We just try to figure it out through mindset and take a step by step approach from that way. So we’re really talking about exponential success. You know, it’s like leap frogging success, rather than just a sequential step by steps. Success. That’s, that’s quantum and really tapping into what I talk about in the book, Quantum Success is that who each of us know ourselves to be, you know, all of our programming all of the years that we’ve been on the planet who we identify ourselves with, that’s only 4% of who we really are. And the 96%, that’s the quantum that’s, that’s 96 is we’re more energy than we are physical, and to be able to tap into that field of a, you know, pure potential energy. So if someone’s feeling unsupported in their life, feeling, that feeling of support will then attract everything in your reality where you feel supported, if you’re feeling lack in your life, bringing the energy of abundance will then shift everything that you experience as abundance, or if you feeling like you’re, you’re stuck, and you don’t have any options, bringing in that feeling of freedom from that quantum energetic field. Well, then, as within so without, will shift everything in our outer reality.

Krisstina Wise [11:02]
Yeah, thank you for that. And that reminds me of is, what is what I liked about your book is that it’s it’s really these equal parts of like you said, quantum this the field that you know, this potential reality, the abundance that’s available to tap into, to use your words, but then you also talk about the practical piece, I find that so many people that are kind of in the spiritual world, it’s great, we’re talking about abundance and these things, but it’s not like it’s not connecting the dots like how do you? What do you do with that to turn it into the behaviors and actions then actually do manifest slash create the realities that we want, as opposed to just kind of like I’m tapping in and kind of waiting for things to happen. And and you sort of future a little bit about, you know, you talk about their thoughts, like you said, being very aware of the thoughts because if we’re not aware, and paying attention is it so many times it can be eye opening, like holy cow, like your experience, I had no idea was thinking those thoughts all day long, or, you know, that was the word of the majority of my thoughts, and I don’t know, whatever the quote was, but we have 80,000 thoughts a day, and like, 79,800 of them are the same thoughts that we have every other day. So anyway, but you talk about thoughts and thoughts to feelings. And then usually, like I said, people stop there, then you go, actually, in the behaving and doing based on the thoughts and, or the feelings and based on the thoughts you can, can you talk about that continuum of, of how you bring the tap in and then turn that into the day to day actions?

Christy Whitman [12:38]
Absolutely. So when when you really think about it, you know, we are physical, you know, beings, we’re human beings, right. But we are also energy. And so we’re, ourselves have receptor sites in it, and the cells have energy in it. So we our organs, our blood, our heartbeat, everything has energy. And that energy is our lifeforce. It’s the divine, the God’s self, whatever you want to call it, it’s life. And so we can’t be separated from energy. And the way that we relate with energy is that we are energy receivers, we must be receiving an energy, we must hold energy. So we’re also energy containers. And then we’re also transmitters and what we’re transmitting out, we do through the words that we speak, what we say, want to talk about that. And as far as really bringing it down to practicality, the thoughts that we think the emotions that we feel or don’t feel I see a lot of times people just are so blocked in their emotions, they don’t realize that whether you’re angry or not, whether you’re admitting you’re angry or not, you’re vibrating in that vibration. And so you’re going to bring more things that bring that get make you angry, or make you disappointed or make you afraid or you know, whatever that is. So words, thoughts, energy of our emotions, our perspective, or another way of saying is our beliefs, our expectations, and then our actions. So these are the five ways that we are transmitting energy out. It’s like moving our body, we’re taking an action, we’re moving energy. Well, we’re also moving energy when we think when we feel when we speak, right. And so we have to understand that. Number one, we have to receive an energy it’s kind of like, you know, we’re human beings we need to eat every day, many times a day. We need to drink something, refresh our bodies drink water, we need to eliminate right, we need to sleep every night. It’s not like oh, I slept two weeks ago. I’m good, right? It’s like a daily thing that needs to happen. And so is that understanding of we need to receive an energy. What most people don’t understand is that they’re receiving an energy usually from the physical plane from other people that are complaining that or other people that are in fear someone in traffic You know, we’re being, we’re being influenced by mass consciousness, energy all day, every day, unless we connect with a higher, you know, we are deliberately bringing in and saying I want to connect with the energy of joy. And just for it doesn’t have to be a two hour meditation. You know, in practical terms, we’re all busy, right. And so it’s like to be able to just stop and go, I just want to have all of myself just be filled up with joy and just feeling every single cell is like, you know, if you have a cup, and you’re pouring water in the cup, and the cup gets all filled, like, imagine trillions of cups being filled with the energy of joy. And now with that energy inside, you can’t be as influenced by the others, because you already filled up. If you have a cup filled with water, you can’t put soda in it, it’s already filled. Right? So the more you fill up energetically, deliberately by that quantum field by pure positive energy, whether it’s joy or freedom, or prosperity or abundance, or success, you get to choose like he’s on a piano, right? The all of them have different notes and frequencies, you get to fill up, and then what you send out, that’s our choice. We all have free will and choice, no matter what’s going on. I mean, we’re in a time right now, where people are like, Oh, my God, the world’s coming to an end, we got viruses and politics and, you know, protesting and all these things. Yeah, but you can still in your own life, have thoughts towards what you want? How you want to feel what you know what actions you would you want to take, nobody controls your tongue. And our words have extreme power. That’s the most practical thing I can say is that people have asked me for years, okay, you’ve got this esoteric, you know, very, you know, spiritual universal laws information, but how do you bring it down? Well, the first thing you have to do, and this helps you become aware of the other aspects is Watch your words. I as a matter of fact, I got that question for so many years, and people had said, what kind of words that I created a free 30 day program that I can offer to everybody that listens to your podcast, if you could just go to watch your words, calm, it’s 30 videos, 30 days of videos that tell you in their short minute and a half, four minutes, something like that. They tell you what word or phrase you absolutely want to eliminate from your vocabulary, why? And then what to say instead. Because those words have power those words says in the Bible, in the beginning, there was the Word, the words have creative power. So something that I was noticing all throughout, you know, COVID, when we were in lockdown, and some people still are, and that sort of thing is people say I miss, I miss going to sporting events, I miss my kids going to school, I miss going out to lunch with my girlfriend, I miss getting a pedicure I miss I miss a miss I miss. And when ever you say I miss someone something, it pulls your energy down in lack. And if you look at energy as a spectrum, when you’re in the sign of lack, you feel bad, it’s a good way to know I’m feeling bad right now. Ooh, that must mean I’m in lack, right? But if you’re feeling good, it’s because you’re in abundance. So saying words like I missed this, you know, you can communicate the same thing. Like, I look forward, I really look forward to having a pedicure. I look forward to going to a concert, I look forward to going to a show I look forward to my kids going back to school, whatever it is, it’s a very different vibration from saying I miss something, too. I look forward to something, right. And there’s 30 of those words and phrases, that those are practical things that people can do. And they don’t realize how every time you’re in the place of abundance, you’re pulling down that quantum field, you are aligning with that quantum field. Because if I was going to Cliff note the book, Quantum Success, it was it’s all about alignment and momentum, right? It’s all about aligning with the pure positive energy that’s there and available to us that’s actually breathing us aligning with that because the divine in us is never going to follow us when we’re in lag. So that’s why we feel so separated alone. When we are it feels crummy. So it’s alignment. And it starts with our words. It starts with our thoughts, our emotions, our perspective, the actions that we take, and then creating the momentum from that place.

Krisstina Wise [19:32]
Yeah, it makes so much sense that reminds me like it’s something else that I just loved in the book is the idea of waiting versus having. And this notion of it’s just so easy along just right in alignment with Okay, the words missing too. I look forward to the same thing of Alright, I need to wait I guess since I missed that means I’m waiting versus just having what we want to have in the moment making this decisions. So can you talk Little bit like, why do we get stuck in this place of waiting? And then have the words that reinforce the waiting? And use words like I’m too busy? Or whatever the words are that reinforce, reinforce or, you know, cause us to continue to wait. And then one, I guess, point part A of that question is why do we do that? And then to like, how do we stop and like, reverse that and just get into the habit?

Christy Whitman [20:27]
Well, the waiting versus having is an incredible conversation. Because when we’re waiting, we feel like there’s something outside of us that we’re waiting for, maybe it’s it’s God, or maybe it’s someone else, or you know, maybe it’s my partner has to do something. And there’s that feeling of waiting, that really comes from a place of being helpless or powerless, that this is all out of my control. So I have to just sit and be patient and wait, when that is one perspective that comes from lack, because when we’re waiting, right, a lot of times we get them impatient, and then a lot of our uncertainty and a lot of our fears or worries, is this ever going to happen? How come this is taking too long? Like there’s that whole conversation of did God forget my phone number, you know, that kind of thing. And so waiting leaves us feeling power and powerless. But having is that state of being it’s a state of energy that when you bring in when you connect to when you resonate with, when you calibrate, there’s many ways of saying that, when you have that feeling of having, now you already have, what you think you want, and ultimately what we think that we want, we want it because we think we’re going to feel a certain way when we have it. So, for example, what I wrote in the book, and I just mentioned a bit ago, you know, 20 years ago, plus now, I didn’t feel passion and purpose in my career, you know, made a lot of money, but I felt drained when I did it, I didn’t have passion and purpose. So I had to cultivate it. And what I would do is even though I didn’t know what passion and purpose would even look like or what that form would look like, or what the job would be that I would be doing. I connected to the feeling of passion and purpose as if I already had it. I had that feeling of having it. And I would feel as if I have it, I’ve got freedom, I’ve got passion, I’ve got purpose, I’ve got the money, where’s the money bring, it brings a sense of freedom or a sense of security or a sense of choices, whatever that is, and feeling that feeling because those feelings can be felt right now before the actual physical evidence of it comes. Right? You can feel I did this with my before I met my husband, I knew I wanted to have I just gotten out of my first marriage. And I knew that I wanted to create a history with someone I wanted to create a family with someone, and I wanted to you know, have a partner and get married again and like that. And so for me, it was like, Okay, why do I want that? For me, it was about connection, and love. And I had to have that connection and love within myself before was ever going to attract anybody else that was going to be there. So I came into that relationship full of love for myself, not from an egotistical, arrogant kind of thing, but just self love. And also connection connection to myself connection to my divine so that I wasn’t emptied of that. And when I saw him, love me that you know, I need to feel connected with someone. I was already there. I was happy. I wasn’t waiting for my partner to come because I needed to feel connected or needed to feel love. That’s the difference. I already had it. And then when it came it was like, oh, let’s play.

Krisstina Wise [23:45]
Right? Yeah, that’s so good. And I teach I’m a I teach money. So I’m a money educator, I guess maybe a coach but really, but I teach these same concepts and I’d love for you to teach from your own perspective with money because I teach that is that there’s kind of this waiting, I wait until I have the money to do X, Y or Z and waiting is so it part of not having it. And so it’s bringing here like it’s having the same conversation of what does it look like if you had all the money that you think you need one how much money is it? Because if you can quantify it, then it’s not elusive. But how do you feel like you can live by having the money right now and then we go into the manifestation and creating it but we have to have it before we can create it, to have it and it’s really hard I think for people to connect those dots or understand that so how would you How would you frame that as far as if it’s in a money conversation and manifesting

Christy Whitman [24:46]
money? I love talking about money. I love money. I love spending money. I love investing money. I love attracting money, like money is just fun because you know there’s so much crap that goes on to money and the things that people you can’t Spiritual and have money. Money’s the root of all evil, there’s so many beliefs. And I would I would suggest to anybody that has just even that inner conversation, how do you feel about money, because if you feel like ooh about money, or Oh, the people that have it or this and you’ve got judgments about it, that’s repelling money from you. So first and foremost, we have to understand that all relationships start inside of ourselves, including with money. And so what we feel about money if we’re grateful for money, if we appreciate money, if we, and it’s not so much the money, right, because even if you had a pile of money would be like, Oh, I love you so much. It’s what the money brings us. Right? It’s like the freedom that it brings us the choices that it brings us the travel that we get to do that. The good and generosity that we get to do the gifts we get to give with it, you know that the fun experiences of adventure that we get to have with it the house that we get to live in the car, we get to drive money, the food we get to eat, right, the right the restaurants, we get to go to an experience, I mean, money is needed to experience all those things, even at the basics of having a place to live and having lights on and air conditioning when it’s hot, or heat when it’s cold. I mean, money is the thing that gets us all that. So, you know, to get to what we truly want, we have to understand that money is that avenue, because somewhere along the line, we all agree that it’s the exchange of value. And so why is money bad? If you’re putting your own thoughts and words and perspective and emotions on money being bad or that money is hard to come by, or that only you know, some people can have money, and I can’t and if you’re in that, again, that spectrum of lack with the subject of money, you’re going to experience and out picturing your reality will be struggle and drama, and fear and worry with money. However, though, if you shift the internal conversation, the words that you speak, the thoughts that you think the perspective that you have, the emotions that you have, and everything action that you take that money is abundant, and that you get to have your share of it. You know, we don’t have this pie, that a lot of people think that we all have to, you know, take our piece of our pie. And if I take too much, I’m being selfish and someone else won’t have or you know, someone else’s taking all the pie, we have a bakery, we make our own pies. And the way I like to talk about is there’s a treasure chest above and above each above each of our heads energetically. And it’s the Divine Self that’s breathing us it’s never we’re never far from it. And this is a treasure chest that guarantees that is our divine design of health and well being of abundance, including financial, of success of loving and supportive relationships. And the treasure chest can never be emptied, it can never be stolen from it’s our own personal relationship with a success and the money that we want to have in our life. And as we start to feel that truth, and really change our internal relationship with money, the external relationship changes. And so it’s important for some foremost to feel as if, like you said, quantify what is that money? Is it a million dollars in your bank account? Is it $5 in your bank account, whatever that money is, whatever that amount is, when you have that amount, feel your way into that as if you already have it. And then ask yourself, again, not about the money, go beyond the money. What will that amount of money in your bank account give you? Are you going to feel

secure? Are you going to feel free?

Unknown Speaker [28:39]
Are you going to feel safe?

Christy Whitman [28:42]
Right gonna feel secure? What does that amount of money give you and practice that without any quivering like without any vibrational variants going back and forth, and back and forth, because that dilutes the vibration. Practice, like my example of passion and purpose every day committed to passion and purpose, feeling what it would feel like. And here’s the other thing, too, is once someone starts to feel that they feel like, Oh, I’m free with money, I’m just going to go spend whatever. And I see a lot of people get in a lot of trouble that way. Because they don’t yet have the evidence of the money. But they’ve got the feeling of it. And they’re like, oh, it doesn’t matter. I’m just gonna go spend $20,000 a day don’t have on this trip. And it’s like, well feel the feeling enough so that you’re in the vibration of it, have it and then you’ll see the evidence of it coming. And then you can pay for it. So you’re not getting yourself in a place of I have it but now I’m even more in lack because the evidence of is spent too much because I felt like I had it

Krisstina Wise [29:46]
does that. Does that make sense? That’s so well said and thank you for saying it. Because I find that happens a lot as well. And it’s like oh, I’m just going to attract it so I can spend it because I now can attract it. Right. So yeah, thank you. That was so eloquently and beautifully said. And I wholeheartedly agree with that. So let’s talk about energy. And I really love this because I think again, it’s a concept that that there’s the physical like you said, where these physicals, but we’re really just this energy. So what do you say? Like how do we, I’ll just give even a personal example. It’s one of those weird things like, I don’t know if it’s true or not, I just have my own experience. And, you know, I’m normally pretty healthy. And this last week, I got this terrible pain in my shoulder over use, and I can’t even I wasn’t surprised to happen because I’ve not I’ve just kind of been abusing my body a little bit. I know better, but doing it anyway, not doing enough self care regeneration, I’ve just been, you know, so I wasn’t surprised when it happened. Let’s put it that way. But the pain was excruciating. I couldn’t move I was immobile for like, five days, and I’m pretty active and running around. So for me, this was, it wasn’t just the pain was so excruciating, I wanted to cry and couldn’t move. And I’d never experienced anything like that. It was also what it does to quality of life that I couldn’t move, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t do anything. And again, it’s it’s like body saying, hello, you’re not paying attention, I’m going to really make you pay attention now. Because I’m going to give you so much pain because your your, your define these things you know, to be true, like taking care, and yada, yada, yada. So I’ve go to a doctor and they say, you know, this is a nerve thing, it’s probably going to take one to two years, you might need to be on steroids and XYZ and, and because I mean, I don’t even really go to doctors very often because you know, I just never get sick. But I just First of all, when I was told that the first thing I thought was, man, this sucks. My life will suck if I can’t move and I have to do this and do steroids. And so the my first kind of emotional response was, oh my gosh, and then after I got home, I thought screw that, like, No, I’m not accepting that narrative of somebody else’s point of view, just because that’s typical. So again, I don’t know. But the magic because I’ve no proof other than tapping into healing energy, focusing the light on that spot, you’re doing some exercises and doing some different things. And just really focusing energy on that spot to heal. And I am standing and walking today, like three days later, after she said I’d be immobilized for I don’t know how long. So again, I don’t know if that’s what worked or not like, how would I know other than just focusing energy? There’s got to be something to it, right? It’s just that energy is so powerful and healing energy or financial energy or love energy, that just tapping in in using it. It’s like it’s miraculous. It is right. So can you share and I’m just a novice at this. I’m just really curious, from your point of view, like, really talk about this magical power of energy that we all have and how we’re not tapping we’re not using this availability, we’re kind of not aware of the power of it.

Christy Whitman [33:01]
Is that a good question? Yeah, that’s a fantastic question. I mean, they they now have at some of the top universities and medical, you know, facilities like john hopkins university, Harvard, that they see that emotional and mental. discord creates pain in the body. And so if more people would understand I mean, Louise, Hays breaking, you know, groundbreaking information and work, you know, 25 plus years ago, really alluded to this, that our thoughts and in even more powerfully, our emotions create a physical reaction it has to because our bodies are a reflection of our energy, and our energy is so important. So if our energy is off and we’re in resentment, or hurt, or frustration or fear, it has to energetically take a toll on our bodies. It has to reflect in our bodies and you know, I do a lot of healing work with the council and it is always so amazing how when someone represents with my eyes are hurting, or my knee is hurting, or all of a sudden I didn’t hit my foot, but my foot is black and blue, or this is happening or I have migraines. There’s always a an emotional perspective. Were a thought process which you can isolate either thoughts and emotions, their energy, and the thoughts exasperate the emotions and the emotions exasperate the thoughts so they are pinging off of each other and they’re growing and expanding and, you know, exasperating an issue. If we don’t isolate the emotions, release that and then change the thoughts. It’s much easier to work with the emotions, release the emotions and then work with the thoughts rather than trying to change the thoughts and then go after the emotions. I’m kind of getting in deep there. But the thing to understand is that yes, the body has to reflect what the energy is inside. And so when we are connected to that higher quantum light Well being the treasure chest that has our divine design of well being, and we’re in alignment with that our body naturally does that. Let me let me take a step back I want to go in two different directions. We are we can all agree because we can see, right physical human beings are designed to have two eyes, one nose, one mouth, one head, one heart, one spinal cord, you know, two arms, two legs, none of us have as a blueprint beaks or tails, we don’t have wings, you know, that that’s, that’s a design that we have as a human being now imposed on top of that is some people have no hair, some people have red hair, people, some people have, you know, brown hair, black hair, blonde hair, our eyes, color is different, right? There’s variations of the way that our, our faces look and the way our noses are. So we have that individual look. But we understand that we are human being because we’re walking around and we have, we don’t look like a dog, we don’t look like a bird, like when we and we can identify that’s a bird that’s a dog. Right? Because they look like this, they look like this, we look like this. Well, what people don’t see and don’t know and are unaware of is that we have a divine design, energetically, that is set up as a blueprint for health and well being. And so when we in abundance and success and loving relationships, but let’s just talk about well being because that’s what the topic is right now, when we connect with that natural well being, and we bring in that energy, the thought process that I’m healthy and whole, you know, what happens is, and I see this all the time, someone has something that hurts, they go to a doctor, the doctor says, oh, you’re screwed, right or you you’re going to be like this for a year you’re This is debilitating. This is there’s no cure for this. Right there. There’s no you got to start taking pain medications, the human being that’s been trained, and there’s nothing wrong, I am not against doctors, we need them, you know, break your arm, you need to go get it reset. I mean, they’re obviously they’re the important part in this world. But we put so much importance on them, that the guys with the wire, the gals with the white coats, when they say this is what you have, you are depressed. So we’re going to put you on antidepressants. Know, depression is a suppression of emotions that we haven’t expressed. So that’s why someone is depressed. On the other side, hey, you’re anxious take some anti anxiety medication. Anxiety is not an emotion anxiety is an over amplification of emotion such as fear worry that hasn’t been expressed. So things like that. Yes, there’s some people that are depressed, you know, we don’t want to get in this whole discussion. But the majority of people, if they just dealt with the energy in their emotions, would have the depression or the anxiety release. And the physical pain, I can’t tell you how many people I’ve worked with that have had a lifetime, literally, and you’re talking about a shoulder that was debilitating. You couldn’t do anything, couldn’t prop can’t play, anything can’t work. They had debilitating migraines, their entire life. And their life was always about, oh, my god Am I would, you know, trying to work around if I get a migraine, and the medication that they have to take and all the things that they have to do. It’s not a it’s not a fulfilling life. And these women, for example, completely worked with the energy release the energy that caused the migraines, and are living their life now having to literally refigure out how to live because their lives are so different. Because they don’t have any pain in their head anymore. You know, I remember when I turn 45 and I started to gain weight. And I was like, what I’m not doing anything to feel and eat anything differently. I’m still working out what is going on. And my hormones were like, up and down. I went to a doctor and she’s like, Yeah, well, that’s what happens at the stage, you’re going to start gaining weight, you’re probably perimenopausal and your hormones or you could take you know hormone, medication and and you know, these kind of things. And I went, wait, what? No, I’m going to heal this naturally. And I did. Now I’m almost 50 and I’m in better health and shape than I’ve ever been in my life. But if I would have believed that, that would have been my excuse, I would have been a victim. Well, my body is out of whack. And there’s nothing you can do about it because now I’m at the age of 45. No. So whatever’s going on in our body. Just know that the authority beyond the doctors beyond all that information, the authority is our well being and we have a

the divine that is always in well being that’s pulsating our blood that’s beating our heart that’s breathing for us. We’re not breathing. We’re not deliberately breathing. That’s well being and you know, even when I remember when the Coronavirus hit and everybody went in lockdown, I was like, Well, of course, I’m gonna take precautions, you know, I’ll wash my hands and all, you know, do the hand sanitizer, I’m doing it all the time. And, you know, now we have to wear masks, and that’s mandated things like this, of course, but I’m healthy. I mean, there’s no other, if even if I got it, I, my body would fight it off. So I do the things naturally, like eating the foods, getting the sleep, I go to acupuncture, I get massages, I do the self care, because I know how important that is for my physical body. And more importantly, I bring in that connection and that energy to well being each and every day, several times a day. Because that’s the truth. I’m not having home freedom. Oh, you know, Corona, you know, cuz it’s like, even if I even if I got it, I’d be fine. I’m in well being. And that is the only choice I make. Even if I get a pain. I’m like, oh, I’ve got a pain here. I call my role for to work it out. I work the energy. You know, there’s been times where I remember I was in Paris with my husband, there’s like a spiral staircase, and I started going down, the stairs got shorter. And I slipped and I could have cracked my head open. But I grabbed my arm. And I pulled my shoulder back. And I had this pain in my shoulder. And the whole trip, I was just bringing in light. And it would that would relieve it bringing in light. Right and I healed my shoulder.

Krisstina Wise [41:29]
Yeah, I just thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s just I think it’s such an important message is that, like you said, we can bring this in and just my own experience of this and just guiding and then I started to reflect on it too is that it’s just to me, it’s it’s it becomes kind of this laughable moment where I’m like, Alright, Mother, you You’re so in control and these types of things, and I’m not paying attention. And so you’re just going to remind me that I’m not paying attention, because I start factoring in just all the different elements. So just using this as this latest example. I mean, the pain was debilitating. I’ve never been in so much pain, I mean it. So I had to do, like, deal with that in a way like it brought to attention like okay, this can’t be ignored. And then, you know, it’s like, why do we wait for crisis before we quit ignoring things, you know, so I was ignoring. So there’s a physical stuff that I wasn’t doing, like the massages, the self care, because I’ve just been, you know, working too much and putting too much strain on my body. And I kind of already knew that. But then I started thinking emotionally, like, just what would be the emotional component of this. And I mean, I’ve used the words of weight of with just so much stuff that’s happened in my life over the last like six months or so with COVID and yada, yada, yada, that I’ve actually used the words being very optimistic and positive and high energy. And that’s why like my life, I’ve caught my eye. When I reflected back I’ve been using the words like, man, it just it just feels so heavy. There’s just so much heaviness on my shoulders lately. This is just heavy. God bless. You know, and I didn’t. It wasn’t until reflect and I was using those exact words like heavy weight on my shoulders. Yeah. And then what do I have? I have heavy, like the pain is right in my damn shoulders. Yeah, heavy, heavy, heavy. So I’m just like, Oh my gosh, like so it’s a wake up emotionally, energetically, physically reminder, the self care, like there’s a consequence to this of over exertion and not regeneration. So it’s like the physical piece, the emotional piece and the energy piece. And the reminder, like, okay, I can heal this, I’m not going to go go do steroids, I’m not going to be in the narrative of somebody else’s belief. And then start doing the work that I know can be done, and having my own experience with that. But it’s just, I just share this because it’s just so top of mind for me and everything you’re talking about, like, Oh, yeah, that’s exactly what my last six days have been. Like. It’s been in all those different thoughts, feelings, realizations.

Christy Whitman [43:55]
It’s just everything is energy. And when we get that not just as a concept, but really understand that our physical bodies are so intuitive and are so intelligent. And it will be the exact place that we’re, you know, the shoulder, the knee, the you know, and they all represent something that’s either internally going on with us, you know, whether it’s emotions, and here’s the thing, you don’t even have to know what the emotion is. Because when you understand that there’s an emotion causing something, you don’t have to name it, you don’t have to describe it, you don’t have to tell a story about it, because that actually engages the mind, which will then engage the emotions. So it’s a good to just isolate the energy of the emotions. emotional body is the lower body. We feel it in all the cells like when someone says something rude to us, and it hurts us. It’s like we feel it in the gut, boom. And then it just, you know, we feel it all over. Most people when they hear something that’s hurtful. They get what I call bushwhack, you’re going about your day to get some kind of news. We close down And when we do that, we close down it creates an imprint, and what we don’t realize people Talk about law of attraction all the time, these imprints of energy. If we close our heart down, that energy creates a vortex and energy because energy just can’t chill back, you know, it’s always, it’s always moving. It’s always it has to be in constant motion. So creates a vortex right? And that vortex then sets up evidence. And then we it’s like we get myopic in that imprint, only see things from that perspective, whether it’s on money, or relationships or got your heartbroken men suck, you know, whatever it is right? Can’t win, they can’t be trusted. I can’t seem to lose weight, I’m over 40. Now. So blah, blah, blah, whatever those imprints are, and we believe into them, whatever that is limited, and we believe into we’re continuing to create. And when we understand that there’s an imprint in there, it could be from when you’re four, when you’re four, when you were 44. If there’s an imprint in there, the good news is it’s just energy. And you can ask that energy to release and then bring in the energy that you do want to experience. And it’s amazing. It’s it almost feels like miraculous and a miracle. When I work, you know, when I’m channeling and I’m doing healing work through the council, or they’re doing it through me. And they can go in and see someone and just go when you were four years old, you had this imprint, and that imprint literally shifted everything. And I mean, the stories are remarkable. I have a woman that worked for the council did one imprint shift, and she had been in debt, all of her adult life, her parents had always been in debt. And she shifted one thing, and within less than a week, got the money to get her out of debt. And she’s now debt free. So it is amazing. It seems like what like how could that be. But whether it’s a physical pain, whether it’s a problems having in a relationship that you’re bumping up against, whether it’s not being able to attract a certain person in your relationship, even getting pregnant of some people want creating the career that you want, feeling like you’re stuck in the amount of success that you can have, or creating the kind of money that you want and the lifestyle that you want to live. All those aspects. All of them reflect the the energy and it’s all as within so without if the light is always flowing to us, but it cannot flow out of us through a consciousness that’s not willing to accept it.

Krisstina Wise [47:21]
Hmm, wow. Wow. And I really like the idea when you’re talking in print and thinking Oh, yeah, that’s a good way to think about that these imprints that are that’s the stuckness is there, these imprints until we become aware of them, acknowledge them, then do some work to release them. It’s that’s what stuck is I would think it’s like that imprint stuck that way. And then our whole lives are organized around kind of subconsciously around the imprint. This Yeah, that’s, I need to think more about that

Christy Whitman [47:51]
well, and it’s also vibration. So if you look at law of attraction, law of attraction is giving us what we vibrate out. And if we’re vibrating out, let’s just say, resentment, a resentful, resentful gut imprint of something we’re resentful about it. That’s the vibration we’re giving out. And that’s the calling forth of energy that we’re giving out. So we’re actually asking as we’re pulsating, for more things that cause resentment. So now we feel even more resentful. Or let’s use disappointment. I no matter what I do, I feel like I’m just you know, I’m working, I’m working, I’m working. I just feel so disappointed. I get tried to reach and do everything that I know I should do. And you know, that is a step by step process. And then it just falls short of the goal. And I leave, I’m left feeling disappointed. And so there’s that pulsation of disappointment, disappointment, and it calls for other things, other situations, other relationships, that exasperate that disappointment, because that’s the emotional vibrational set point. Until you let go of that.

Krisstina Wise [48:53]
Wow. Yeah, well, yeah. And that’s really why you’re attracting more of the same because that’s what’s going out so that’s what’s going to attract in and then it just gets circular and that that same vibrational I guess, energy? Yes. Wow. So let me where the start time is gone so fast. I could talk to you for hours and again, I just love love loved your book. So you say you know, Quantum Success, seven essential laws for thriving, joyful and prosperous relationship with work and money. So we love the money in there. And so is there one of the laws that supersedes all the other ones? Like if you were to say like one law, what would it be yours is does it require all seven but I guess I love thinking in terms of universal laws and principles is kind of these foundational structures that if we believe them to be true, it’s assuming they are and we live them to be true, then it changes everything.

Christy Whitman [49:47]
Everything. Well think about gravity. Whether you believe it or not. It’s happening. Right? None of neither one of us are we’ve never mentioned gravity probably weren’t even thinking about gravity, but did our bodies that At any point during this interview, fly off into outer space because we’re thinking about it or believing in it. It’s happening, whether we’re believing in it or not. I’m firmly on my chair. So were you. Right? And it’s like gravity exists. Well, so does law of attraction. So does love to deliberate creation, so does law of sufficiency and abundance, so does law of pure potentiality. But to answer your question, yes, there’s one law that pulls all of these laws together. And that’s what I love about it. It’s law of sufficiency and abundance. And when you can understand how to practically apply what is lack? What is abundance? How do I know when I’m having, you know, when I’m was looking at things, I’m looking at things from a perspective, this is wrong or bad, this needs to be fixed, I’m in lack. If I look at things that are right, and good, you know, can I find the positive aspects about everything, then you’re in abundance? Am I competing, because I think there’s only a limited amount, or am I collaborating and being in space, that’s the difference between being lack and abundance, there’s a whole list of things. But the cliffsnotes version for everybody here is that when if you look at it, like a spectrum, lack always feels bad, because there’s something lacking or limiting, and that’s where the imprints and all the lies come from right. On the other side is abundance. And if you feel your way into abundance, that’s what you’re going to then attract law of attraction click kicks in, you’re deliberately creating yourself to be in the space in the vibration of, you know, what you do want abundance, law of allowing kicks in because when you’re in abundance, you’re in allowing space not not in allowing, when you’re in lack, you’re detached, there’s a lot of detachment, when you’re in abundance, you’re connected to the law of pure potentiality. And there’s the polar side, you’re on the pole of abundance. So you kick in all all of the universal laws when you apply being in alignment with abundance. And understand that if it is a spectrum, it is there has to be a tipping point, from lack to abundance, right? There has to be that point of where does it go into abundance. And that point is satisfaction. And this is something that carried me through years and years and years of my life is that I don’t have to be in the space of absolute abundance yet. But I have to at least be out of lack and how do you get out of lack? Being satisfaction, find the positive aspects about any situation, be grateful for where you are, but excited for more, allow yourself to feel satisfied and not looking for what’s wrong or bad. You know, it’s sufficient, let this be sufficient. And that starts opening you up to the energy of abundance and gets you out of the energy of lack.

Krisstina Wise [52:43]
That’s so so so good. And yeah, with some of the practice that I do along those lines, it’s just that it’s it’s we’re so habituated in a way to focus on what we don’t have don’t have enough money, you don’t have enough success don’t have the relationship don’t have don’t have don’t have versus be just really being in the satisfactions like oh my gosh, look what I do have, yes, we’re how far I’ve come look like made it through, look at I’d have some health and well being I have, you know, so it’s just, it’s just focusing on what we do have and working from that place. And then great, and now we can continue to create, expand and, and you know, whatever happens next happens next. But I agree it’s just such an important place, and to catch ourselves when we get to that place of focusing on what’s wrong as opposed to what’s right. To me. That’s kind of a cue of, alright, Christina, you’re you’re a little out of you. You’re out in Latin. Yeah, you don’t want to you don’t want to be in LA

Christy Whitman [53:46]
cuz you don’t want to be a lag, continue to create more lag, right? And don’t be afraid of the universal laws, either. Because some people get afraid of Oh, my God, I’m being lagged. You know, it’s like, let all that go. I mean, there’s energy, be an energy master of your experience. And when you master your own energy, that’s when you master your life.

Krisstina Wise [54:04]
Love it. All right. Well, that’s just that’s like the perfect completion to all of this. So well said. So just a final few wrap up questions is that I like to ask my guests if I answer this say, Christina, if you really really knew me, you would know that what something about you that a lot of people don’t know.

Christy Whitman [54:24]
If you really really knew me, you know that I’m pretty. I’m really honest and very direct. Like, I’m really honest and very, like, I’ll say, what I what I feel and I’ll do it from the eye, but I’m not afraid to say what I feel. And

Unknown Speaker [54:39]
yeah, that’s, that’s that’s a good one.

Krisstina Wise [54:42]
That’s good. I like that. Tell me a brag moment with something like you’re you’re really most proud of.

Christy Whitman [54:47]
You know, there’s a lot of things I’m proud of and grateful that I’ve manifested but the biggest thing for me is the relationship and the family that I’ve created with my husband and my two boys. It’s polar opposite The relationship that my parents have and what I grew up with. And I remember that was always such a point of pain and seeing them literally just yesterday talk to each other the way they do. And having that awareness of Wow, I really did create love and support and respect and kindness and caring in my, in my relationship and in my family, even with my boys. It’s that’s my greatest manifestation.

Krisstina Wise [55:25]
I love that. Thank you. All right, on the opposite of that, what’s something that’s what would be one of your most your just biggest failure? Like looking back, you’re like, What the hell was I thinking?

Christy Whitman [55:37]
You know, I would have to say early on in my coaching career, there wasn’t a lot of people out there that taught how to develop a coaching business and things like that. And I listened to a couple of mentors that really even when I spoke, No, that doesn’t feel right that I listened to them, I cut my own voice off to listen to them, because they were the guru. They were the marketing guy, they were, you know, they knew better, they’d already created the success. And I went down that road for a while and then realized, this is not where I want to be. And when I stopped it and listen to my voice initially, it’s like, everything started opening up for me. So I think that would be the one time where it was like, I never, I don’t ever regret I don’t live with regret. But if I was going to look back and go, that was a good lesson for me, because I spoke up. Like I said, you know, it’s like, I am never never afraid to speak up when someone I’m paying is the guru kind of guy. But I but I squashed it because they came back and said, No, no, no, you know, and I and I, I could have just listened to myself. And, you know, so that was a good lesson for me to let myself and my connection with my divine be my authority over someone else because they know, you know, they know better.

Unknown Speaker [56:46]
Yeah, I’ve been

Krisstina Wise [56:50]
down the road many times myself. Exactly. All right. One final question to wrap this up is we do like to do a little myth busting. So what’s one big fat lie or one big myth that you would like to bust?

Christy Whitman [57:01]
Well, that’s all based on my new book, The desire factor that’s coming out in April is that you know, people think that having desires is the root of suffering, or that having desires, certain desires are bad. And all desires, when we have them are a gift from the divine. And you know, really, that a desire is an opportunity for us to grow and to expand, and to judge any desire that anybody else or ourselves have. You know, it all desires are good.

Krisstina Wise [57:33]
Ooh, I love that. Christy, thank you so much. You’re amazing and your words beautiful. Thank you for everything that you do. And thank you for spending your time with us today.

Christy Whitman [57:43]
Thank you so much. I appreciate you having me.

Krisstina Wise [57:47]
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What We Covered

[1:44] Who is Christy Whitman?

[12:05] you talk about thoughts and than thoughts to feelings. You do such a great job of showing the practical side of all that. So can you break that construct down for us?

[23:48] I use lots of those concepts to teach people about money. So how would you apply your principles to money?

[30:02] let’s talk about energy and how energy flows through us.

[42:50] Our thoughts create our reality.

[47:25] I never thought as trauma as imprints before talk more of that.

[49:15] So is there one law in your book that supersedes all the other laws?

[52:50] So many people are focusing on what they are lacking instead of what they are abundant in so thank you for so eloquently stating that.

[54:12] Krisstina if you really really knew me you would know that?

[54:40] Tell me a brag moment

[55:25] What has been your biggest failure?

[56:52] What myth would you like to bust?


“Their energy, and the thoughts exasperate the emotions and the emotions exasperate the thoughts so they are pinging off of each other and they’re growing and expanding and, you know, exasperating an issue.”

“The body has to reflect what the energy is inside.”

“Know that the authority is beyond the doctors beyond all that information, the authority is our well being”

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